Finding the right shoes for those who suffer from the reality of having a high arched foot can be both painful and typically troublesome.

Even if you don’t suffer from pain from your high arches, chances are you are still looking for a shoe with high arch support.

Because it is vital for comfortably walking or running and treating your foot.

Sadly, that would be tricky and can tend to feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack.

To assist in finding the perfect shoe for your high arched foot, the following is a breakdown of the best running shoes for high arches.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches (Our Top 7 Picks)

  • Brooks Pure Cadence 7
  • Brooks Glycerin 17
  • Brooks Transcend 6
  • ASICS Gel-Venture 5
  • New Balance Fresh Foam 1080V9
  • Mizuno Wave Creation 20
  • Salomon X-Mission 3

Brooks Pure Cadence 7

After its predecessor received a less than positive response from reviewers and purchasers, the brand was redesigned to provide a much more comfortable and likable shoe for those who were unhappy or loyal to the brand.

The newly redesigned Brooks Pure Cadence 7 is remarkably stable and suitable, and the shoe has a wide toe area for breathability.

It is also practically made for people with high arches and has been rated high on review sites.

The shoe doesn’t come in a variety of colors, however, the colors provided are pleasing and add a neat look to the design.

Besides, another drawback of Brooks Pure Cadence 7 is that it’s not waterproof.

And just the same as most other shoes, the Brooks Pure Cadence 7 needs to be broken in before the purchaser can experience the real benefits of the shoe.

Comfort and stability are provided for high arched feetLack of color choice for purchasers
The shoe is more secure than its previous designThe shoe needs to be broken in
Overall, the shoe is very lightweightIt will become waterlogged easily
The toe area could still be wider

Brooks Glycerin 17

The Brooks Glycerin 17 provides much support for the heel and the ankle area. Designed to fit, the Brooks Glycerin 17 is a slightly upgraded version of the Glycerin 16.

The Brooks Glycerin 17 is lighter than the Glycerin 16 by about a half an ounce.

Unfortunately, the shoe is not as comfortable as some other shoes that can be purchased for a smaller price.

But the Glycerin 17 can be worn on treadmills, trails, and roads, making it suitable for plenty of terrains due to its design featuring asymmetrical tread.

Moreover, the majority of the shoe’s support comes from the soft, cushy interior.

The Glycerin 17 design, although improved, could have been enhanced more from its predecessor to be even more lightweight.

Very stableSizes run 1/2 size smaller than advertised
Provides a smooth running or walking experienceNot at all a lightweight shoe
Cushioned interior
Asymmetrical Tread

Brooks Transcend 6


Transcending the limits of other running shoes, the Brooks Transcend 6 provides the wearer with plenty of support after running for many miles.

The shoe is designed for runners who need extra support in their shoes, especially individuals with high arches.

Due to the addition of the GuardRails, the shoe can provide the wearer with a more holistic feel.

Not only that, but it also features an Ortholite sock liner to give the wearer a cushy feel.

However, the shoe is extremely narrow and doesn’t have other width sizes to offer wider footed people.

That being said, the Brooks Transcend 6 is an excellent shoe for narrow footed individuals who would need extra support in their running shoes.

The midsole provides arch supportVery narrow, not ideal for wider footed individuals
Plenty of cushioning in the shoe design
GuidRails are not obstructive
Very stable due to GuidRails and cushioning

ASICS Gel-Venture 5

This shoe isn’t known for its stability but offers plenty of support for those who need it, especially in the heel area.

The gel heel offers support for hiking on a variety of terrains from sidewalks to trails.

However, some wearers feel off-balance initially due to the gel heel.

The shoe is great for those who need a more narrow shoe, but not recommended for those who have wider feet.

This is a high-quality shoe, considering the price.

For those who want a comfortable running shoe for a minimal cost, this is definitely the shoe you should purchase.

After continued use, the shoe stretches and increases in size.

Overall, ASICS Gel-Venture 5 is a remarkable shoe for the price, and people with high arches and narrow feet would particularly like this brand.

The shoe has excellent stability for small heeled individualsHard to clean the dust off the mesh fabric after use
The midsole is comfortableSize increases after use
Designed for running comfortably in most terrainsNot very durable
Excellent priceNot waterproof

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080V9

Unlike the shoe’s predecessor model, the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080V9 provides the wearers a little more responsiveness.

The older model could only be described as firm, where this model feels more responsive.

What’s more, this shoe offers an extraordinarily comfortable heel design with a high level of support for the wearer.

Basically, the support comes mainly from the front area and not the ankle area.

Although the shoe does have these arch support, it could have more for those who desperately need it.

An interesting thing from the reviewers is that the tread will likely last up to 350 miles and will perform best on roads and trails.

By the way, 1080V9 comes in a variety of foot widths from narrow to extra-wide.

Balanced shoeIt could have been designed to be lighter
Supportive solesPoor heel design
Cushioned shoe interior for support
Variety of shoe width sizes

Mizuno Wave Creation 20

The Mizuno Wave Creation 20 comes in a small variety of colors and is expensive.

However, it is an ideal choice for marathon runners.

Because the shoe is made with Air Mesh for enhanced breathability and lighter weight and can provide extra heel support for runners.

What’s more, the Mizuno Wave Creation 20 features a cooling type of system that limits the amount of moisture that will collect at the bottom of the shoe.

But the most stand-out part of the shoe is its infinity wave plate that absorbs the amount of shock that runners experience.

Air mesh feature for breathability and lightweight designLack of width size options
Heel supportLimited color availability
Interior cooling systemExpensive compared to other running shoes
Infinity Wave Plate for shock absorption

Salomon X-Mission 3

This model is designed for running on trails, does well in dry or muddy types of terrain, and is considered a specialized shoe.

So it is not waterproof and relatively expensive.

The shoe doesn’t come in many color choices either, or the width selections; but it has been reported to fit well.

Its mesh material has been combined with Sensifit stretch overlays, which means it is designed to wrap around the foot, offering a more breathable design.

The design also provides a fair amount of ability to manage the amount of moisture that collects inside the shoe during use.

And it has an outsole that offers the shoe quality traction and is durable and abrasion-resistant.

Interested buyers should note that some wearers report that the shoe tends to run narrow.

Very stable and supportiveRuns narrow
ComfortableLack of color options
Fits well
Features include: sensitive upper, protective toe, Contagrip MD Outsole, EngergyCell Midsole and Quiclace System

Choose Your Favorite Shoes

All shoes listed have been designed to offer a high level of support for the wearer, and highly rated by other reviews.

Some, of course, provide more support than others, but it is really up to you to choose which is the best shoe on the list for your feet.

So, good luck finding the right shoe that supports your foot.