Exerpeutic 1318 Elliptical Trainer Review

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Though elliptical trainers are popular gym machines, not many individuals know their complete list of benefits. These are not only good cardio machines that improve strength and endurance but also offer full-body workout benefits.

A fast-selling model, the Exerpeutic 1318 trainer, comes loaded with multiple features necessary to provide a full-fledged home gym set up for regular use.

The double-drive transmission system takes care of the natural stride length of the elliptical, and the elegant design is a definite attraction for buyers.

Coming with dual handlebars, bi-directional pedaling, and various resistance levels, the 1318 model promises full-body workout routines that are intense and effective.

Above all, purchasing this model doesn’t burn the pocket but only burns calories and keeps us healthy.

What We Like

  • Heavy-duty steel construction that assures lost lastingness and durability
  • An 18-inch stride length
  • Leg stabilizers and large pedals promote comfort
  • Seven different training modes
  • 12 training programs
  • Individuals up to 275 lbs can make use of the machine
  • Superb resistance using 24 levels magnetic tension system
  • Great value for money
  • A sleek design
  • Two sets of handlebars enable upper-body workouts
  • Raving customer reviews

What We Don’t Like

  • The console display is not visible when we place something on the reading rack.
  • No cooling fan
  • Calorie consumption values are not accurate
  • Resistance levels are too hard, even when we choose lower levels


Let’s go through the feature list in a detailed manner to understand the Exerpeutic 1318 elliptical:

Design: The unit is designed sleek and elegant, giving a slim look. Any elliptical’s quality mainly decides upon the stride motion offered by it.

This unit has an optimal design, so individuals can experience a natural stride motion.

Ease of Access: The ideal positioning (pedals are placed 6 inches off the ground) of the pedals helps people access the on/off mechanism easily. Hence, even those individuals suffering from joint aches and pains, elderly people, and those in rehabilitation can use the elliptical.

Dual Handlebars: Don’t falsely assume that an elliptical can only provide a lower-body workout. The availability of dual handlebars provides a full-body workout.

Make use of the swinging handles to sway the arms back and forth to work on the shoulders and arms. Besides these, such movements are also effective on the quads and glutes.

Stride Length: Though a budget model, the Exerpeutic 1318 elliptical machine has a good stride length of 18 inches and hence, is convenient for individuals to use it.

Individuals can experience a full range of motion and feel comfortable when exercising on the machine with this stride length.

Durable Construction: Who doesn’t like to purchase a piece of equipment that lasts forever? The elliptical comes with heavy-duty construction bearing premium-quality steel. Usage of such materials enhances the stability of the machine even while undergoing intense and vigorous training.

User Weight: The machine can support up to a maximum user weight of 275 pounds.

Pedals: The pedals of an elliptical are maximum relevant when it comes to the functioning of the machine. The large-sized pedals prevent us from any slippages, guarantee total grip over the machine, and are perfectly designed to accommodate the needs of different kinds of individuals using the unit.

Stabilizers: The availability of leg stabilizers protect from any side movements that might cause imbalance to anyone training on the elliptical

Smooth Performance: The 3-piece crank system offers a smooth and continuous ride. Designed with a belt system and a double flywheel, both of which enhance the unit’s overall performance, we can be sure that the exercise sessions are as comfortable as possible when using this elliptical trainer.

Console: Each exercise has different goals in mind, but for many, becoming fitter or losing weight thrive as primary goals.

In that case, monitoring our fitness progress as we keep using the elliptical is a key factor. The smart console comes pre-programmed with seven training modes and 12 different workout options. Use any of these options, experience challenging workouts, and reap the utmost fitness benefits using the home gym setup.

Intense Workouts: For beginners, the availability of a home gym serves its purpose. Mid-level trainers expect much more options, such as the availability of various resistance levels and programs to tune their bodies to various fitness routines.

Intense trainers wish to progress even more—they wish for some of the most excruciating exercise programs that could be done in a home gym. The 1318 elliptical model from Exerpeutic satisfies the needs of all kinds of trainers as it has 24 levels of magnetic tension system.

Every individual can choose a system according to their fitness level and experience light, medium, or intense workout sessions.

Entertainment: Exercise might be a passion for some, while the same is a pain for others. Kudos to those who don’t miss out on exercising on the elliptical despite time crunch or lack of interest.

For these people, the manufacturer has taken extra pain and has gone a step ahead, designing the machine to combine exercise with entertainment.

The machine comes fitted with a reading rack where we can keep our books and magazines, read them while working out, and improve our knowledge as well as pass the time in a useful way.

Bi-direction Pedaling: The elliptical could be used to pedal both forward and backward, henceforth activating all kinds of muscles. The bi-directional pedaling feature is a great addition.

The Verdict

The Exerpeutic 1318 elliptical trainer is a great piece of equipment if the primary goals include a compact, budget-friendly model. Equipped with superb features, we can be assured of reaping more benefits than we could assume for the price paid.

Coming with an 18-inch stride length, this is one of the best that we could get in the space-friendly elliptical range.

The unit compares to a commercial-grade machine, and the overall stability is amazing, making it a must-buy for anyone looking out for long-term use.

Expect to experience intense workouts on the machine, using the different tension levels and programs. On the whole, the Exerpeutic 1318 is a low-budget model that’s efficient and user-friendly.

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