Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Review

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The Fitness Reality E5500XL is a motor-assisted magnetic resistance elliptical trainer comparable in design to the Kettler Axos Cross P or the Exerpeutic 1000XL.

However, unlike these two types, it has a twin flywheel mechanism and dual belt drive, resulting in a considerably more comfortable pedaling action. There are also more resistance levels and fitness plans available.

This elliptical trainer’s main body comprises steel and ABS components. The machine’s frame, arms, and handlebars are steel, while the ABS elements are largely coverings and aesthetic pieces, the largest of which are the flywheel covers.

Anti-corrosive silver paint is powder-coated on all steel elements. There is currently just one version of the E5500XL, model number 2338, the silver-black one seen in the attached photographs.

There is no folding frame on the machine. This type, however, has a significantly smaller footprint than other rear-drive ellipticals, such as the ProForm Smart 735.

It measures around 58″L x 24″W (146 x 61 cm) on the floor and may fit into a small room or apartment.

Simple cylindrical bars serve as the frame’s foundations, with plastic polygonal tops serving as stabilizers. With an assembled weight of 93 lbs (42 kg), the elliptical may not be too simple to manage for anybody.

So the front base has transfer wheels to make it easier to move the machine once you’ve completed working out. You’ll only be managing half of its weight if you lean it onto its front wheels.

Both moveable and fixed handlebars are available on the Fitness Reality E5500XL elliptical. Both have a multi-grip design, are composed of thick steel tubes, and have rubber-foam handle grips for added comfort. Thanks to stainless steel pulse sensors built into the fixed handlebars, the console can read your pulse.

The pedal bars, of course, is also composed of steel. Heavy-duty, sealed ball bearings are used in their joints, which are meant to last a lifetime.

They’re directly linked to the crank arms, and they don’t glide on rails like the Horizon EX-59-02. As a result, the machine’s maintenance is significantly reduced. To avoid roller damage, you won’t have to worry about cleaning the machine’s gliding rails.

The pedals are comprised of a heavy-duty ABS material with a ribbed surface for optimum stickiness, regardless of the sports shoes, you’re wearing.

They’re also rather spacious, with room for shoes of various shapes and sizes. They don’t have any suspension or articulation, yet the pedaling action is smooth and has a minimum effect on the joints, thanks to the twin flywheel drive.

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Step-up Height

The E5500XL elliptical trainer has an 18″ non-adjustable stride. This implies it should easily fit users ranging in height from 4’10” (147 cm) to 6’3″. (190 cm).

Taller people should utilize it as well, although they will be exercising within their entire range of motion.

The Q-factor (or distance between the pedals) is 6″ (152 mm), a significant comfort element. This means your feet will be at a comfortable distance apart, and any lateral stress on your knees will be reduced during your workout.

The step-up height of the machine is similarly 6″. (15.2 cm). To put it another way, getting up onto the pedals shouldn’t be too tough for somebody with a disability.

Also, if you’re curious, the pedals’ highest point is around 18″. (47 cm). Consequently, add at least 20″ to your height before purchasing this elliptical and compare the result to the ceiling height of the room where you’ll be using it.


As previously stated, this elliptical machine has a dual-action drive with a double gearbox that operates two flywheels and two belts. Thus you’ll have more momentum and a smoother stride.

It makes use of heavy-duty v-belts that are meant to last a long time. It also has a three-piece crank mechanism with robust steel crank arms that can sustain people weighing up to 270 pounds (122.5 kg).

Needless to say, because it’s a magnetic elliptical trainer with a belt-based motor system, the machine’s operation is quite quiet.

The noise level produced by its operation is in no way loud enough to interfere with the sound from your television. If you use the machine in an apartment complex, you may be assured that your neighbors will not be disturbed.

The Fitness Reality E5500XL uses a motor-assisted eddy magnetic brake to provide resistance. This implies that the elliptical must be linked to a power source to modify the resistance and operate the console.

The only way to change the resistance is to use the console. The instruction will be delivered to a small internal servo motor, which adjusts the magnetic field, decreasing or adding drag, as you set the desired resistance level.

The machine comes with an AC adaptor, which connects to the machine’s front at the base stabilizer.
The E5500XL elliptical has 24 different resistance settings. The lower levels are ideal for recovery training since they have the least impact and drag.

The highest degrees of resistance, on the other hand, allows you to do a more rigorous workout for stamina and weight reduction. However, because the machine lacks an inclination, a rising stride cannot be replicated.


Even though the console included with this elliptical trainer is not the most modern, it still has many features and functions.

First and foremost, it has a 5″ LCD with blue backlighting, making it considerably easier to see even when sunlight shines straight on it or if you’re working out in a dimly lit environment.

Time, distance, calories burnt, RPM, speed, pulse, and watts are all displayed on the LCD, with an odometer function. Time, distance, and calorie objective goals are all available.

The console also has 20 pre-programmed training programs and the P1 (Manual) program, which lets you modify resistance as needed while cycling.

The 21 programs range in difficulty from P2 (Malibu) to P3 (Quiet Trail), with P20 (High Hurdles) and P21 (High Hurdles) at the conclusion (Ironman).

When utilizing one of the preset programs, the machine’s resistance will automatically vary based on the program’s current training segment.

The console also has a Recovery feature that gives you information about how quickly your heart recovers after a workout.

The difference between your peak heart rate after the exercises and your heart rate after 60 seconds of rest is used to compute your recovery rating. You will be granted a rating between F1 and F6 after the Recovery Test. F1 denotes high fitness, whereas F6 denotes insufficient fitness.

The machine’s console is quite simple to use. There are six buttons on it. The MODE button is used to switch between different programs.

The ENTER key performs the program or time, distance, or calorie target value selection function. When using Manual mode, the arrow keys are utilized to raise or reduce resistance and increase or decrease the desired value.

There is a separate button for the Recovery program. Finally, the Start / Stop option allows you to pause your workout, which is useful if you alternate between elliptical and other routines.


This workout machine comes with only two primary attachments. The tablet holder is one, while the bottle holder is the other.

A plastic “lip” under the LCD serves as the tablet holder built into the console. It may also be used as a reading stand and hold any tablet or smartphone. There is no sound system, cooling fan, or audio jack on the console.

The bottle holder is a little plastic cup attached to the console port. It may also be used to keep items such as your MP3 player, keys, and TV remote.


This Fitness Reality elliptical machine is simple to put up. Its main body is pre-assembled, so all you have to do now is connect the machine’s bases, console post, console, handlebars, arms, and pedals. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to put everything together.

It comes with a full user’s handbook that includes step-by-step instructions for using it. A multi-hex tool with a Phillips screwdriver and an Allen wrench are also provided, so you won’t need any other equipment to put it together.

There isn’t much that has to be done in terms of maintenance. Essentially, you must keep the machine clean and examine its joints regularly to ensure that they do not require retightening.

However, maintenance may be necessary if its joints create squeaky noises, which is rather frequent with most elliptical machines.

The console display will be obscured if a tablet or magazine is placed on the reading rack.


The Fitness Reality E5500XL is a mid-range home elliptical trainer with a well-built, strong chassis, dual motor, and an eddy current resistance system. It has 24 resistance levels and 21 pre-programmed training routines.

It’s ideal for mild to medium aerobic exercises, strength training, muscle toning, recuperation training, and, of course, weight reduction.

You may burn up to 4-500 calories every hour with this equipment. It lacks an inclination, sound system, or cooling fan, yet it costs less than $400, giving a fantastic price/value ratio.

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