BodyCraft ECT500G Elliptical Trainer Review

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The BodyCraft ECT500G is a light-commercial elliptical with 30 tension settings and a self-generating ‘green’ eddy current resistance mechanism.

It contains a 9-program LCD touchscreen display console with four user profiles.

Despite being a light-commercial grade machine, it does not feature an inclination mechanism.

It also lacks online connectivity on its console. Nonetheless, this trainer provides natural, impact-free cardiac training and excellent overall durability.

Although it lacks internet connectivity and an inclination mechanism, it is still a piece of excellent workout equipment due to its sturdiness and ergonomic element.

It’s ideal for light to strenuous aerobic exercises, intervals, building stamina, and losing weight.

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As previously said, the BodyCraft ECT500G is a light-commercial elliptical trainer, and as such, it has a heavy-duty chassis built of thick steel tubing.

Its overall aesthetics are enhanced by the use of cylindrical and ovalized tubing.

In addition, a rust-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish is applied to all of the bars in the frame.

The aluminum rails, which have their natural gloss, are the only metallic pieces that aren’t painted.

This BodyCraft elliptical, like other commercial-grade trainers, is built quite solidly.

The frame weighs around 223 lbs when fully built (101 kg). All of this weight contributes to its overall stability. On top of that, all six of its contact points with the floor have adjustable stabilizers, allowing it to be properly leveled on any floor.

A set of transport wheels can be found on the unit’s front base.

As a result, despite its tremendous weight, the completed item isn’t too difficult to transport.

You’ll only be managing around 40% of its entire weight if you pull it up from the back base and move it with the transport wheels.

In addition, the completely completed machine is huge.

It is around 71″ (180 cm) in length and 28.5″ in breadth when all of its sections are completed (72 cm).

Additionally, for safe access and operation, it is advised that at least two feet of space be left all around it.

The unit isn’t the most ideal for a tiny room or apartment.

Handlebars and pedals

A huge pair of pedals is coupled to two heavy-duty steel bars on the BodyCraft ECT500G elliptical trainer.

They’re meant to accommodate persons weighing up to 350 pounds, much as the ECT400G (159 kg).

The pedals are made of sturdy ABS and have a substantial layer of padding.

As a result, not only did the elliptical workout minimize a significant amount of tension on your joints, but these integrated cushions also reduced a significant amount of stress on your feet.

Their surface is sticky, and the front half of the shoe features a border to help with foot stability and alignment.

There are two types of handlebars on the machine: movable and fixed.

The movable bars are relatively lengthy, allowing for various grips to be used.

The left grip has a Start (GO) button, while the right includes resistance buttons.

The stationary bars are fitted with stainless steel pulse sensors, allowing the unit’s console to measure your heart rate just by holding on to them.

Heavy-duty, sealed ball bearings are used in all joints between the handlebars, console mast, and pedals.

As a result, the pedals and handlebars move incredibly smoothly. The pedal bars are fitted with industrial-grade wheels that include ball bearings.

The wheels are hidden to avoid damage or accidents and extend their lifespan.

Step-up Height

There is no inclination system on this BodyCraft elliptical trainer.

This is one of its disadvantages compared to other light-commercial units, such as the Nautilus E618.

The machine, however, is a great cardio trainer even without this function. One of the reasons for this is its relatively lengthy stride of 23″ (58 cm).

As a result, the machine can comfortably accommodate up to 6’5″ individuals (196 cm).

The pedal spacing is barely 2.5″ apart (6.35 cm).

As a result, they have a natural foot location on them. As a result, the pedaling action places no additional strain on the knees and ankles.

The elliptical route of the machine is horizontal.

The pedaling sensation is also ‘horizontal’. Other front-drive trainers have an elliptical path that is slightly sloped towards the back of the machine, making cycling feel like going up a gentle ramp.

For the ECT500G, this is not the case.

The step-up pedal height is about 12″ (30.4 cm), with the pedals climbing a few additional inches at their tallest point.

As a result, the machine is advised to be installed and used in a room with a minimum ceiling height of 20″ (51 cm).

Drive System & Resistance Level

The ComGen green power generator and an eddy current resistance system are included in the BodyCraft ECT500G.

This means you don’t need to connect it to a power source; the console and resistance system produces all of the power they need while you pedal.

In addition, the resistance is controlled entirely digitally. Only the controls in the right grip may be used to change the resistance. When utilizing a pre-programmed workout, the machine will automatically change the resistance.

There are 30 different degrees of resistance to choose from.

The initial settings provide very minimal pedal resistance, making them ideal for people with impairments, the elderly, or those recuperating from injuries.

On the other hand, the highest resistance levels generate a significant amount of pedal and arm strain, allowing for a far more strenuous workout.

The internal flywheel is intended to give a smooth action and is balanced.

It weighs 29 pounds (13 kilograms), which is a lot for an elliptical trainer. It’s also a two-way system. This implies that you may bike in reverse if you want to add variety to your training.

The machine’s transmission is made possible by a stretch-resistant poly-v rubber belt.

The pedaling action is virtually silent with this sort of gearbox, which contributes to the drive’s silence.

It also does not need to be lubricated.


As previously stated, the BodyCraft ECT500G has a superior console to the ECT400G model.

The TFT full-color touchscreen display on this console makes the interface extremely intuitive and simple to use.

All of the major training parameters, including time, distance, speed, RPM, calories, watts, and pulse, are displayed.

Despite pulse sensors on the machine’s stationary handlebars, the console is telemetric.

This implies using an HR chest strap transmitter to track your pulse. It works with most 5 kHz belts. However, there is no HR belt. Both metric and English unit options are available for reading speed and distance.

There are nine fitness routines and four user profiles available on the console.

Classic Programs and HR Programs are the two categories of the nine programs.

Manual, Hill Climb, Random, Strength, and Interval are among the Classic Programs.

The manual program is the default setting; it allows you to pedal freely while changing the resistance as desired.

When you start the Random program, it will automatically generate a program.

You’ll always have the option to try something new this way. Preset profile programs include Interval, Hill, and Strength.

There are four HR programs in this category.

Target HR, HR Interval, Fat Burn, and Cardio are the four options. The HR program allows you to choose a certain HR interval, and the machine will automatically alter the resistance to assist you in keeping your heart rate within that period.

The HR Interval program is a traditional Work/Rest period, with a 30-second work interval.

The Fat Burn consists of two standard aerobic exercises with 70% and 80% HR intervals.

Any of the 9 classic applications may be modified, saved, and re-used using the 4 User Profile settings.

Each user profile also allows you to enter your weight and age so that the console can more correctly compute the calories burnt.

Last but not least, the console unit is equipped with a tablet holder that can handle almost any tablet.

It also features a USB connector; however, it’s solely for updating software, not charging your phone.

You can’t save your workout data on a USB stick and submit it online because the console isn’t compatible with any online workout programs (at least not yet).


The driving and resistance parts of the trainer have already been constructed and mounted to the front section of the frame.

There are still a lot of pieces to put together. In general, you’ll need to join the two major base frame sections, add the console mast, the pedal bars and handlebars, the pedals, the bottle tray, and the console, and connect the necessary wiring.

All of the necessary equipment is provided, and the handbook includes schematics and assembly instructions that are quite clear.

This elliptical doesn’t require much in the way of upkeep.

Internal parts and the unit’s joints are pre-oiled at the manufacture and shouldn’t be lubricated again for many years.

As a result, all you have to do is periodically check for loose bolts and parts, clean the machine, and keep liquids away from the console.

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