4 Best Cardio Machines for Legs and Glutes

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Do you want to work on your legs and glutes? Well, apart from spending an ample amount of time in the weight room, you should complement your routine of lifting with some cardio.

Cardio exercise helps in boosting your heart rate, and it also burns fat. It engages and works your lower body fully, ensuring that you have a toned and tight backside.

Regardless of cardio type, you choose to add to your fitness routine and ensure it is definitely something you enjoy doing. To reach any goal, consistency is the key.

It is easier to keep doing your workouts if the cardio you choose is something you enjoy and look forward to doing.

While working on your legs and glutes, we recommend looking for cardio machines that help activate your lower body while also adding resistance. You can tighten and tone your legs and glutes with cardio exercises.

However, to grow and build muscle, you always need to add weight. These are the best 4 machines for legs and glutes so that they get into their best shape.

#1. Stair Stepper

While using the stair stepper, you are not only burning away your fat, but you are also building lean muscle mass. This machine works on your hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes.

This is a relatively low-impact workout machine with which you can get creative to challenge your body much more.

Add kickbacks, skip steps, or turn while stepping to the side to ensure all of your leg and glute muscles are challenged and engaged.

The best thing about a stair stepper is that you can easily convert it into a HIIT workout machine. While using the stair stepper, the muscle isn’t getting broken down.

However, it is being built. Adding resistance and also variations to the stair stepper make a lot of difference.

Add at least two 30 minute stair stepper sessions to your weight training sessions every single week. You can also use this machine for 15 minutes before you begin your lifting as a warm-up.

While using it, ensure that you squeeze your leg and glute muscles with every step and also point your toes so that your leg and glute muscles get activated.

#2. Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is another piece of gym equipment with which you can do low impact cardio ensures that toning and tightening your leg and glute muscles, if done correctly.

The main thing to do to target the lower body on this particular machine is to ensure the resistance is raised to at least level three.

You need not worry about slow speed now. With the resistance at this level, you are bound to build more muscle.

Also, keep your full foot down while using the elliptical while also pressing down your heels on the footpad’s foot so that your leg and glute muscles will get activated.

To challenge yourself more, reverse up the direction and pedal in the backward motion.

If you want to get the most out of your elliptical workout, push your hips back.

The best way to fire up your leg and glute muscles is to get into an almost squat position by bending the knees.

#3. Treadmill Sprints

Sprinting on the treadmill is a faster form of cardio exercise that targets your full-body muscle and helps you get more toned legs and glutes.

For your body to run at the optimal speed, your glutes and legs need to activate to such a high level of effort that it needs to burn off multiple calories with each stride.

Sprints are the way to go if you are looking for amazing glutes and abs. They really are an amazing way to not only burn fat but also build muscle.

While sprinting, the strides that you take are longer than usual, and you exert more power, thus leading to tightening of the leg and the glute muscles.

While you start and stop, again and again, you are ensuring that you create shocks to your body, and this aids in burning fat. However, not as much as a shock that it breaks down muscle.

To ensure that your sprint workout is optimal, you need to make sure that you keep aside at least 15 minutes. You can start at your very own pace, either on the treadmill or on the floor.

Also, depending on your fitness level, it is recommended that you either sprint for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Or, you sprint for 40 seconds, and you rest for 20 seconds. You should do this at about 70% of your full capacity.

#4. Stationary Bike Cycling

If you are looking for a cardio exercise machine that solely focuses on your lower body alone, then a stationary bike might be the one you are looking for.

It has its entire laser-sharp focus on working your lower body alone.

While riding a bike, either outdoors or the stationary one, ensures that it works out effectively your thighs, glutes, and hips with each pedal.

Cycling is an exercise that focuses mostly on the quad muscles, and if your main focus is on building your legs and glutes, you need to push yourself off the seat a little bit, bring your hips a little backward, and lean forward.

This will ensure your leg and glute muscles are worked out thoroughly and completely throughout your cycling period.

It is recommended that you add resistance by turning the knob. The more you cycle, the more muscle you are building, and all the while, you are also burning fat in your leg and glute muscles.

This will lead to a tighter and toned appearance. Therefore, do join a local club and enjoy class cycling.

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