AFG 2.5AE Elliptical Trainer Review

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AFG Fitness provides a variety of elliptical trainer models with varying features and prices. The AFG 2.5AE is one of the cheapest models. It’s an eddy current resistance machine with a flat range of motion and 12 different exercise routines. It has a similar structure to the Schwinn 430. However, it does not have an inclination system like that model.

With a size of 68″L x 22″W (173 x 56 cm), the AFG 2.5AE elliptical trainer is a very big piece of training equipment. It’s also rather hefty, weighing 145 pounds (66 kilograms) when fully completed. Its front base has a set of rollers that allow it to be moved if necessary once you’ve done your workout.

Small, adjustable stabilizers with rubber covers are integrated into the machine’s center and rear bases, which improve the machine’s stability. Even if you engage in a more strenuous workout, the machine provides great sturdiness and stability without swaying or shifting.

The frame isn’t designed to be folded. It is fairly strong, as it is composed of steel tubing. Its steel components are double-coated with anti-corrosive paint in black, which is currently the only color available.
The machine’s rails are made of two aluminum sheets fitted over the frame’s rear steel tubes.

They’re meant to reduce noise and provide smoother action, just like the rollers. The rollers are equipped with sealed ball bearings and a tough polymer covering. To put it another way, these rollers are built to last.

The pedals have a straightforward design. They’re composed of heavy-duty PVC and can sustain individuals weighing 275 pounds (125 kg). They don’t have any suspension, but the pedaling action is still shock-free, making them far safer than, say, running on a treadmill.

In addition, the Q Factor of the pedals on this elliptical trainer is something to consider. The distance between them is quite modest compared to other models, which means your feet will be positioned naturally rather than awkwardly as with other models, reducing lateral stress on the knees.

The AFG 2.5AE, like other elliptical machines of its sort, has two sets of handlebars: movable and fixed. The mobile bars have a basic form, yet they offer various grip options.

The console can track heart rate by hanging on to the fixed handlebars equipped with pulse sensors. A sheet of rubber foam covers both types of bars, giving the necessary comfort level.

Finally, heavy-duty ball bearings are used in the joints between the machine’s arms, pedal bars, and upright console pole. As a result, squeaky sounds are less prone to occur, and the action is extremely smooth and consistent.

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Step-up Height

As previously stated, the AFG 2.5AE elliptical lacks an inclination mechanism, which is a significant drawback for a machine in this price bracket.

It has a medium stride of 18″ (45.7 cm), making it suitable for users who are between the ages of 5’0″ and 6’0″ (152 – 183 cm). Taller users may utilize it, but the range of motion may be limited.

If you’re curious, the tops of the pedals are around 10″ (26 cm) above floor level at their closest position and approximately 15″ (26 cm) above floor level at their tallest point (38 cm).

So ensure that the ceiling in the area where the machine will be used is at least 20″ inches higher than your weight to avoid any ceiling height difficulties.


This elliptical trainer from Advanced Fitness Group has an eddy current, motor-assisted resistance system. This implies that it must be linked to a 110 – 120 v power circuit for the console to function.

In addition, the resistance is solely regulated from the console.

The servo motor will alter the magnets’ pull onto the flywheel when you pick one of the resistance levels, adding or lessening resistance. The resistance on the machine will also alter automatically if you utilize one of the onboard training routines.

The machine has ten different resistance levels. The arrow keys or the fast keys from 1 to 10 on the console unit can alter the resistance.

The machine is set to resistance level 1 by default, promoting a gentle exercise. The highest degrees of resistance, on the other hand, brings a lot of energy to the workout and are great for boosting strength, stamina, and weight reduction.

The machine’s motor mechanism has a balanced 14.3 pound (6.5 kg) flywheel that provides a very smooth pedaling action. Although it is not the heaviest flywheel found in an elliptical trainer, it does provide a steady and regular stride due to its structure.

A heavy-duty v-belt connects the pulley to the flywheel and provides transmission. A belt drive system, in general, is significantly quieter than a chain drive system, and it also requires no maintenance.


This AFG elliptical trainer comes with a console device that lacks fancy features like online connectivity or Bluetooth capability. It still has a lot more to offer than the ordinary basic device, though.

First, it has a 5-inch LCD that can display time, RPM, watts, distance (in miles only), speed (in MPH only), calories burnt, and heart rate, with the majority of these statistics displayed concurrently rather than one at a time.

Of course, it also displays the current resistance setting and the current program’s segments. Pulse can only be read if you keep your hands on the stationary handlebars’ sensors. An HR chest strap transmitter will not be able to read it.

There are 12 pre-programmed programs available, including weight loss, intervals, reverse pedaling, calorie-focused, watts, and random.

Some of these programs have multiple degrees of difficulty, so you may always have a new challenge to overcome and stay motivated. There is, of course, a manual program that allows you to stride freely and modify resistance as desired.

The console unit has a sound system with two modest speakers as part of the amenities. Most MP3 players, cellphones, and tablets are compatible with this sound system.

The sound it produces clearly cannot be compared to that produced by a specialized subwoofer. It is, nevertheless, far better than the sound generated by the typical smartphone or tablet speaker.

The machine also comes with an audio adaptor cable for the sound system.

A reading rack and a tiny drawer for your MP3 player or smartphone are also included in the console. The reading stand is large and sturdy enough to handle any tablet.

Overall, the console is simple to use and has obvious instructions. It contains Start and Stops buttons to switch between elliptical and other workouts without losing your elliptical session data.

For added convenience, it has rapid and progressive resistance adjustment keys. It has a sleep mode that goes into effect after 15 minutes of inactivity on the machine. It may also be turned on by hitting any key or detecting movement on the pedals.


The AFG 2.5AE elliptical machine comes with a handbook that has clear and simple step-by-step assembly instructions. To put it another way, putting the machine together is a simple operation.

The back and front frame elements must be attached, as well as the front stabilizer, pedal and mobile arms, console mast, console, and various protective coverings.

However, the entire operation may take more than an hour because of the numerous pieces that must be assembled. The following tools are required for assembly: an 8-mm L-Wrench, 13/17 mm Flat Wrench, 5 mm L-Wrench, and a Phillips screwdriver.

Cleaning the machine’s rails before each usage is essential for maintenance. Any particle of sand or tiny item passing between the rollers might create nicks and damage the ride’s overall smoothness.

Lubrication is also essential if the machine’s joints begin to make squeaky noises. The machine’s interior parts are pre-lubricated and should not require any maintenance for a long time.


Despite lacking a few features compared to other models in this price range (for example, inclination), the AFG 2.5AE is still a good elliptical trainer. It has a solid build, a quiet and smooth motor, and an automated magnetic resistance system with 10 different settings.

It comes with 12 pre-programmed routines, some of which have several degrees of difficulty. It’s an elliptical machine designed for light to medium cardio workouts, interval training, regaining strength and stamina, and of course, for losing weight.

Even though it’s a bit expensive for what it can offer, it’s still a quality elliptical, available for a fairly decent price/value ratio.

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