Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Elliptical Trainer Review

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Two ‘X-Class 710’ items are available from Fitness Reality. One is an elliptical trainer, while the other is an indoor cycling cycle. We will focus on the X-Class 710 elliptical trainer in this post.

The Training Reality X-Class 710 elliptical trainer is a heavy-duty fitness machine with 24 levels of magnetic resistance, a smooth and silent belt motor, an extra-heavy flywheel, and a Bluetooth console with over 26 workout apps.

It’s built to last, with riders weighing up to 300 pounds able to use it.

It’s a great machine for light to hard cardio exercise, intervals, endurance training, and weight reduction since it allows you to target different muscle groups and get a full-body workout.

While it is not one of the most affordable trainers, it does have one of the best price/quality ratios.

Also, to clarify any confusion about the product’s identification, part number 2366 from Fitness Reality, while the bike is part number 2252 from the same company.

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The elliptical trainer X-Class 710 is a heavy-duty training machine of steel tubing.

It is built to last even though it is not offered as a commercial trainer (and hence does not come with a commercial guarantee).

Of course, there are elements made of ABS and plastic, but these often serve a protective or decorative purpose and have no bearing on the machine’s overall robustness.

The covers for the crank and belt and the arm joints’ coverings are examples.

The front section, which houses the flywheel, and the back part, which houses the rails, make up the base frame.

Six adjustable stabilizers with big rubber covers are included in the base. Consequently, you should be able to level the machine exactly on any floor.

On top of that, the machine is rather hefty; with all of the elements installed, it weighs around 154 lbs (69.8 kg), which is reflected in its overall stability.

This elliptical trainer is enormous in terms of dimensions.

The frame measures 67″L x 24.5″W (170 x 62 cm) and cannot be folded.

In addition, Fitness Reality suggests allocating 6 square feet of usage area to this item for safe operation.

However, transferring it isn’t that difficult once the machine is put together.

It has two huge silicone wheels on its front base.

Last but not least, there is the machine’s paint finish to consider.

All steel parts are powder coated with a double layer of corrosion and abrasion-resistant paint.

The majority of the frame bars are black, while the flywheel is black and red. The rails are composed of aluminum and have a natural finish, while the flywheel is chrome plated around the periphery.

Drive System and Flywheel

The flywheel is the primary and most significant component of this machine’s driving system.

The X-Class 710, unlike many other elliptical trainers of its type, has an extra-heavy flywheel comparable to those seen on spin bikes.

The Sunny SF-E2310 is the only elliptical we’ve checked on this site with a flywheel this heavy.

Because the machine’s flywheel weighs 44 pounds, it creates steady motion.

Because it is perimeter weighted, it produces a very smooth motion. It’s also bi-directional; the machine allows you to pedal backward to target other muscle regions.

The Exercise Reality X-Class 710 elliptical trainer, like much other fitness equipment with magnetic resistance, has a belt drive.

This style of driving has several benefits. It doesn’t need to be maintained; you won’t have to bother with locked links like a chain. It produces less vibration and is practically silent.

The pedals are constructed of durable ABS and are mounted on steel bars.

They are not cushioned; however, the pedaling action does not shock thanks to the motor mechanism’s innovation.

As previously stated, the rails on which the pedal wheels glide are aluminum.

They’re rust-proof and provide a very smooth and quiet wheel action. Top-quality, sealed ball bearings are used in the joints of the pedal bars, the joints between the movable arms and the console mast, and the wheels, ensuring a long lifespan and smooth operation.

The machine’s pedals are quite robust. They’re made to hold up to 300 pounds of weight (136 kg).

This Fitness Reality elliptical trainer includes two sets of handlebars, one movable and one permanent.

A multi-grip design is used on movable arms. The console can read your pulse through the fixed bars since they are fitted with EKG metallic sensors.

Rubberized grips are used on both types of handlebars to avoid hand slippage and give maximum comfort.

Resistance System

With its big, external flywheel, the elliptical’s driving mechanism resembles a spin bike, but the resistance system is magnetic.

It’s also motorized, which means the magnetic brake is controlled by a small servo motor integrated inside the machine.

The servo motor will move the magnetic brake pad closer or farther about the flywheel as you pick a degree of resistance from the console, causing more or less drag.

For the resistance to become available, the machine must, of course, be linked to a power circuit.

Only the console may be used to alter the resistance. Additionally, the resistance will automatically adapt based on the training segment if you exercise using one pre-programmed workout routine.

The elliptical machine X-Class 710 has 24 levels of resistance.

The initial degrees of resistance provides a very modest pedal strain, but the momentum is reasonably steady due to the weight of the flywheel.

If you want to cycle in reverse, it is advised that you gradually stop pedaling.

On the other hand, the highest resistance levels present a difficult task, replicating a steep ascent.

Stride Length

The Fitness Reality X-Class 710 (2366) is an elliptical trainer with a front-drive.

The elliptical route is slightly slanted forward rather than being fully horizontal.

Because of this, cycling feels like riding down a gentle incline. It also gives your glutes a more steady burn.

The pedals aren’t too far apart, even if the machine’s Q-Factor isn’t indicated.

Consequently, your feet are naturally positioned on them, and the pedaling motion does not cause lateral joint tension.

The stride length on this elliptical trainer is 20″(51 cm). It easily accommodates users between the ages of 5’1″ and 6’4″ (155 – 193 cm).

The stride is not customizable, and the machine has no inclination mechanism.

The pedal step-up height and elevation are two last considerations.

The top of the pedal is approximately 15″ (38 cm) above the floor level at its lowest position.

The highest height of the pedals is approximately 21″. (53 cm). Consequently, it is suggested that you operate the machine in a room with a ceiling at least 25″ (64 cm) higher than you.


The control machine has almost all the features of an elliptical machine in this price range.

To begin with, it sports a 6″ LCD with a blue LED backlight and big digits, both of which boost reading significantly.

Time, distance, RPM, speed, wattage, calories, and heart rate are all tracked. Its middle half displays the current program’s segments and the resistance level.

There are four user settings on the console, which is a great option if you have many people using the machine or wish to keep various exercise settings.

Each user profile allows you to provide personal information such as gender, height, weight, and age.

The machine can more correctly compute your calories burnt and their generated watts.

Because the console is not telemetric, it can only detect your pulse through the sensors included in the stationary handlebars.

Polar HR chest straps are not compatible with it. In addition, both metric and imperial units can indicate speed and distance.

There are 20 pre-programmed training programs, one fast start program, three heart rate programs, and two custom programs available on the console.

You may modify the resistance while you cycle with the QuickStart program. The 20 preset programs provide different exercises; some focus on resistance intervals, some on a lengthy and continuous effort, while others alternate climbing and going downwards.

The heart rate programs are preset at 65 percent, 75 percent, and 85 percent, respectively, while the custom programs allow you to construct two programs from the start.

There are additional time, distance, and calorie target features.

Put another way, you may choose a value for these workout parameters, and the unit will countdown from that number while you exercise until you reach zero.

A Recovery Test option is also available. The Bluetooth connection is one of the best advantages of this elliptical trainer.

The trainer can be synced with your iOS smartphone using Bluetooth Smart Technology, allowing you to easily transmit your exercise data into the free MyFitQuest App.

You may keep track of your progress, create exercise objectives, and so on this way.

A music system and a tablet holder are included in the console’s non-fitness functions.

The sound system is located at the unit’s bottom. It’s compatible with most MP3 players and cellphones, and the sound quality is rather good.

The tablet holder is conveniently located at the top of the console unit, ensuring that the tablet does not obscure the exercise display.


The machine’s major driving components are pre-assembled.

The remaining elements, on the other hand, will require assembly, which might take up to two hours.

To put it simply, you’ll need to join the two base sections, then attach the console mast, mobile arms, fixed handlebars, pedal bars, and console.

The handbook gives great, step-by-step assembly instructions, and all of the necessary tools are supplied.

The machine’s tracks must be kept clean for maintenance.

You may need to lubricate the joints from time to time, but they should last a long time if you do it during the assembling process.

Aside from that, it’s a good idea to check for loose bolts and visibly damaged pieces regularly.

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