It is good for increasing the latitude and strength of the arm if you can make a curl for a long time and increase the weight. But if you get trapped into the following arm workout mistakes, then the efficiency will be lower, which means that it will take a long time to be effective.

  1. Ignore the training of triceps
  2. Invariable exercises
  3. Create the momentum to get the weight up

I think the arm should be the favorite training part of everyone, except for the chest.

In the beginning, you will pick up dumbbells and start a dumbbell curl in the gym, even though you don’t know how to take a bench press.

If you want to gain muscle and strength as quickly as possible, then the majority of your time and sweat should be put into the big compound exercises and make sure that isolation exercises take a back seat in your training.

Once you combine compound training with isolation training and avoid these arm workout mistakes, your arm will grow FASTER, and you will find that your muscle latitude will obviously increase.


Five Arm Workout Mistakes

#1 Mistake: Ignore the Training of Triceps

When it comes to making bigger arms, you always want to give priority to your triceps, which are much larger than the biceps.

Triceps are worth nearly twice as much time as biceps for training.

Among those who have just started to workout, ignoring the importance of triceps is one of the major reasons why many people cannot go up in arm latitude.

And you will notice that by putting the triceps, the size of the entire arm will increase a lot.

biceps & triceps

The reason why triceps are so important is not only its visual effect, but also many upper body training exercises require the participation of triceps, such as the most basic chest exercise: bench press.

It is a compound action that requires triceps to participate. Therefore, there is no doubt about the priority of triceps training in the whole upper limb training.

Some theories hold that triceps are the most important muscle group of the upper limb because its function is to push and support the external objects by the arm.

The triceps are mainly divided into the lateral head, long head, and the medial head.

Anatomy of triceps

Anatomy of triceps

The medial head belongs to the muscles of the deeper layer, which is basically invisible, but it can also be stimulated by the general training.

If you hold your long head with your left hand and do something that lifts your head over your head, you can clearly feel the stretch and force of the long head when lifting heavy objects.

Tips: Exercises like skull crushers is beneficial to your long head. And bench dip will have a good stimulation for your lateral head.

#2 Mistake: Invariable Exercises

The human body has amazing adaptability. Your auxiliary muscles will quickly adapt to your invariable movements, thus sharing the movements that you should have done with your biceps.

And most importantly, you may just stimulate some part of your biceps. Why is it called biceps? Because there are two heads, the long head, and the short head. That is it.

Anatomy of biceps

Anatomy of biceps

In the contracted state, visually, the short head is responsible for the width and thickness (dimension) of the arm, while the long head is responsible for the height of the biceps.

So if you want the muscles of your arms to be full and the lines to be clear, you need to fully exercise the long and short heads of biceps.

Tips: The emphasis of each exercise is different, so the degree of stimulation to the part of the muscle is also different. Some exercises like EZ bar curl can stimulate your short head, while inclined dumbbell curls can stimulate your long head.

#3 Mistake: Create the Momentum to Get the Weight Up

There are so many ways that you could create momentum, for example, some people will bring the weight back to their back and swing forward slightly to generate power.

That would eliminate the concentric contraction and limit the actual amount of muscle stimulation they get.

As a small muscle group, biceps do not need to use too much weight like other muscle groups such as the chest, back, and leg exercises.

The use of lighter weight will actually be more conducive to the growth of biceps. But first, you need to do the right curl.

Therefore, please do not lie to yourself, choose the weight that you can handle. It’s long progress and you can’t reach the destination immediately.

Tips: Stand straight and curl slowly.

#4 Mistake: Lie Your Elbows Forward

People will grab the biggest dumbbells that they think they can handle, and they go into a curl.

As you go on, you will find that it becomes more difficult for you to get the weight up to the top. So, naturally, you will slide your elbows forward.

arm workout mistake

Don’t lie your elbows forward

If you do this, you’re not getting that peak contraction of your bicep and you are starting to work your anterior deltoid.

Therefore, in the process of dumbbell curling, we need to pay attention to control the position of the elbows.

Tips: Fix elbows on both sides before curling. Choose the proper weight that you can control, or you can’t stimulate your biceps in deep.

#5 Mistake: Drop the Weight So Fast

Take the dumbbells for example, when we pull up dumbbells, we are doing concentric training, which means that we’re shortening the muscle with tension.

When we lower and stretch, we are doing eccentric exercise. The eccentric contraction of a curl is almost twice as beneficial as the concentric contraction.

Tips: When we put the dumbbells slightly wider, one can focus more on the short head, and the other can increase the intensity of exercise. And if you try to go twice as slow on the way back down, then you will get a better result.

How to Hit My Arm

The arm is one of the first body parts that you notice and may significantly improve your physique, but you may also have realized that building larger arms is not an easy task.

It is a much slower process. Most people think that if you choose all the right exercises and do all the right exercises, your arms will grow, but even so, growing your arms can often seem painfully slow.

Fortunately, research shows that some exercise strategies can greatly speed up the process so that you can build bigger more powerful looking arms as fast as possible.

1. Adequate Stimulation of Your Arm

What you need to take is to make sure you have enough exercise, because we know that there is a positive relationship between weekly exercise and muscle growth.

So if you haven’t seen the expected results in arms growth, increasing the number of instruments you use for arms training every week would likely be the solution.

If you don’t train it often enough you’re not going to have wide enough arms.

You can add one set per week to the existing arm exercises, or add additional exercises, gradually increasing to about 20 sets or more depending on the frequency of biceps and triceps training, including indirect exercises you get from the compound exercises.

Now, although you usually want to do a lot of compound exercises first, if your goal is to give priority to the development of arms, then you can and should move the arm exercises to the beginning of the exercise.

2. Move the Sequence of Arm Isolation Exercises

A paper published in 2010 compared the effects of performing a compound exercise before arm isolation exercise versus doing arm isolation exercise before the compound exercise.

They found that triceps grew significantly faster and biceps showed a similar trend when arm isolation exercise was first performed.

In addition to moving the sequence of arm isolation exercises, you also need to concentrate on these exercises every week, just like your compound exercises, which is especially important for arm growth.

But if you are a beginner and have just started at the gym, then isolation exercises, especially for the arms, should be an afterthought.

At the beginning of your work in the gym, your focus needs to be to master the main compound sports.

You need to continuously improve and master the main compound sports because these sports will bring the greatest impact on your arm.

Over time, you will gain more experience in the gym. At that time, you can start adding additional isolation exercises to stimulate further growth.

Make Sure You Have These in Your Mind

These are some common arm workout mistakes, and you may never notice them until you know them. These mistakes will make you lower your workout benefits, and you don’t want to reap only a little after hard training.

We go to the gym, and we are giving our effort. However, if we cannot see returns, then our confidence will suffer a lot.

Make sure you have these in your mind the next time you’re going to do a biceps curl, but also just try to take it to the next level.

You may not be able to change all the mistakes at once, but the most important thing is to be able to realize that there is something wrong with your movements.

Realizing the mistakes is a crucial step, otherwise, there would be no change.

Train hard, and supplemented with the right diet. As time goes by, you’ll be miles ahead of the average gym-goer.