Top 6 Best Home Gyms Under $2000 Review and Comparison

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Home gym machines are versatile and allow you to train at your convenient times using your preferred workout. It would help if you had no downtime for the machine to be free or not worry about the equipment’s cleanliness.

Simply start working out, and if it’s only you who will be using the machine, then all your settings stay intact, and you need not spend a lot of time customizing it. These machines also help you keep your training consistent due to the convenience that helps you achieve your fitness goals faster.

However, they are costly machines in general, but due to the growing number of fitness enthusiasts, few companies made affordable equipment available for under $2000. This makes them easier to purchase for the home gym.

If you are interested to know more about these machines and are planning to buy one, here is the list of the 6 best home gyms under $2000:

Why Should You Consider a Home Gym Under $2000?

You might be working out at a gym or considering to workout at one or, say, simply comparing how a home gym is better than going to the gym. Consider the main element of money, and every gym requires some fees or membership, which is not cheap.

When you start working out consistently, you need to keep paying the fees, and it all adds up after several months. However, when you invest the same on a home gym machine, you will invest in some useful equipment that will give you free workouts after a few years.

And when you buy the equipment for around $2000, it pays itself off very quickly, and you will still have the machine for yourself. Not to mention the convenience of working out at your preferred time and the privacy to wear comfortable clothing are additional bonuses.

The price of nearly $2000 gives you excellent quality equipment compared to lower-cost home gyms that only work for a few months. The industrial-grade frames used in making these machines give them a long life.

Top 6 Best Home Gym Under $2000

When you can bring the whole gym to your home, why bother going to the gym. If you own one of the below machines, you can do several workouts at your home, which otherwise are possible only at the gym.

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym

Bodycraft Galena Pro Home Gym is compact and fits in little space, unlike the traditional home gym machines, which occupy considerable space in the room. It features dual-functioning pec dec, chest press, leg extension, lat pull, leg curl, low pulley station, optional leg press, and abdominal crunch facilities.

All these extensive workouts allow you to strengthen your major muscle groups quickly. You can also stack 200 lbs. weight with a 10 lbs. increment adjustability.

The heavy gauge tubing is steel and finished using electrostatic powder-coated using the multi-stage technique. This keeps the machine rust-free and durable for a long period. The nylon pulleys are reinforced using fiberglass and a thickness of 3.5” diameter, which uses hubs with sealed bearings.

With a tensile strength of 2000 lbs. and the internally lubricated cables, you get an excellent workout without any hassles. It comes with a lifetime warranty for both frames and parts that guarantees to keep the machine working for years to come.

You can easily assemble it in four hours without any help.


  • Three individual stations to perform different exercises.
  • The adjustable starting point is convenient to accommodate different users.
  • It comes with a strong body and well-crafted machinery.
  • The easily accessible lower pully station allows ample room for exercising.
  • The ease of using this machine is one of its strengths.


  • Advanced users might find the 200 lb stacking weight insufficient.
  • Not many options for lower body workouts.
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Total Gym XLS

Total GYM XLS comes with training DVDs and other resources that help you take full advantage of the machine. It is designed to perform 80 exercises and offer customized resistance based on your body weight.

It is ideal for users of up to 400 lbs. weight and a height limit of 6’ 2”. It comes with a glide board that is padded for maximum comfort and offers very smooth resistance to keep your joints free from stress.

You don’t need any assembly, and it is ideal for all fitness levels, making it apt for home use. It operates without making any noise and is good to use in small living spaces. When you adjust the glideboard, you can use your body weight as resistance.

It comes with a few accessories, including pulleys to perform more than the said 80 exercises. Even if you are recovering from some injury, you can use this machine for rehabilitation workouts.


  • Can make use of bodyweight as a custom challenge.
  • Above 80 kinds of exercises are possible.
  • Comfortable glideboard is a patented design.
  • It is easy on your joints.
  • Allows you to perform high-energy workouts.


  • Parts come with a short warranty period of 6 months.
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Xmark Functional Trainer

The mainframe construction of Xmark Functional Trainer is made of steel material, and it comes with 19 slots for adjustment from 1’ to 6’6” with a 3.5” gap between each slot. It is reliable and sturdy as it is anti-corrosion, anti-scratch and capable of withstanding normal wear and tear effectively.

Its cables are extendible up to 81” in length, starting from the pulleys. The bearable stack weight is 2 x 200 lbs, giving you enough resistance for strength training. This machine is affordable, versatile, multi-use, and quality are some of the incredible features of this equipment.

You can ensure a smooth workout as the pull-up rig is high-quality, and the pulley comes with quick adjustability. They come with isolateral-based workout efficiency, enabling isolation exercises and muscle-targeted training.

This functional trainer is another name for effectiveness and versatility. You can safely use it for resistance training to improve your fitness. When you try to gain muscle and work out using weights, the cable allows you to avoid spotter and protect you from a sudden injury.


  • Interchangeable accessory kit for increased workout opportunities.
  • The weight-stack capacity of 200 pounds is good enough for most people.
  • Fun and challenging workouts for improving fitness.
  • An affordable machine with a high-quality build.
  • Versatile and durable equipment.


  • Assembly is difficult.
  • Instructions in the manual are not clear.
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Total Gym FIT

Total Gym FIT home gym uses your body weight to calculate the resistance required, and hence there are fewer chances of hurting yourself due to over-exertion. It supports over 85 exercises to provide full-body workouts and has several impressive performance-based features.

It can bear a load of 450 lbs. which makes it ideal for even heavy weighing persons. The compact design utilizes less space and hence easily fits into your home. It comes with an excellent glideboard mechanism for space-saving and safety.

The comprehensive training machine ensures your fitness progress by providing you with 12 levels of difficulties, achievable using simple adjustments.  The pulley and cable system goes around the glide board, allowing your body weight to offer resistance that helps you build more strength.

It comes with several accessories that help work out different parts of your body. They come as an ab crunch attachment, a leg pulley, an upgraded squat stand, and a two-piece wing add-on.


  • Lifetime frame warranty and 2 years on parts.
  • Accompanied by a wall chart to track progress.
  • You get a nutritional guide with this machine.
  • It is foldable to store in a smaller space when not in use.
  • It also allows cardio workouts along with strength training.


  • Requires a little learning curve before you can make total use of it
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Marcy Pro Smith Machine SM-4903

This machine is suitable for both pro users and beginners alike as it comes with features such as rock-solid equipment and heavy-duty safety catches. These safety catches are completely adjustable and are also fine-tunable.

These safety stoppers keep you out of trouble even if you go wrong while training alone. The ultra-glide bushings eliminate the squats and bench press friction to make your workout more productive.

It comes with a low and high pulley mechanism that consists of pulleys and sealed bearings to allow smooth operation. The frictionless motion of the pulleys gives a better mind-muscle connection and makes the workout experience feel natural.

Even the resistance curve will be more consistent, and great work on your muscles. The pullup bar is handy for performing various exercises and is comfortable enough to grip firmly during the workout.

Customizable dip height is useful for weighted dips when positioned at different heights. Similarly, adjustable seat positions and backrest angles provide comfort and allow a better workout routine.


  • The 4 seats and 6 adjustable backrest positions are useful.
  • Suitable for bodyweight training using pull-up bar and dip station.
  • Facilitates training alone due to the provision of full-length safety supporters.
  • Smooth lifting operation because of sealed bearings.
  • Overhead pulley mechanism for performing more exercises.


  • No leg developers are present with the bench.
  • Weights are to be bought separately.
  • Only 2 years of warranty.
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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

The revolutionary home gym machine by Bowflex allows you to do up to 100 exercises in 400 different variations. You can go on and on with varying workouts day by day yet never get bored.

It facilitates weight loss, helps in strength building, improves your heart rate, and helps you recover from injuries. There are several other possibilities on how this machine could help you, but those above are important.

Coming to your body, it offers resistance to every part making it a must-have home gym machine. The adjustable angle of freedom arms of up to 170 degrees allows you to exercise using your arms in 10 various positions. Similarly, leg extension gives strength to the leg muscles.

You can do a vertical bench press or use the rowing machine built-in into the machine and many such provisions to get the maximum benefit out of the equipment. Also, the multiple positions using different mechanisms such as cables and pulleys help you gain flexibility.


  • Works your abs and legs to improve your muscle toning.
  • A warranty of 10 years is long enough.
  • Multiple gym training options in a small space.
  • Spiraflex resistance technology.
  • Heavy-duty performance with 300 lb load.


  • Not many cardio training options
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Home Gyms Under $2,000 Buying Guide

If you are checking out home gyms at an affordable price, then this list of under $2,000 machines is handy for you. It might still seem expensive for some, but when you consider the complete advantages they offer, you will understand that they are aptly priced or less expensive.

  • They should be able to withstand intense use and should be corrosion resistant. That way, you get good durability allowing you to use them for a long time.
  • Also, the movable parts and friction-bearing parts should require less or no maintenance.
  • Innovative technologies will help you utilize the machine and take full advantage of the possible workouts.
  • You should check the type and level of resistance to verify if the device is suitable for your training level.
  • Sometimes a few machines do not include certain types of exercise facilities. You should be thorough and check all the possible workouts to know what you need in that machine.
  • Few machines come with extra perks such as nutritional guides, training videos, etc. If you need them, go for the equipment that offers these advantages.

Final Words

These home gyms between the price range of $1500 to $2000 have a good balance of affordability and durability.

It is acceptable that they are not equal to the power equipment with many more stations used in gyms twice or thrice the price. However, they all allow at least 80+ exercises, which is ample for home use.

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