Efitment E005 Elliptical Trainer Review

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If you’re seeking an economical elliptical trainer for mild exercises, there are numerous versions available, such as the Sunny SF-E2310 or the Exerpeutic 1000XL.

However, these are all older models that have been around for a long time. However, in this piece, we’ll look at the Efitment E005, which is one of the newest elliptical machines in the inexpensive category.

The Efitment E005 is one of the tiniest elliptical trainers on the market. Its footprint is modest 34.5″L x 24.5″W (88 x 62 cm). Therefore it should fit well in a small room or apartment. Even though it lacks a folding frame, the device should be easy to store.

It’s not very heavy, though, because it’s a little workout machine. The frame weighs just 63 pounds when fully constructed (28.5 kg).

On the other hand, the front base has two little wheels, making it easy to move the device once you’ve done your workout.

The rear base’s caps have a polygonal shape, and they may rotate and function as stabilizers.

The Efitment 005 elliptical trainer is built on a steel frame with a steel console pole, moving arms, and handlebars, even though it is not hefty equipment.

All steel tubes used in the machine’s construction are powder coated for a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant finish. Gray is the chosen color.

If you were wondering, the internal mechanism’s protective coverings are constructed of strong plastic.

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Parts and the drive system

The Efitment E005 is a rear-drive elliptical trainer, to begin with. Its elliptical route is slightly tilted forward as a result. As a result, cycling feels like riding down a gentle ramp.

This can be advantageous because a workout on this machine focuses more on the quadriceps and tibial muscles.

It doesn’t have a very long stride because it’s a little elliptical trainer. It has a maximum stride length of only 11″. (28 cm). The Gazelle Edge may be a better alternative in this price range if you want an elliptical with a long stride.

A perimeter-weighted flywheel is included with this Efitment elliptical trainer. This means it produces a very smooth and consistent motion.

Its weight isn’t indicated, but given that the machine’s entire weight isn’t much more than 60 lbs, it’s not a particularly hefty flywheel. It should weigh between 8 and 12 pounds, which is enough to create adequate propulsion.

It has a belt driving mechanism because it is a magnetic-resistance elliptical. This means you won’t have to grease its transmission, and unlike a chain, the belt won’t tighten up or have locked links. It also produces a smoother, less vibrating action.

The pedals on the machine are quite basic. They’re composed of heavy-duty ABS and can support individuals weighing up to 220 pounds (100 kg).

They have a ribbed surface to help in adhesion. They’re also rather spacious, with enough room for sports footwear or feet of various sizes.

The pedal step-up height is approximately 6″ (15 cm), and the tallest point is approximately 12″ (31 cm) above the floor. As a result, it is advised that you operate the machine in a room with a ceiling height of at least 15 inches higher than your own.

Also, the pedal Q-Factor (space between the pedals) isn’t excessively large; your feet are naturally positioned on the pedals, so the pedaling action doesn’t cause lateral joint tension.

The cranks of the machine are composed of solid steel. Industrial quality ball bearings are used in the connection points between them and the pedals and the connection points between the movable arms and the console pole. As a result, the pedals and arms operate quite smoothly.

Last but not least, the Efitment E005 elliptical trainer has both movable and fixed handlebars. A multi-grip design is used on the moving handlebars or moving arms.

The console can track your pulse using stainless steel EKG sensors if you hang on to the fixed ones. Rubberized grips are included on both types of handlebars for optimal adhesion and comfort.

Resistance system Like the Sunny SF-E3607 or numerous upright cycles like the FitLeader UF4, this Efitment elliptical trainer has a manual magnetic resistance system.

It’s made up of a tiny magnetic brake mounted to the console mast’s knob. The magnetic brake will become closer to the elliptical’s metallic flywheel as you move the knob clockwise, providing additional resistance.

The machine isn’t powered by electricity. This implies that the resistance adjustment is completely independent of the console. In addition, the device does not need to be linked to a power source.

The tension knob on the elliptical has 8 unique degrees of resistance inscribed. The first 1-3 settings generate light resistance. Although the top 7-8 levels may not produce the same level of tension as commercial machines, they provide the opportunity for a more severe muscle burn.

Fitness Tracker

The Efitment E005 elliptical machine has a slightly more advanced meter than a basic unit. To begin with, it sports a big LCD with large, easy-to-read numerals.

It can measure your pulse in addition to speed, time, distance, total distance (odometer), and calories. However, it is not telemetric; the EKG sensors in the handlebars are the sole way to track your pulse. Polar or other types of HR chest straps are not compatible.

The SCAN feature of the device is turned on by default. This function rotates all of the values listed above, displaying them for 4 seconds each. By tapping the MODE button, you may turn it off. You may also pick any of the exercise metrics to be displayed at all times by repeatedly pressing the MODE button.

There are no pre-programmed programs on the console unit. It does, however, offer time, distance, calorie, and pulse countdown functions.

You may specify a goal value for any of these using the SET button, and the unit will countdown from that number until it reaches zero. The RESET button covers the unit’s reset function; by pressing and holding this key, all the settings are reset to zero.

The device is battery operated and requires AAA batteries, which are provided. It also includes a sleep mode that kicks in after 4 minutes of inactivity on the elliptical to conserve battery power.

One final point to notice is the tablet holder built into the device. This is made out of a huge tray beneath the display. It may be used with almost any tablet. The device, however, lacks a USB connector for charging the tablet and does not have internet access.


The machine’s core is already put together. You won’t have to worry about the interior pieces being assembled. To complete the construction process, you need to add the machine’s base tubes, the console mast, the mobile arms with the pedal bars, the pedals themselves, the fixed handlebars, and the console.

It shouldn’t take you more than 30-40 minutes to do this task. A simple toolbox is included in the package, including all of the tools required for assembly. In addition, the supplied handbook has clear directions for assembly.

It is advised that you examine the machine’s integrity regularly, looking for loose or damaged parts to re-tighten or replace before using it. After a while, the joints may require lubrication.

The Efitment E005 is a low-cost elliptical trainer with a manual magnetic resistance system, a belt drive, and a panel to measure pulse, time, distance, speed, and calories.

It’s a cardio machine for low to medium-intensity exercises that’s great for muscle toning, endurance, and weight reduction. It has a short stride (only 11″), which might benefit people who need joint recovery training.

Finally, a low-cost trainer provides outstanding value for the money. It has only received 4-5 star reviews so far.

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