Top 5 Best Body-Solid Functional Trainer with Cable Machine Review

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Any functional trainer is suitable for those of you looking for strength and circuit training. This piece of equipment is also suitable for functional training, sports-specific training, and strength exercises.

Challenge your core, experience the goodness of hundreds of exercises, and guarantee guaranteed durability when you purchase any of the Body-Solid Functional Trainers.

Top 5 Body-Solid Functional Trainer Review

Below are the five best Body-Solid Functional Trainers suitable for those of you searching for a good-quality trainer for home gym use.

#1. Body-Solid Best Fitness Functional Trainer BFFT10

Are you a novice trainer looking to improve your flexibility, bring about a better posture for your body, and increase your overall fitness levels? If so, don’t miss out on looking into the Body-Solid Best Fitness Functional Trainer BFFT10.

This piece of equipment comes with the tag of being an entry-level trainer that’s designed smartly and constructed beautifully to satisfy the needs of any individual belonging to any training level.

The trainer has adjustable pulleys that can swivel 180 degrees to help you experience an array of starting exercise positions. The angles of your exercises also change, thereby helping you perform a range of exercises.

Two adjustable nylon cable handles come with the unit, and they are ergonomically designed to provide you with proper grip.

The company has provided one 190lb weight stack challenging for individuals belonging to any training level. Hence, while the entry-level trainer finds it a daunting task, it isn’t easy for the advanced trainer to work out using this equipment.

While I might boast that this trainer helps you do numerous exercises moving from one exercise to another might be a challenging task that also takes time.

This is the general scenario, but using the BFFT10 trainer can switch between exercises swiftly as it comes with a no cable change design.

There are 19 vertical pulley adjustments possible, and you even get an integrated straight chinning bar.


  • One of the best fitness trainers that offer good warranty—3 years on frame and 1 year on parts.
  • 19 vertical pulley adjustments.
  • Compact and space-saving with a smaller footprint.
  • Integrated chinning bar provided.
  • Swiftly move from one exercise to another due to the no-cable design.
  • Ideal for beginner trainers.


  • The single-weight stack might be unsuitable for advanced trainers and those of you who wish for challenging exercises.

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#2. Body-Solid PFT100 Powerline Functional Trainer

The PFT100 trainer is a solid piece of equipment that comes with a durable steel frame. Two towers are connected via the frame, and each tower has a 160lbs weight stack that comes with its pulley.

Hence, you can use both the stacks independently, even do exercises using only one pulley (such as tricep extensions), or use both simultaneously to do exercises such as cable crossovers.

There is a pull-up bar in the front and this, in my opinion, is a good addition as not all trainers provide a pull-up bar essential for doing pull-ups, one of the most challenging and beneficial exercises.

The pulleys come to your resistance if you are a beginner trainer, as the 2:1 ratio setup makes you feel the 160lbs resistance as only 80lbs of resistance. You can upgrade to a 210lb resistance by purchasing another 50lbs stack.

Both the pulleys are fully adjustable, and you can choose any of the 20 starting positions available. Switching between exercises is easy here as there is no need to change the cables. All that you must do is set the pulley position and proceed with your exercises.

The primary downside of this trainer is its attachments. You only get one set of adjustable-length nylon handles, and there is no other attachment offered, not even a bench.

Assembling the machine is easy, and the instruction manual is straightforward. It takes not more than 2-4 hours to completely assemble it.

The pricing is highly competitive, and the PFT100 is one of the cheapest trainers in the market for smooth operation, stable frames, and the number of possible exercises.


  • Great warranty with 10 years on the frame.
  • It comes with a pull-up bar.
  • Dual 160lb weight stacks that are upgradable to another 50lbs.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy assembly and cheap pricing.


  • The attachment provided is only one set of handles.

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#3. Body-Solid GDCC210 Adjustable Functional Trainer

If you are looking for an all-in-one trainer suitable for home gym use yet constructed with the sturdiness of a commercial trainer, don’t miss out on the GDCC210 model.

The trainer is constructed using an 11-gauge steel frame and rubber caps to provide a better grip. The trainer can stay in a room with a 7-feet ceiling height, but if you plan to do pull-ups, it is recommended that the room has at least an 8-feet ceiling height.

The trainer comes with 10 pulleys, and the adjustable pulleys come in sets of two, all of which are made of high-quality nylon material.

The machine offers you 20 different height adjustments, and the 180-degree cable positioning helps you do a range of exercises. The finish is powder-coated silver-grey paint for the mainframe that’s resistant to corrosion as well as scratches.

The number of accessories provided is decent—the machine comes with two ankle straps and two handgrips. There is also a press/pulldown bar, but it is optional.

The GDCC210 has dual 160lbs weight stacks that are upgradable and could function independently. Add up to 5 more plates increasing the total weight to 210lbs.

You can do several upper and lower body exercises, thereby helping you achieve a full-body workout. Some exercises such as squats, bench press, decline press, and lat pulldowns are possible when purchasing the curl bar accessory.

Assembly is easy but time-consuming, and due to the machine’s heaviness, it is recommended that you take the help of another person while assembling the machine.


  • Supports up to over 400lbs of user weight
  • Quiet operation
  • Stable, sturdy, and durable machine
  • Smaller footprint
  • 4-way adjustable hand straps
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Good warranty offered


  • The Pulldown bar is not included in your purchase.

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#4. Body-Solid Adjustable Functional Trainer GDCC200

Your clarity would not be wrong if I say that the GDCC200 is a full-size version of the GDCC210 trainer. Other than this, both trainers almost have the same features and construction.

The GDCC200 has a dual independent weight stack system that is 160lbs each and can be upgraded to 210 lbs (add another 50lbs altogether).

Both the cable pulleys in this model are fully height adjustable simply by using a locking pin design. Both the weight towers are joined at the top, thereby acting as a pull-up bar as well.

The frame width is quite narrow, but Body-Solid has done a commendable job in providing the right space to perform exercises using a bench as well.

There are 20 different height adjustments possible, thereby making this machine ideal for tall individuals as well.

The machine is fitted with an 11-gauge steel frame with a powder coat finish for corrosion and scratch resistance in terms of frame and construction.

You can do upper as well as lower body workouts. But besides the versatility, the functional trainer is highly acknowledged for its enhanced safety too.

You could never be trapped under the crushing weight of the trainer as the weight stacks come to your rescue. If you have noticed, there is no great difference between this model and the previous model.

The GDCC210 is a more compact trainer that occupies only 57.9 inches in length, while the GDCC200 occupies 72.5 inches lengthwise.


  • 20 different height adjustments and 180-degree cable positioning
  • Durable, sturdy, and stable
  • Upgradable weight stacks
  • A versatile piece of equipment
  • Suitable for advanced training


  • The assembly process takes long

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#5. Body-Solid Series II Functional Trainer S2FT

The S2FT trainer offers you similar functionalities and exercising options as the PFT100 with a slight difference—there is one more adjustment position and attachment. For this, you are required to pay a higher price.

If you are unaware, the 11-gauge steel frame and excellent construction make this trainer suitable for commercial gym use, and there is even a commercial warranty offered on this model.

The main steel bars and the weight stack guards come with a corrosion-resistant paint finish, and the trainer is quite tall.

It will fit only if the room’s ceiling height is at least 8 feet, and if you wish to do pull-ups, you need to have a cushioned space of another one feet extending the overall height required by 9 feet.

The unit has 6 big pulleys and 14 small pulleys made of fiberglass reinforced nylon material.

The dual weight stacks are 160 lbs, and the 2:1 ratio makes it easier for you to do various exercises. Using this functional trainer, feel free to do back, chest, leg, shoulder, arm, and abdominal exercises.

The trainer is quite heavy, and hence, you must choose the best place to assemble the machine and don’t even think of moving it around the house after setting it up.

Assembly can also be challenging if you are planning to do it by yourself, and I recommend that you take the help of another person to assemble this heavy piece of equipment.

Once assembled, the trainer needs minimal maintenance in the pulley and guide rod lubrication to ensure that they operate smoothly.


  • Several attachments, including long bars, row bars, athletic bars, ankle cuffs, and D-handles with adjustable straps.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Assembly is quite simple, and minimal maintenance is required.
  • Perform over 40 exercises.
  • Small footprint comparatively.
  • Dual 160lbs weight stacks.
  • Commercial grade quality and sturdiness.


  • 5lbs plates that help in micro adjustment are not included with the purchase.
  • Ab harness and tricep rope are not included.

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Final Thoughts

A functional trainer is a great piece of equipment that helps you reap several exercising benefits, especially when it offers a wide range of attachments. Go for a model that suits your fitness requirements.

For instance, if you wish to build muscles, it is ideal to have an adjustable bench that helps focus on different muscle groups. If doing pull-ups are your focus, go for a trainer that provides a pull-up bar.

Experience core and strength training advantages by choosing a good-quality trainer that provides challenges using its weight stacks and, above all, is sturdy, durable, and strong.

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