ActionLine A83809 Motorized Magnetic Elliptical Review

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The ActionLine A83809 is a home elliptical trainer in the same price range and specifications as the Gold’s Gym 350i or ASUNA 4300.

It’s a machine for mild to medium exercises with no bells and whistles like a music system or web connectivity. It doesn’t have an inclination mechanism either. However, it does have many routines to keep you motivated, and its resistance is motorized (automatic).

Despite being a home-use mid-range elliptical trainer, the ActionLine A83809 has a strong steel tube structure. Except for the pedals, drive system cover, and some joint covers, most of the pieces in its construction are composed of steel.

The powder coating on all steel parts is robust and corrosion-resistant, and the color utilized is dark gray, which is the only color available for this model.

The ActionLine A83809 elliptical trainer is rated with a weight capability of 250-300 pounds on several sources (113-136 kg).

However, because its maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs (113.3 kg), it is better to use a different machine, such as the Schwinn MY17 470, if you weigh more than that.

This elliptical machine isn’t very huge. The frame takes up 58″L x 27″W (147 x 69 cm) of floor area when fully completed. In other words, it’s around 12″-13″ shorter than other trainers, such as the Nautilus E618, for instance.

Although the frame does not fold, its front base is fitted with transfer wheels, allowing you to move it once your workout is through effortlessly. It isn’t particularly hefty, though; it weighs around 96 (43.5 kg) when completely completed. It also has adjustable stabilizers on the back of the base bar.

There are two types of handlebars on this elliptical: fixed and moveable. EKG pulse sensors are included in the fixed handlebars, allowing the console to detect your pulse. The moveable handlebars have lengthy grips with spherical caps at the ends, allowing you to hold them in various positions to target different muscles. To provide a firm grip, both sets of handlebars are rubberized.

The pedals are rather big, and they may fit any sports shoe. They’re composed of heavy-duty PVC and linked to steel bars, so they should easily sustain persons weighing up to 250 pounds (113.3 kg). However, they are not articulated and cannot be modified in any manner. However, you may position your feet on them in various ways because of their size.

Sealed ball bearings are used in the joints between the pedal arms and movable handlebars and the joints between the moving bars and the console pole. As a result, the pedal and arm movements are exceedingly fluid.

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Step-up Height

This elliptical does not have an inclination mechanism, which is a significant consideration. The Schwinn 430 MY16 may be a decent alternative if you’re searching for a machine in this price range that also features an inclination mechanism.

It has a stride length of 13″ (33 cm), which is rather short for someone above 6’0″. (183 cm). As a result, it isn’t precisely a machine for workouts that need a complete stride extension. The stride of the machine is likewise non-adjustable.

The pedals are approximately 8″ (21 cm) above the floor level at their lowest position. They’re around 7-8 inches taller at their tallest point. As a result, it’s ideal to position and utilize the elliptical in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ higher than your height to avoid any ceiling height concerns.

The mid-range flywheel of the ActionLine A83809 elliptical machine is the drive mechanism. It weighs 18 lbs (8.1 kg), enough to maintain a steady motion. It’s also perimeter weighted, which means it pedals with a very smooth and consistent action.

The A83809 is no exception since most elliptical trainers with magnetic resistance use a belt drive technology. A sturdy and stretch-resistant belt provides transmission. It does not require oil because it is a belt drive. Furthermore, the pedaling motion produces virtually little noise.

Because it is a rear-drive elliptical, the pedaling action may show riding downhill, even if the elliptical path is horizontal.

The pedal arms are connected to a three-piece, heavy-duty crankset with steel crank arms. The pulley has a little bigger diameter than the flywheel, and solid ball bearings are used in the joints between the pedal bars and the crank arms.

Resistance system As previously stated, this ActionLine elliptical trainer comes with a motorized magnetic resistance system. This implies connecting it to a power source to benefit from the adjustable resistance. A power cord and an adaptor are supplied. Furthermore, the resistance may only be changed via the console.

A tiny magnetic brake and a servo motor make up the machine’s resistance system. The motor will modify the brake’s location regarding the flywheel when you pick a resistance level on the console, resulting in more or less pedal stress.

There are 16 different resistance levels available on the machine. The initial resistance settings encourage gentle exercises, which are ideal for older users or those who need to recuperate from an injury. The upper 15-16 resistance settings, on the other hand, provide the opportunity for a more powerful muscle burn.


The console unit that comes with this elliptical trainer is essentially the same as the ActionLine A81829 upright bike.

It has a multi-panel LCD that shows time, distance, speed, RPM, temperature, calories, and heart rate, among other training parameters. Although there is no SCAN option to rotate the exercise stats, the multi-panel display allows you to see all the data at once.

The console is devoid of any features found on other ellipticals. There isn’t a cooling fan or sound system, and there isn’t even a tablet holder. It does include a little speaker under the display that allows it to beep at specific points during a program or when you reach an exercise goal.

The console is not telemetric when it comes to heart rate. To put it another way, it won’t function with wireless HR chest straps like the Polar ones. So, if you want to get a pulse measurement, you’ll have to use the sensors built into the stationary handlebars.

The control unit has 12 preset exercises, 5 heart rate programs, 1 body fat program, 4 user programs, and a manual mode in terms of programming.

The user-defined programs feature allows you to develop your unique program. When you use the manual mode, you may alter the resistance as you cycle, and the elliptical will auto-adjust the resistance when you use a preset training program.

The console device is really simple to operate. When it senses pedal movement or when you touch a button, it starts up automatically. There are six buttons on the device. One is for the Pulse Recovery function, while the other is for the Body Fat function.

The Up/Down keys are for navigation and giving values to a custom program, and the Enter key is for confirmation. Finally, the Start/Stop button allows you to start or stop an exercise, which is useful if you take a break or switch between elliptical and other workouts.


This elliptical trainer’s core foundation is pre-assembled. The crankshaft, internal motor, brake, and flywheel are already attached to the base frame and are protected by plastic coverings.

As a result, all you have to do to complete the assembly is connect the console mast, pedal bars, mobile bars, machine base bars, and console. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to do this task. The supplied handbook contains all of the essential assembly instructions and some necessary tools.

Internal maintenance isn’t required for this machine, at least not for a long time, because the internal components are pre-lubricated using industrial-grade oils.

On the other hand, the machine’s joints may require lubricating from time to time. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to maintain the machine clean, keep water and liquids away from the console, and check for loose bolts and parts regularly.

The ActionLine A83809 is a mid-range elliptical trainer that may be used at home. There are 16 levels of motorized magnetic resistance and 23 training routines on the console. It’s a piece of strength equipment that can handle persons weighing 250 pounds.

It’s ideal for light to moderate aerobic exercises, weight reduction, endurance training, and rehabilitation. Finally, while it isn’t the most economical trainer in this spec range, it does provide outstanding value for money per minute. Fast, Squat, Reverse, Lean Back, Lower Body Only, Push Arms, Pull Arms, Slow is the tasks.

2. ArmBlaster — a workout that improves cardiovascular endurance while also increasing strength and muscular tone. ArmBlaster supplements the cardio program profile you’ve chosen with upper-body training exercises. As you move the burden from your lower body to your upper body, resistance rises every minute for a muscle-building 10-repetition session.

3. GluteKicker – as the name implies, is a glute-focused program; it employs three X-Mode challenges, Reverses, Squat, and Fast, to offer a constant glutes exercise by randomly switching them.

You may add variety to these obstacles by employing the elliptical’s optional attachments. We’ll look through the accessories in the following portion of the review.

M.O.M (Movement Management Mode) is a feature on the console. This safety feature disables the buttons and increases the pedal resistance to the maximum, making the machine nearly hard to use. It’s intended to deter tiny children from using the elliptical for experimentation.

The tablet holder is one last aspect of the console that we must note. It’s a tablet shelf that can hold any size tablet or magazine to keep you engaged while you exercise. This elliptical, however, does not offer Wi-Fi or internet access.

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