Benefits Of Having Your Own Home Gym

Heading to the gym is always a good idea. It’s associated with a range of physical and mental benefits which help with stress management and relief. So don’t hesitate, get going, work up some sweat and you can be sure you’ll be boosting your body’s ability to handle physical and mental tension.

However, your choice of gym matters, a lot. You’d opt for a public gym, a private gym or a home gym. Whichever your choice is has a direct bearing on what you get out of every workout session. While membership in public gyms has actually taken root and grown tenfold over the years, it can be unnecessarily expensive. Tired of all the frustrations and inconveniences experienced at a club gym? Well, this is for you. In this post, I shine some light on home gyms and why having one in your compound would be good for you. Read on.

What’s a home gym?

Home gym is a small convenient spot at your home, probably fitted with simple hand-made or conventional gym equipment to aid your workouts at home. The equipment, customized or tailor made to suit your unique needs.

The key to establishing a satisfying home gym is in noting your training needs. This is followed by identifying an appropriate spot at home where you can create ample space for exercises. Your garage, basement or unused room could make an awesome home gym.

It could take some time and effort, but worth it.

Creating a home gym however is not necessarily a one off affair and can be staggered over period while acquiring various equipment. Take note that a home gym would best be suited for individuals with experience in training from a local gym and accustomed to the use of gym equipment. This makes for smooth transition from one of club membership to the home gym and vital in establishing an effective training routine thereafter.

Here are some good reasons as to why a home gym would be good for you

It’s relatively cheap in the long run compared to a public gym

Initially, set up costs of a home gym can be overwhelming. The gym equipment are generally expensive and setting them up at home could leave a dent on your pocket. It’s nonetheless, a good one-off investment. Once you put the training equipment in place, you forget about subscription fees and accessories. Servicing the equipment a couple of times a year would cost you nothing more than a few bucks.

Look at it in this light; what you’d otherwise pay as membership fee at a public gym for three years is more than the initial cost of a home gym and you get to have a gym for yourself for a lifetime. Terrific decision! It may be prohibitive but the rewards are far much richer and long lasting.

You can create your own routine

Club membership rules on training times and days can be limiting and inconveniencing. A home gym on the other hand gives you the freedom to choose when you can work out and what exercises you can give a shot. That way you can set your fitness goals and achieve them at your own convenience. Flexibility of having your own gym means setting your own workout hours be it noon or mid night.

Ease of access

The sharp rise in fitness-related ailments has led many people to ponder about their health and well-being. This is where the gyms and fitness clubs come in handy. Hence the need for gyms cannot be exaggerated. People are resorting to gyms by the thousands. Personalised use of gym equipment is what people pay their hard-earned cash for in club gyms at residential places.

However, not everyone can make it to attend training session at the same time of the day. Some of us prefer working out in the dead of night, a time which hardly resonates with the schedule at most paid gyms yet we pay to be members. With home gyms, you can access them at will! The ease of access for training makes it possible for owners to use these facilities whenever they see fit. The exclusivity in equipment usage acquired cannot be compared to shared facilities.

You don’t have to pay a trainer

Technology has made training resources readily available including, audio-visual discs, tapes, audios and manuals. This no longer necessitates having a personalised trainer consequently resulting in savings for you. Nonetheless, consulting a certified trainer is advised from time to time to ensure your progress is on track.

Enhances Privacy

Most of us love to keep our personal lives off the radar and as such a home gym would be ideal in comparison to the public gym. Our reasons for seeking privacy during workouts are numerous and could range from health to personal and physical challenges. Having a condition of any sort should not mean we fail to exercise but instead encourage us to find the challenge to stay healthy, and a home gym would serve well at that without much of a hustle.

Fewer Interruptions and Distractions

Distractions occasioned by movements of people into and out of a public gym are fewer when training in a home gym. Session interruptions by competing events affect concentration on scheduled trainings. An environment designed and conditioned to your unique needs gives a big plus for the home gym. Your choice of workout music also matters. Most gyms are known to play rather bland music.

Self-paced training

Yet another key advantage of home gym over club gym is that there’s little competition. In the gym setting people compete based on weights one lifts, number of sets per exercise and number of rips per set. In the home gym setting it’s not about how many rips you can do but how you can make the rips count.

Reduces Time wastage

If you have to take some valuable time travelling long distances to train at a club gym, a home gym would be good for you. This saves on gas and time delays on traffic.

Precursor to self-discipline and maturity

Working out is about dedication to a particular cause for which one desires results. As such a home gym may actually be used to instil discipline in one’s character and persona. It would be fool hardy to acquire all the equipment in the world to set up a home gym and then fail to show up for your own self-instigated training sessions.

Get off the hooks of nagging contributions in club gyms

Pressure to contribute towards acquisition of new accessories and unnecessary exercise aids is often unduly put on members by various club gym establishments. Much of it is usually tailored towards creating an unfair avenue for extorting money from the members.

What equipment should you have in your home gym?

The following items ideally should make the list for a home gym starter pack. These include Olympic weights, a treadmill, dumbbells, power rack, bench press, work out bench and mirrors. However, the list isn’t restrictive as different people have different work out needs.

There are many reasons as to why a home gym would be more appealing than club gyms, I wouldn’t claim that my list is exclusive but the reasons above should encourage you to think about starting one. It’s good for you.

We hope that you found this post insightful and we’d be glad to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us today.