Body Power BRT5118 Trio Elliptical Trainer Review

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Body Flex Sports’ Body Power BRT5118 is a 3-in-1 trainer comparable to the BRT6300 we reviewed here.

It includes a manual friction resistance mechanism and a huge front-mounted perimeter-weighted flywheel, comparable to the Body Power BFX8000.

This equipment functions as a recumbent, upright, and elliptical trainer. It allows you to quickly switch various positions to target different muscle groups and achieve better results.

It’s ideal for light to moderate aerobic exercises, muscle toning, interval training, stamina building, and weight loss.

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The Body Power BRT5118 Trio Trainer is a machine designed for home usage, yet it has a sturdy chassis that can handle individuals weighing up to 250 pounds (113 kg).

Steel tubing is used entirely for the structural frame. The steel pieces are painted with a corrosion-resistant paint finish light gray tone.

The flywheel, chrome-plated, and red ABS side covers are the lone exception.

Several different ABS parts are used in the machine’s manufacturing.

The pulley system’s side covers, pedals, and base stabilizers.

The unit’s exact net weight is not disclosed.

However, with a shipping weight of around 92.5 lbs (42 kg), the assembled item weighs significantly more than 80 lbs (36 kg).

This weight provides a great deal of stability. In addition, the unit’s rear base is fitted with rotating polygonal caps that serve as levelers.

Therefore, it may be stable on any floor.

The machine isn’t very big. It is around 50″ (127 cm) long and 20″ (51 cm) broad when all of the sections are put together.

Therefore, it is advised that you provide it a use surface of at least 70″L x 50″W (178 x 127 cm) so that you can do any training without difficulty.

The machine’s front base bar incorporates a set of miniature transport wheels, even though it isn’t particularly heavy.

If the unit needs to be relocated, this makes it much easier.

Handlebars and Seat

The Body Power BRT5118 has a fairly conventional seat to provide maximum comfort.

Both the seat and backrest have around 1″ (2.5 cm) of foam cushioning, and the upholstery is constructed of durable vinyl that is also perspiration-proof and simple to clean.

The seat isn’t particularly spacious. It is around 14″ (35 cm) in length and 12″ (30 cm) in width. It has a large contact area and can support individuals weighing 250 pounds (113 kg).

The seat may be adjusted in four ways (up, down, front, back).

The upright post has multiple adjustment slots, and the front-back slider may be adjusted by several inches.

According to these specifications, the machine can accommodate people ranging in height from 5’0″ to 6’2″ (153 – 188 cm).

The backrest does not adjust separately from the seat if you were asking.

It is linked directly to the seat assembly’s backbone and slides along with the seat on its slider.

It’s made to provide you a sturdy and healthy lumbar support.

Three sets of handlebars are included with the Body Power Trio Trainer.

The first is coupled to the seat assembly, the second is to the front console pole, and the third comprises two moveable handlebars that support elliptical activities.

High-density foam grips are included on all handlebars to provide maximum comfort and hand protection during lengthy training sessions.

The moveable handlebars feature rounded top grips as well. The fixed handlebars at the front are gently bent towards the user to give a more comfortable hand posture and reduce wrist impact.

Pulse sensors are also included. Pedals, elliptical route, stride, and step-up height are all considered.

The Body Power BRT5118 has two sets of pedals since it combines an elliptical, an upright cycle, and a recumbent bike.

The two massive pedals are composed of long-lasting ABS. They include an inner border covering the front and back sections to give further foot stability.

They’re big enough to fit feet of all shapes and sizes. These pedals are suitable for both elliptical and upright sitting exercises.

The other two pedals are constructed of steel and have a rubberized cushion on top for better foot traction.

They’re also connected to the moveable bottom bars in front of the bigger pedals.

They’re designed to be used with recumbent bike workouts.

Both pedal sets are fixed, with no adjustment or articulation.

They also lack any suspension or cushioning.

The circular route of the unit is slightly tilted forwards due to a front flywheel.

Therefore, the elliptical pedaling action mirrors the sensation of descending a gentle ramp.

Nonetheless, this places a greater emphasis on the glutes.

The BRT5118, like other 3-in-1 trainers, has a 13″ (33 cm) stride.

Its stride appears to be unadjustable. It can also easily accommodate people between 5’2″ and 6’2″ (157 – 188 cm) because of its length.

Taller users should also utilize the machine, albeit the stride may be too short for them.

The height of the pedal step-up is approximately 10″.

(24 cm). During cycling, the rear of the pedal also rises to around 14″ (30 cm). Therefore, elliptical exercises should be done in a room with a ceiling at least 15″ (38 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance Level and Drive System

The BRT5118, as previously stated, has a front drive and a perimeter-weighted flywheel similar to those seen on indoor riding bikes like the Sunny SF-B1002C.

This implies it can produce a smooth pedaling action and a continuous velocity.

Its precise weight is unknown; however, it should weigh between 34 and 40 pounds (15.4 to 18.1 pounds).

A poly-v belt is used in the machine’s driving system. This implies that the pedaling motion is extremely silent, and the gearbox does not need to be lubricated.

The connection between the moving arms and the pedal bars is important.

These components are directly related to the driving system of the machine. Therefore, they’ll keep moving for as long as the flywheel does. The pedals and the movable arms cannot move independently of each other. In addition, the movable arms are unable to be secured in position.

This Body Power Trio Trainer, like the Sunny SF-E2310, has a standard friction resistance system.

It is made up of a felt brake pad mounted to the top frame bar and connected to the top tension knob.

The pad imparts greater friction to the flywheel when the knob is turned clockwise, increasing pedaling effort.

The tension knob is devoid of any ‘clicks’ markings. Therefore, you may tighten it to the point where you can hardly pedal. It also serves as an emergency brake, allowing you to stop the flywheel from spinning by pressing it down.


A simple workout meter is included with this 3-in-1 trainer. It comes with a big LCD with easy-to-read digits. A tablet holder is included within the meter unit, which can handle most tablets and smartphones.

The meter’s display shows time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse.

It’s simple to use, as it simply has one button that toggles the SCAN function on and off.

When this option is enabled (ON), all workout metrics are displayed in a rotation, with each one staying on the screen for a few seconds.

By turning off the SCAN feature, you may choose any of the exercise metrics to be displayed on the screen all of the time.

You must use the sensors in the machine’s front handlebars to benefit from a pulse reading.

The meter is not telemetric, which means it can only read your pulse through those sensors and is not compatible with the Polar HR chest strap.

The unit’s button likewise covers the RESET function of the machine.

You may wipe all the data on display to zero by pushing and holding it down for several seconds to start afresh training session.

The meter is powered by two AAA batteries provided in the package.

It features a sleep mode that kicks in after around 4 minutes of inactivity on the machine.

You may either click the button or start cycling to get it started.


Even though the machine’s basic frame and the motor and resistance elements are pre-assembled, there are still a lot of additional pieces to put together.

Therefore, the assembling process may take more than an hour. The two base bars, the pedal bars, the pedals, the console mast, the two moving arms, the seat with its backrest, the seat handlebars, the front handlebars, and the console will all need to be attached.

The directions for construction are rather straightforward, and some of the necessary equipment is supplied.

If the unit’s joints generate squeaky noises, maintenance necessitates lubricating them.

If the brake pad squeaks as it comes into contact with the flywheel, it may need to be lubricated with silicone lube.

Aside from that, it’s a good idea to check for loose bolts and parts regularly.

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