Bowflex BXE116 Elliptical Trainer Review

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The Bowflex BXE116 elliptical trainer is similar to the Bowflex BXE216 in terms of characteristics and functionality.

Although it is not advertised as a commercial trainer since its warranty does not cover use in a gym, it meets all of the requirements for a gym-grade trainer.

It includes a solid build, motorized inclination and resistance, and Bluetooth connectivity, to name a few features.

Let’s have a look at one of the top ellipticals on the market right now and discover what it can do for you.

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To begin with, this Bowflex elliptical trainer has a steel frame that is quite robust.

Users weighing 375 pounds may use the pedals, inclination system, and crankset (170 kg).

Several plastic pieces are integrated into the machine’s body, such as the covers for the motors and flywheel, joint covers, and other coverings.

These, however, have little bearing on its total strength.

The scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant paint are double-coated on all steel elements in the unit’s manufacture.

The pedal tracks, constructed of metal and natural finish, are the lone exception.

The Bowflex BXE116 is fairly hefty, especially considering that it comprises steel.

The frame weighs 263 lbs when fully constructed (119 kg). Hence, its unpacking and assembly should be done by two individuals. On the other hand, all of this weight contributes to the vehicle’s overall stability.

Furthermore, all three of the unit’s base bars include adjustable levelers, allowing you to fully steady the unit on any floor.

Despite its weight, moving the fully constructed machine should be straightforward.

It has transport wheels on the front base and a lifting handle on the back base.

Hence, transporting the machine to a storage location once you’ve completed your workout isn’t too tough.

The frame of this machine does not fold.

It’s also rather big. The unit measures 77″ (197 cm) long and 31″ (79 cm) broad when fully built.

Furthermore, the ideal training space is 125 x 79 inches (315.5 x 200.7 cm). Hence of these factors, the Bowflex BXE116 is not a suitable fit for a tiny room or apartment.

Pedal cushioning and adjustability are two of the best features of this Bowflex elliptical trainer.

The machine’s pedals are equipped with Switch SelectTM technology, which allows you to modify their angle and impact resistance.

Each pedal has an adjustable lever that lets you customize the angle and severity of the action based on your weight.

The lowest cushion setting is 0 (zero) (flat). For people weighing less than 150 pounds, the 1 setting is advised (68 kg). The 2 level is for those weighing 150-225 lbs. (68-102 kg), while the 3 is for those weighing more than 225 lbs (102 kg).

The pedals are divided into two tracks on the machine.

This is a big bonus since it greatly enhances pedal stability. For a quiet and smooth cycling experience, each pedal includes two big wheels with sealed ball bearings and rubberized casings.

There are two sets of handlebars on this Bowflex trainer: one fixed and one movable.

The fixed handlebars are mounted to the console mast right beneath the console and allow you to work out without moving your arms.

They also have pulse sensors built-in.

A multi-grip design is used on the moving arms.

They come with controls for adjusting the inclination and resistance. Heavy-duty ball bearings are used where the moving arms link to the pedal bars and the console pole, resulting in a smooth, drag-free action.

The rubberized grips on both types of handlebars increase hand adhesion and comfort.

Step-up Height & Incline

A motorized incline mechanism is included with the Bowflex BXE116 trainer.

Hence, when the machine is connected to a power source, you can only alter its slope via the console or the controls included in the left-moving handle.

The inclination mechanism is made out of a tiny lever coupled to the machine’s pedal track assembly.

The inclination motor moves the lever and adjusts the track system’s slope as you pick an incline setting.

There are 15 inclination levels to choose from, with a total range of 0% to 15%.

The inclination is increased by 1% each time. The console, however, has rapid buttons for the inclination settings of 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15.

In addition, some of the unit’s routines incorporate inclination and will change it automatically.

This Bowflex trainer has a stride length of 22″.

(56 cm). This implies it can easily fit people ranging in height from 5’2″ to 6’5″ (157 – 196 cm).

The stride can’t be changed.

One last point to highlight is the height of the pedal step-up.

The surface of a pedal is about 16″ (41 cm) above floor level in the lowest position, and approximately 29″ (41 cm) in the highest position, with the inclination set to a maximum (73.7 cm). Hence, ensure the ceiling height in the area where the machine will be used is at least 35″ (89 cm) higher than your height to avoid any problems.

Resistance Level

The Bowflex BXE116 is a motorized elliptical trainer with magnetic resistance.

A servo motor and an eddy current brake make up the resistance system. It can only be controlled from the console or the controls in the right mobile handlebar when the machine is attached to a power source, the same as the inclination system.

It requires a 120V power supply and comes with a 120V AC, 60 Hz input, 2 Amp converter.

The adapter connector is located at the front of the machine, just above the base stabilizer.

The machine’s resistance may, of course, be modified while you cycle.

Additionally, if you choose to exercise using one of the onboard plans, resistance will be automatically changed based on the current workout segment.

Even though the Bowflex promotional film for this trainer claims there are 20 levels of eddy current resistance, there are 25.

There are also rapid resistance adjustment keys for the console unit’s 1, 3, 6, 9, 15, and 25 levels.

The first five resistance settings support gentle exercises, ideal for warm-ups or recovery, while the remaining 23-25 resistance settings allow you to do strength training or high-intensity aerobic workouts.

This elliptical trainer has a belt drive mechanism because it is a magnetic resistance workout equipment.

It has a heavy-duty v-belt transmission that is exceedingly smooth and vibration-free.

The machine is also almost silent because there is no touch between the resistance parts, and the pedal wheels are rubberized.

The machine comes with a reasonably big flywheel that weighs 30 lbs (13.6 kg) and is perimeter-weighted, resulting in fairly constant inertia.

However, pedaling is generally fairly consistent and steady, and even the lowest resistance levels are not tough.

The machine’s flywheel is bi-directional, which means you may cycle backward.

Hence, you may make your workouts more varied.


Because the Bowflex BXE116 elliptical machine belongs to the Results SeriesTM, its console is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.

It resembles the one seen on the Bowflex BXT116 treadmill nearly exactly. It has a huge, 7.5″ LCD with LED lighting that is very easy to read.

Time, distance, pace, inclination, total calories burnt, average calories burned per minute, heart rate, and heart rate zone are all displayed on the machine.

It contains a multi-color Burn Rate Display that shows how many calories are burnt in a minute at the current workout intensity.

An interval program contains a Sprint Display area for the remaining sprint portion.

It also displays the training program’s segment grid.

The console is compatible with Bowflex Connect and the Bowflex Trainer app, allowing you to link it with another Bluetooth machine and transmit your exercise data straight to the internet.

It also contains a USB connector, which allows you to save your exercise data on a flash drive or manually upload it to your online fitness account.

This USB port may also be used to charge and dock your smartphone or tablet.

The RunSocial internet app is also compatible with the machine.

This program allows you to watch and run on a virtual route based on a GoogleMaps trail on your smart TV, tablet, or phone.

This software allows you to plan running events, run with friends, and use a variety of other interactive and enjoyable features.

However, none of these applications, nor the Bluetooth connection, are required.

There are nine fitness routines accessible on the machine itself. Each software has its button, making them incredibly accessible. The Manual mode is the initial training program; the following seven are preset programs, and the final is a bespoke program.

You may work out in Manual mode while freely altering the slope and resistance.

The seven pre-programmed routines provide a variety of options. Fat Burn, Calorie Burn, Calorie Goal, Target Heart Rate, 8 Minute Interval, 16 Minute Interval, and Strength are the variables to consider.

The 9th program is a Custom program that allows you to design your exercise, store it, and use it again whenever you want.

There are four user profiles available on the console machine.

Hence, if numerous people use the system, each can have its settings.

Each user profile allows the user to enter their personal information, such as weight, age, and gender, so that the unit can more correctly compute calorie consumption.

The console is telemetric in terms of heart rate reading.

The wireless HR chest strap that comes with it can read your pulse. It’s also compatible with various HR straps that work between 4.5 and 5.5 kHz.

If you don’t want to utilize the strap, pulse sensors are included in the machine’s fixed handlebars.

Finally, the Bowflex BXE116 elliptical trainer’s console unit has a few bonuses.

A cooling fan, a sound system, and a tablet holder are included. The cooling fan is located at the console’s bottom. There are three-speed options.

Two speakers, one on either side of the cooling fan, make up the sound system. The tablet holder is located above the unit’s display, so it won’t cover your exercise numbers if you set a tablet on it.


Although most of the machine is pre-assembled, there are still a few pieces to assemble.

Hence, the unit’s total construction might take up to two hours. Connect the rail assembly to the front, major frame component, connect the front base stabilizer, attach the console mast, the handlebars, the pedals, the console, and various plastic coverings as a general rule.

All of the tools required for assembly are supplied. In addition, the directions for assembly are quite clear in the handbook.

It’s a good idea to lubricate the machine’s joints during assembling.

This will save you a lot of work in the long run because they may not require additional lubrication for a long time.

Also included is a little bottle of lubrication. Apart from that, it’s a good idea to maintain the pedal tracks clean, keep liquids away from the console, and check for loose bolts and parts regularly.


The Bowflex BXE116 is an elliptical trainer with 25 levels of eddy current resistance, 15 degrees of automated inclination, adjustable and cushioned pedals, and a Bluetooth-enabled console with the Bowflex Trainer app and RunSocial, as well as 9 exercise programs.

Its structure is exceptionally sturdy, having a weight capability of 375 pounds.

It’s powerful exercise equipment ideal for light to moderate cardio workouts, interval training, muscular toning, stamina improvement, and weight loss.

Finally, while it is not one of the most economical trainers, it does provide outstanding value for money and a level of quality comparable to commercial versions.

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