Efitment E006 Elliptical Trainer Review

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The Efitment E006 is an elliptical trainer that, like the Efitment E005, is in the budget category. Even though it is a basic machine with limited capabilities and a short stride, it appears to be one of the top models in this price range for 2018. So far, it has received nearly all 5-star evaluations from consumers around the United States.

The Efitment E006 is quite identical to the 005 models, as we discussed earlier regarding the resistance system, console, and other features.

It is, however, a significantly bigger ellipse. It measures 50″ (127 cm) long and 24″ (61 cm) broad, with a height of about 62″ (167 cm) above floor level (as determined by the moveable arms). It’s also a little heavier than the E005 model, weighing in at around 80.5 pounds (36.5 kg).

There is no foldable frame on this elliptical trainer. Its front base, on the other hand, is fitted with transfer wheels, so moving it once you’ve done your workout shouldn’t be an issue. Polygonal rotating caps function as stabilizers on the back of the base.

For a light-duty elliptical, the machine’s structure is extremely sturdy. It’s composed of steel tubes and has a corrosion-resistant coating on the outside. Light gray was chosen because it was the only color available for this device.

The pedals are composed of high-strength ABS plastic. Since it’s a cheap elliptical, they didn’t include adjusting mechanisms or padding.

They’re big enough to fit many kinds of sports shoes, and they include a ribbed surface for increased grip and front guards to keep your feet from slipping forward.

They’re coupled to sturdy steel bars and crank arms, and the equipment is certified for people weighing up to 220 pounds (100 kg).

This Efitment elliptical trainer comes with two sets of handlebars: a movable one and a fixed one. They’re both designed with long handles that allow for numerous grips.

To improve grip, their handles are rubber-coated. Thanks to stainless steel pulse sensors built into the stationary handlebars, the console can read your pulse.

Heavy-duty ball bearings are used in the joints between the moving arms and the console mast and the joints between the moving arms, pedal bars, and crank arms. As a result, these parts have a smooth motion and a long lifespan.

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Step-up Height

Because the Efitment E006 is a rear-drive machine, its elliptical path is somewhat angled forward. This implies that cycling feels like riding down a gentle slope. Workouts focus a little more on your quads as a result of this.

The Efitment E006 has a short stride, like most other elliptical trainers with comparable structure. Users who are taller than 5’5″ (165 cm) may not profit from a pleasing stride throughout their workout because of its length of 13″ (33 cm).

This trainer’s pedal step-up height is approximately 6″ (15 cm), with the maximum point reaching around 12″ (31 cm) above floor level. As a result, it’s best to operate the machine in a room with a ceiling height that’s at least 15 inches higher than your own.

One last point to mention is the Q-Factor of the device (the spacing between the pedals). The Q-Factor for this machine is 12″. (30.5 mm). Because it isn’t particularly broad, your feet naturally rest on the pedals. The pedaling action will not cause lateral stress on the joints in this manner.

Resistance and drive system

The flywheel, gearbox, and crankset are the major driving components of an elliptical trainer. The Efitment E006’s flywheel isn’t very massive or hefty.

Its weight isn’t given, but based on the overall weight of the machine, it’s likely to be between 8 and 12 pounds. It’s a well-balanced composition that ensures a smooth action. It’s also bi-directional, so you can cycle in reverse if you want to change up your training routine.

A poly-v belt is used for transmission since it is a trainer with a magnetic resistance mechanism. As a result, the pedaling action is nearly silent, you don’t have to lube the belt (a chain drive requires frequent maintenance), and the belt produces practically no vibration while pedaling.

The crankset of the device is made up of two sturdy steel crank arms. It can accommodate persons weighing up to 220 pounds (100 kg).

A manual magnetic resistance mechanism is used in the Efitment E006. It’s made up of a tiny magnetic brake connected to the console mast’s dial by a steel wire. The brake location regarding the flywheel varies as you move the dial, decreasing or increasing resistance.

There are eight degrees of resistance on the resistance dial. The first 1-3 resistance levels give gentle exercises, and the eighth resistance setting, while not providing excessive pedal stress, allows you to perform a more strenuous workout.

Because it is a manual resistance system, the tension dial is the only way to modify it. The resistance is not adjusted via the console. The machine also doesn’t need to be linked to a power source.

Fitness Meter Unit

The meter unit that comes with this elliptical trainer is nearly identical to the one that comes with the Efitment E005. It has a little more to offer than the ordinary basic unit.

It boasts a big and easy-to-read LCD, to begin with. It does not, however, feature a backlight. Time, distance, total distance, speed, calories, and pulse are all tracked.

The device is not telemetric; instead, it uses the pulse sensors built into the handlebars to track your pulse. Polar or other types of HR chest straps are not compatible.

The SCAN feature of the device is turned on by default. This function rotates all of the values listed above, displaying them for 4 seconds each.

By tapping the MODE button, you may turn it off. You may also pick any of the exercise metrics to be displayed at all times by repeatedly pressing the MODE button.

There are no pre-programmed programs on the console unit. It does, however, offer time, distance, calorie, and pulse countdown functions.

You may specify a goal value for any of these using the SET button, and the unit will countdown from that number until it reaches zero. The RESET button covers the unit’s reset function; by pressing and holding this key, all the settings are reset to zero.

The device is battery operated and requires AAA batteries, which are provided. It also includes a sleep mode that kicks in after 4 minutes of inactivity on the elliptical to conserve battery power.

One final point to notice is the tablet holder built into the device. This is made out of a huge tray beneath the display. It may be used with almost any tablet.


With its resistance and drive elements, the machine’s base comes pre-assembled. As a result, all you have to do now is connect the base bars, pedals, console mast, movable and stationary arms, and console.

It shouldn’t take more than an hour to do this task. The basic tools for assembly are supplied, and the handbook has clear instructions.

It is advised that you examine the machine’s integrity regularly, looking for loose or damaged parts to re-tighten or replace before using it. After a while, the joints may require lubrication.


The Efitment E006 is a basic elliptical trainer with a manual magnetic resistance system, belt drive, and a panel that tracks pulse, time, distance, speed, and calories.

It’s a cardio machine for low to moderate intensity exercises that’s great for muscle toning, endurance, and weight reduction.

It doesn’t have a long stride (only 13″). However, this might be beneficial for users who need to recuperate from a joint ailment. Finally, it is one of the cheapest trainers, with a fantastic price/value ratio.

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