Efitment E020 Glider Elliptical Trainer Review

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The Efitment E020 is an elliptical glider trainer, sometimes known as an “air walker.” It lacks a built-in resistance mechanism but provides a freer and greater range of motion than standard ellipticals.

The Efitment E020 is built by heavy-duty steel and has a high weight capacity of 220 pounds. This machine is foldable and has a 24″ stride length and a horizontal elliptical route. Its pedals can rotate and travel outward, which aren’t available on other glides.

A rudimentary fitness meter is also included. It’s a piece of fantastic equipment for low-impact mild cardio, muscular toning, endurance improvement, and weight loss.

Parts, Frame, Construction

The Efitment E020 has a steel frame that is rather durable and has a modest footprint. It is approximately 35″ (89 cm) long and 22″ (56 cm) broad when all sections are joined, and its tallest point is approximately 54.5″ (138 cm) above floor level.

The frame may be folded as well. The front and rear base stabilizers may be pulled closer together, and the pedals can be folded up, reducing the unit’s length by about half.

In addition, the completely built machine is relatively light. It weighs only 39.5 pounds (18 kilograms), which means one person can move and build it.

In addition, its front base has a set of little wheels that make moving the completely built machine easier.

The back base is bent to give an extra touch surface. Polygonal stabilizers are installed at the ends of the curved base tube. These may be turned to provide you with the option of leveling the machine on an uneven floor.

However, it is advised that the glider be placed and used on a rubber mat or carpet.

Large pedals are included on the Efitment E020 Air Walker. They’re composed of the same heavy-duty ABS material as the rest of the frame and are connected to steel tubes.

They have a user weight capacity of 220 pounds (100 kg). There is no additional cushioning or internal articulation in the pedals.

They don’t have any adjusting options, either. Their surface is textured to ensure better foot adhesion when exercising. In addition, foot protectors on the inside and front sides give further foot stability.

The machine features two sets of handlebars, one movable and the other stationery.

The moveable arms are attached to the pedal bars directly and will move as long as your legs and feet do.

At the top, they have rubberized grips and ball-point grips. Two short grips are located directly in front of the user on the stationary handlebar.

There are no pulse sensors on any of the handlebars, and the console machine cannot detect your pulse.

One final point to highlight is the unit’s paint finish. All steel pieces used in its construction are powder coated with corrosion-resistant paint.

Gray was chosen since it was the only color available for this Efitment elliptical.

Stride Length and Weight Capacity

The Efitment E020 offers a longer and greater range of motion than other elliptical trainers with an integrated resistance system, such as the Schwinn 411 or the Sunny SF-E3862, because it is an air walker or glider.

It has a maximum stride of 24″ (61 cm), which means it can accommodate people up to 6′ 6′ 6′ 3″ (187 – 190 cm) without issue, as long as their weight does not exceed the 220 lbs (100 kg) weight limit. The elliptical route of the unit is horizontal.

If you modify your stance, you may slightly alter its angle. However, while the machine isn’t particularly heavy, this isn’t a good idea because you could lose your equilibrium. The item is designed to be used in a straight position.

Unlike other gliders, such as the Gazelle Supreme, this Efitment model allows for side-to-side movement and 180 degrees of free motion for each pedal.

Your legs aren’t limited to only front-to-back movement; you can execute a full rotation with each leg, and each session provides a greater range of motion.

So, you may tone and develop all of your leg muscles, do leg abductions, and get a fairly constant upper body exercise.

Workout Data Tracker

A simple workout meter is included with the Efitment E020 glider elliptical trainer.

It has an LCD that displays time elapsed, count (steps per minute), total count (total steps since you started using the machine), and calories burnt for each session.

Batteries power the machine. It runs on two AAA batteries. It also includes a sleep mode that kicks in after four minutes of inactivity.

The item does not contain a pulse reading capability, as previously stated.

It doesn’t have sensors on the handlebars, and it can’t interface with wireless HR transmitters.

So, you’ll need to utilize a separate gadget to measure your pulse during your workout.

There are no built-in fitness routines on the machine.

It’s incredibly simple to use. It simply includes one button that allows you to choose from any metrics listed above to display on the screen.

Alternatively, you may use the Scan Mode, which rotates all metrics for a few seconds before displaying each one.

There’s also a Reset button on the button. Except for the Total Count value, you may press and hold it to reset all the values to zero for a few seconds.

You must remove the batteries from the unit to reset the Total Count to zero.


The unit’s primary frame and upright pedal bars are already put together.

So, all you have to do now is connect the base bars, pedals, handlebars, and fitness meter.

It shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes to do this task. Step-by-step assembly instructions are included in the handbook. All of the necessary tools for assembly are also supplied.

Maintenance isn’t difficult after the item is put together.

It’s a good idea to check for loose bolts and pieces regularly. Its joints may also need to be lubricated from time to time.

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