Ultimate Guide – Best Exercise Bikes

Whether it is the holidays or any old regular days, everyone wants to be in better shape. However, barely anyone has enough time to go and work out at a gym. Then, of course, gym memberships are ridiculously expensive as well. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get into shape at home, you need to try out some exercise bikes.

Biking is a fantastic way to get into shape. But, like a gym membership, getting a mountain bike takes tons of time and money, not to mention having to deal with the weather, whether it be hot or cold. An exercise bike, on the other hand, won’t cost you as much as a gym membership, and you can use it in the comfort of your own home. Since it is in your home, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of exercising on your schedule.

Since there are so many different bikes on the market today, it can be quite difficult to know what features make for the best exercise bikes. Luckily, you’ve found this article! In it, you’ll read everything that you need to know to find the perfect bike for your needs, as well as an in-depth review of some of the finest exercise bikes available today.


Best 10 Exercise Bikes

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

If you are in the market for a good beginner’s exercise bike, then this might be the right choice for you! This upright bike can be folded up when not in use, which is a huge space saver. The bike also features a precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive that gives an extremely smooth ride. If you are looking to make the ride more challenging, the eight level magnetic tensions system are quick and easy to operate. You simply twist the handle and get going!

Another nice feature of this bike is it’s easy to read and easy to operate the display. This will tell you how long you have been riding, the distance you have traveled, and the number of calories burned. When you place your hands on the grips, the screen will also show your heart rate. This will help you to recognize when you are operating within your peak exercise times so that you can burn even more calories.

While the ride on this bike is very smooth and quiet, some of the components are a bit suspect. The pedals, specifically, are made out of cheap plastic, with weak rubber straps. While these might hold up alright under moderate use, you’ll have to be careful if you intend to ride this bike with any intensity. Also, the seat, while comfortable, is a bit large. It also, cannot be swapped out for an after-market seat.

This bike from Exerpeutic is easy to use, rides smoothly, and has an easy to read LCD screen that will tell you tons of great info. Just be careful of the pedals when you are riding with more intensity, as they are on the cheaper side.


  • Easy to adjust resistance
  • Folds up to save space
  • Constantly monitors heart rate during use
  • Sturdy, smooth, and quiet operation
  • High weight limit


  • Weak pedal straps
  • Cheap pedals that might break down with extended use
  • Large seat that cannot be changed

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

 This recumbent bike from Marcy is made of high-quality materials and is really heavy duty. The recumbent position of the bike will allow you to get to a low level to moderate level workout easily. However, due to the reclining nature of the bike, this would not be a good bike for intense workouts. You can make the pedaling more difficult though, as it comes loaded with eight different resistance levels that are easily accessed with the turn of a nob.

While you won’t quite be able to get the leverage required for hard pedaling with this bike, the handlebars do help to provide some added stability to your pedaling. These handlebars, however, cannot be adjusted, which might make it difficult for some riders to use them comfortably. The seat of this bike is adjustable, but only slightly. This might make it harder to get just the right fit for shorter riders.

Marcy has made an easy to use and easy to ride a recumbent bike that is a great option if you are a taller rider that is looking for a light to moderately intense workout.


  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Eight resistance levels
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Large, easy to read display


  • Not suitable for high-intensity workouts
  • Handles aren’t adjustable
  • Might not fit all riders properly

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike (with UPDATED Softer Seat)

This lightweight upright fan bike is an excellent choice for light to intense workouts. The upright position allows you to get the necessary position and leverage to go all out during your rides. The resistance levels will also help out by giving you a more intense ride, which will help you to burn more calories. While the bike ride is very smooth, the seat is very uncomfortable. It is small and hard, making for an unbearable ride. However, unlike some bike son the market, this one can be easily replaced by another.

One of the bike’s best features is its dual action handlebars. If you choose to use them, you will be able to work out both your upper and lower bodies while you are riding, which will help you to lose even more calories during your ride. Though you’ll burn plenty of calories while you are using this bike, you will have a tougher time reading them off of the display, since it is so small.

This upright fan bike from Body Rider is a great choice if you are looking for an intense workout for both your upper and lower bodies. Some riders might have a tough time getting comfortable on the provided seat, which can luckily be replaced.


  • Adjustable seat
  • Dual-action handlebars
  • Smooth ride
  • Easy to adjust resistance levels
  • Lightweight


  • Small display
  • Doesn’t monitor vitals
  • Small, hard seat
  • Too tall for shorter riders

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display

The deluxe folding exercise peddler from Drive Medical is an excellent way to sneak in a little bit of extra exercise while you are at work. It will provide you with a quiet and smooth operation once you find the perfect location for it. The non-slip pads on the bottoms of each of the legs help to keep it in place on most surfaces, though you might have a tough time on smooth floors.

The resistance levels on this peddler are not preset, which means there is a greater degree of variability in how much resistance you will experience. However, even on the highest level, this peddler will not give you all that intense of a workout. It cannot replace regular exercise, though it is a great way to keep your mind sharp while you are working. This peddler can also be folded up for easy storage or portability, making it an ideal companion no matter where you are headed.

This portable peddler is a great way to get some extra exercise while you work. It needs to be in just the right spot, however, for smooth operation.


  • Foldable design for portability
  • Sturdy anti-slip design keeps the peddler in place
  • Easy to adjust resistance
  • Quiet operation won’t distract from work


  • No pre-set resistance levels
  • Small pedals
  • Might not work smoothly depending on the location
  • Won’t replace regular exercise

Innova XBR450 Folding Upright Bike with Backrest and iPad/Android Tablet Holder

The Innova XBR450 has a lot to like about it. The backrest and dual handles make this more of a hybrid between a recumbent bike and an upright. This setup allows you to pedal with intensity for a while and then back off and take it easy for a period before ramping up the intensity again. While this design will work well for taller riders, it might not work out so well for people on the short side. The pedals will be hard to reach, which will make for an uncomfortable ride.

While you can ride this bike with some intensity and speed, the resistance levels that it provides are relatively light in comparison to some of the other bikes on the market. The tablet holder will allow the rider to watch shows/movies while they ride, which will help to make it seem like the ride takes no time at all. It is a shame that this bike doesn’t have any Bluetooth connectivity since its display is so small.

The XBR450 will allow you to get in a light or hard work out because of its seat position, backrest, and a dual set of handlebars.


  • Backrest for extra comfort
  • Adjustable seat
  • Tablet holder for entertainment
  • Dual handles
  • Folds up for storage


  • Small LCD display
  • Low weight limit (250 lbs)
  • Hard to reach pedals for shorter riders
  • Light resistance levels

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

The 900XL from Exerpeutic is a great recumbent option for larger riders. It provides a stable if somewhat rough pedaling experience for larger riders. The large LCD display, which displays the time, distance, speed, and pulse is very easy to read and utilize. Though recumbent bikes aren’t known for their intense workouts, this bike offers eight different resistance levels. These different levels will make your pedaling harder, which will allow you to burn more calories during each session.

The seat and backrest on this bike are quite comfortable, regardless of the size of the rider. If you are on the taller side, however, you might find the handlebars a bit awkward, especially the front set. If you choose to use these handlebars, you’ll have to be pretty flexible, as they force your knees right up into your chest.

The large seat and backrest make this a comfortable recumbent bike, even for larger riders.


  • High weight limit (300 lbs.)
  • Large LCD display that reports vitals
  • Comfortable seat and backrest
  • Eight resistance levels


  • Awkward position when using front handles
  • Rough pedaling action
  • Small foot straps

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

 If you are a regular rider on trails or the road, and you are looking for an indoor option for bad weather days, then this will be the perfect bike for you. It has a heavy-duty crank mechanism, which makes it perfect for high-intensity workouts. You can also easily adjust the resistance on the pedals to create an even more intense workout. Though the bike itself is lightweight, it is quite sturdy and has a high weight limit, making it ideal for most riders.

This bike is meant for hard use, and the riding position that it places riders in would not be good for anyone with back issues, as you’ll be leaning forward for the entirety of the session. This forward position, coupled with a smaller than average seat might make for an uncomfortable ride. This bike is also missing any display, which will make it more difficult to keep track of your progress as you ride.

This upright bike is perfect for seasoned riders who are looking for an intense indoor workout, as long as they can handle the smaller seat.


  • High weight limit (275 lbs.)
  • Heavy-duty crank mechanism designed for extreme workouts
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • No display
  • Small seat
  • Not good positioning for riders with back issues
  • Loud operation

Marcy Magnetic Upright Bike

This upright bike from Marcy is a great choice for most riders, as it has a high weight limit (300 lbs.). Though the bike has a very small footprint, it is extremely sturdy and stable. The bike itself is on the heavier side, though it has wheels to make it easier to move around. The LCD display is quite easy to read, though it will not report on your vitals as you ride.

The seat is on the smaller side, which might make it uncomfortable for some riders. To help make the ride more comfortable, however, you have nine different positions to choose from. This bike is made for more intense riding sessions, and the forward sitting position it puts you in is perfect for this type of riding. This position might not be all that comfortable for someone with back issues, however.

This is a solid, stable, and smooth operating upright bike that would be perfect for riders looking for an intense workout.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Large LCD display
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Eight resistance levels
  • Small footprint
  • Nine seat positions


  • Small seat
  • Not vitals readout
  • Forward sitting position only

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

 This recumbent bike from Schwinn has plenty of bells and whistles to keep you busy! The large LCD display allows you to select from 20 different computer controlled resistance levels, making it easier to adjust the intensity of your ride on the fly. Or, if you’d rather let the bike do that work for you, you can select one of the 22 preset exercise programs. This will allow you to just concentrate on pedaling rather than adjusting the resistance while you are going along.

While this is a recumbent bike and comes with plenty of comforts, such as a USB port and a place to store your media, it does have some issues. The seat is made out of plastic, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable. The action was mostly smooth, though the pedals occasionally catch, especially on higher resistance levels. The display could stand to be a bit brighter as well.

The Schwinn 230 has lots of great features, including preset workout routines.


  • Large LCD display
  • 20 levels of computer controlled resistance
  • 22 preset exercise programs
  • USB port
  • Media shelf


  • Pedal vibrations
  • Plastic seat and backrest
  • Dark display

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

This is one of the quietest and sturdiest exercise bikes out there. It is extremely sturdy, even though it has a small footprint. The M3i is perfect for intense workouts, regardless of the size of the rider. It can be adjusted to a wide degree to fit a wide array of rider heights. One of its best features is the fact that you can connect your smartphone to the bike, and with an app from Keiser, track your progress.

By having this information on your phone, you will get a more accurate picture of your progress over time. This will let you see where you were when you started and how much you have advanced through your routine. All of this information will help to serve as motivation for future improvements and workouts. The only real issue with this otherwise excellent bike is the fact that it is designed specifically for intense workouts, which might make it hard to utilize for any individuals with back issues.

The M3i from Keiser is one of the best exercise bikes out there, thanks to its smooth, quiet ride and its smartphone connectivity.


  • Small footprint
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Keiser fitness app allows you to track your progress on your smartphone
  • Very quiet
  • Comfortable seat


  • Forward sitting position only


Our Pick

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that after a careful examination of the different bikes on the market that the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black is the clear choice for the best exercise bike out there today. With its smooth ride and smartphone connectivity, it is a tough bike to beat!

Let’s Go Riding!

Hopefully, you’ve learned everything you need to know to find the perfect bike for your riding and fitness goals after reading this article. Now get out there and get riding!

Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

As it says above, biking is one of the best ways to get into shape. There are a myriad of health and wellness benefits to using exercise bikes, as well as economic ones too.

Burn Calories – The most common reason for anyone to try any new type of exercise is to burn calories, which in turn will help the user lose some weight. An exercise bike is a great option for this since it is an exercise option that relies on constant movement over an extended period. This is a sure-fire way to burn off those unwanted pounds.

Studies have also shown that users can burn up to 500 calories in an hour session. However, even if you only have 20 minutes or so to use your bike daily, you’ll be able to at the very least maintain your current weight without gaining.

Joint-Friendly Most of the time, whenever someone is thinking of starting out on a new fitness quest, the very first exercise they’ll turn to is running. Now, running has a ton of benefits in its own right, whether it is done out in the open or on a treadmill. It is, unfortunately, extremely tough on your joints.

If you are just beginning your weight loss adventure, especially if you are a bit older, you’ll want to avoid any workout that is tough on your joints. An exercise bike is not only a great way to prevent injuries to your joints that you might experience in higher impact workouts, but it will also help you to strengthen your joints too.

Cardiovascular Health – One of the only muscles in the body that is always moving is the heart. Which is why it is so important to make sure that the heart doesn’t have to overwork itself to function properly. Proper diet and exercise can help to make your heart’s job that much easier, which will make you feel better.

An exercise bike is a great choice for cardiovascular exercise because it can be done at various intensities, which will help to strengthen your heart and keep your cardiovascular system running as smoothly as possible.

Respiratory Health – Your lungs are another organ in your body that are constantly being utilized. They also let you know quite quickly if you are getting out of shape too. If you haven’t been taking the time to exercise, you’ll feel winded rapidly during even moderately rigorous activity. 

By spending a bit of time on an exercise bike, however, you’ll be able to strengthen your lungs to the point where you’ll barely even breath heavily, even during heavy physical activity. This is due, again, to the fact that you can control the intensity with which you complete your ride, which will help to strengthen and invigorate your respiratory system.

Muscle Strength – Plain and simple, there is no faster way to lose weight and burn fat than to build muscle. Biking is a great way to build muscles in your lower body and core. The constant motion of your ride will cause your muscles to expand and contract the whole time, which will lead to them getting stronger.

 Some of the different exercise bikes on the market also come with the option of adding resistance to your ride, as well. This added resistance will make your muscles work even harder, which will help to make them a whole lot stronger in the long run.

Relieves Stress – Not only is exercise a great way to get into shape, but it is also a wonderful way to blow off steam. In today’s society, people lead more and more stressful lives, and an exercise bike is a great way to relieve that stress.

 Exercise helps to release a chemical in your brain called endorphins, which help to make you feel happy. The more you exercise, the better you will feel. Not only will this stress-relief help you to feel better, but it will also have actual health benefits as well. A person that is stress-free will eat better and sleep better, not to mention have a lower blood pressure reading.

Convenient – The reason that people’s lives are so stressful nowadays is simply that there is barely any free time to go around. Between work and family commitments, most people find it exceedingly difficult to find time to go to the gym and work out.

 Which is precisely why an exercise bike is so effective. They don’t take up a ton of room (some models even fold up!), making it easy for even an apartment dweller to own one. That way, they are right there when you need them, and you can use the bike at your leisure whenever you have a free moment.

Economical – When you get right down to it and compare the prices of the different exercise bikes on the market to how much money they will cost you in comparison to a gym membership, it is easy to see which one is the better choice for your wallet. Even if you were to pick a moderately expensive bike, it would cost you about the same amount of money as three months at a gym.

 Basically, for a fraction of the cost, you can get a great piece of exercise equipment for your home. You’ll also get the added benefits of being able to use it whenever you wish, and you’ll save a ton of money.

User-Friendly There are tons of different pieces of exercise equipment out there today that are not only confusing to put together but also tricky to utilize properly. If you get an exercise bike, however, you won’t have to deal with anything like that.

 The phrase “It’s as easy as riding a bike,” is well-known for a reason, after all. All you need to do is pedal along happily, and you will get a great workout. As long as you can ride a bike, you can use an exercise bike with ease.

Types of Exercise Bikes

While using an exercise bike is straightforward, there are several different types that you can get. Each of these types offers different advantages and disadvantages, and it is a good idea to look each kind over carefully before you buy to make sure that you are getting the very best bike for your personal needs.

Peddler – As the name would suggest, a peddler is just that, a set of peddles on a stand. While this is not officially a bike per se, it works much the same as one. While this bare-bones approach is certainly not for everyone, it would work well for certain individuals.

 Peddlers work well because they can be used in any chair, in any setting. If you are an extremely busy person, and you can’t even find one moment to exercise, a peddler allows you to continue working while you exercise. This will help your productivity while keeping you in shape. Not everyone, however, can utilize a peddler at work. If you don’t work in an office setting, a peddler won’t be too much help to you.

Upright – An upright exercise bike is going to be the closest thing to a regular bike, as you sit in much the same position. Upright bikes take up a small amount of room, and some of them can be folded up even further when not in use. They are also good for intense riding sessions, as the upright position allows you to get the proper leverage you need to go all out.

Upright exercise bikes, much like normal bicycles, will put a ton of pressure on your bottom and back. If you are someone who has back issues or even a bony behind, you might want to avoid upright exercise bikes, as their positioning could cause you some undue discomfort.

Recumbent – A recumbent exercise bike is one that allows the user to sit back a bit in a more reclined This position helps to relieve some of the stress on the back and bottom that one might experience while using an upright. This allows your riding session to be more easy going and comfortable, rather than painful.

A recumbent bike, while more comfortable, does have its disadvantages, too. For instance, the reclining position will not allow you to go “all out” during your workout, making it tougher to burn more calories. Recumbent bikes also take up a lot more room than a peddler or an upright, and they usually cannot be folded up when they are not in use.

What to Look for When Buying an Exercise Bike

Whenever you are looking to buy any new exercise equipment, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. This is especially true when you are in the market for exercise bikes.

Price – The very first thing that you need to settle on is your price range. This will help you to determine what types of features you need or want on an exercise bike. Once you have a solid idea of what you are willing to pay for, you will be better able to determine what kind of bike you are going to be looking for. This will help to limit your search and speed up the process.

Type – As it was mentioned above, the type of exercise bike that you purchase is going to determine what kind of workout you can expect to complete. If you are looking for a more intense workout, you’ll want to select an upright bike. The upright position allows for a faster pedaling, which will increase the calories that you burn.

If, however, you are simply looking for a way to complete as low of an impact workout as possible, you should instead select a recumbent bike or a peddler. Both of these will give you a good workout but will be much gentler on your back and bottom.

Vitals Tracking – Some of the more technologically advanced bike displays will keep track of your vitals for you while you are riding. This information will help to show you how much your fitness is improving during each workout session. It will also help you to target when and how long your more intense intervals should be during your ride. 

Of course, these features will add a bit of cost to your bike, too. If you are looking to save some money and don’t care to know what your heart rate is during your ride, you can skip out on these features entirely.

Connectivity – Another feature that makes it easy to keep track of your vitals and improvements is the advent of Bluetooth connectivity. If you select a bike that has this feature, you can connect your smartphone to your exercise bike. That way, all of your records are right there for you to review at your leisure.

Entertainment – One of the biggest problems with using a stationary bike is that they are just that, stationary. It can make it extremely difficult to get into the ride when all you have to do is stare at whatever room you are in while you are riding.

However, if you have an entertainment system built into your bike, then you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music, watch movies/tv shows, or watch motivational videos that are designed to help you get the most out of your time on your bike. With a system like this in place, you’ll quickly forget that you are stuck inside and your workouts will go that much faster.

Resistance – If you are truly looking for an authentic biking experience, you’ll need some resistance. That way, instead of feeling like you are constantly pedaling on a flat surface, you will get to feel like you are going up and down hills.

While this makes the ride feel more realistic, it has a more practical purpose, too. This added resistance will make your muscles work that much harder, which will help you to burn more calories. There are two different types of resistance that you can choose from for your bike.

Mechanical – Mechanical resistance is the cheaper option of the two types. It is, however, harder to utilize mid-ride, as you need to manually dial up the resistance.

Magnetic – Magnetic resistance bikes utilize magnets to dial up the amount of resistance that you have to pedal against. This is usually done on the bike display, which makes it possible for you to dial it up even when you are riding.

Workout Plans – If you do select a bike that comes with magnetic resistance in place that usually means that you can select a pre-determined workout plant, as well. These plans allow you experience fluctuations in resistance, much like if you were riding up and down hills. 

Not only will this give you a more authentic riding experience, but the variations in resistance will help you to get more out of your workout, too. By having different levels of resistance, you’ll never give your muscles a chance to get used to the routine. This will help you to get even more out of your workouts because if your muscles are always trying to adapt to new routines, they will burn more calories than if they encountered the same thing over and over again.

Weight Limits – Exercise bikes, much like their more mobile counterparts, have strict weight limits that you will need to be aware of before you purchase. The different types of bikes will have different weight limits, as well, with uprights having the lowest limit, recumbents being in the middle, and peddlers having no weight limit to keep in mind at all.

Seat– No matter how good the bike is that you pick, what will make or break your experience will be the seat. If you have an uncomfortable seat to sit on you will be in too much pain to really get anything out of your workout. When you are out shopping for an exercise bike try to look for seats that have a thick cushion and a wide base. These types of seats will provide the necessary support you need to have a good time riding. 

If, however, you find a bike that you love, but the seat is terrible, don’t despair! You can usually purchase a replacement seat for your bike to make it more comfortable.

Adjustable – to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible when you are riding an exercise bike, you need to be sure that it is adjustable. Since every user has a slightly different build, it only makes sense that you need a bike that allows you to adjust for your height and reach.

This adjustability will allow you to be as comfortable as possible when you are utilizing your bike. This is an essential feature since if you aren’t comfortable, you are unlikely to continue using the machine.