Fuel Fitness E5 Elliptical Trainer Review

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The Fuel Fitness E5 elliptical trainer looks much like the earlier SOLE Fitness E35 elliptical trainer. It features the same console and specifications as the original. Even though it is not marketed as a commercial machine, it possesses the durability and capacity of a light-commercial elliptical.

The Fuel Fitness E5 is a powerful elliptical trainer with 20 levels of eddy current resistance, 20 degrees of automated inclination, various exercise programs, and accessories like a music system and a cooling fan.

It also boasts a weight capacity of 375 pounds and adjustable pedals, which aren’t seen on many other ellipticals.

Light to hard aerobic exercises, interval training, stamina training, and weight loss are all possible with it. While it isn’t one of the most economical trainers, it does provide outstanding value for the money.

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The heavy-duty frame of the Fuel Fitness E5 elliptical machine comprises steel tubing. The completely built machine is fairly substantial, weighing over 230 lbs (105 kg), providing excellent stability.

You may be certain that it will not shake or wobble during your exercises, even if you are close to your maximum weight capacity and engage in a more strenuous workout.

In addition, the base stabilizers include rubberized levelers that may be adjusted.

A corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant paint finish is applied to all steel tubes in the frame construction.

The chosen color is black. However, the incline system’s rail bars have metal coverings that are just lightly polished.

ABS components are, of course, included in the machine. The driving system’s covers, inclination, and a few more minor covers are all constructed of tough ABS.

The Fuel E5 elliptical machine is huge. It measures 82″ (208 cm) in length and 31″ (79 cm) in width. It’s also a good idea to provide at least two feet of room on each side of the machine and one foot in front and behind.

The machine might not fit in a tiny room or apartment. Its frame, of course, does not fold.

Two sets of handlebars are included with this elliptical trainer.

A multi-grip design is used on the moving ones. They also include adjustments for inclination and resistance. They can’t be secured since they’re directly coupled to the pedal base; they move as long as the pedals do.

The grips on the fixed handlebars are short. They have pulse sensors built-in, and the console can track your heart rate.

Heavy-duty steel bars are used in the pedal mechanism. Even though the pedal trays are made of ABS, they are intended to sustain people weighing up to 375 pounds (170 kg).

They’re rather big, around 15″ (38 cm), so they’ll fit a wide range of shoes. However, they do not have the added gel cushioning that the ProForm Endurance 920 E pedals have.

The rear lifting handle and the front transporting wheels are two final things to note. These make it much easier to relocate the equipment if necessary. And can be moved by one person easily.

Step-up Height and Stride Length

First and foremost, it is critical to note that the machine’s pedals are adjustable. Each pedal includes a pin at the back that adjusts it from front to back.

Each pedal has three adjustment locations, allowing for angles of 0°, 5°, and 10°. This is a beneficial function since some users may have foot numbness due to nerve compression, which may be alleviated by altering the pedal’s angle.

They also include a 2° inward tilt to encourage natural foot placement.

The Fuel E5 incorporates an automated incline mechanism at the back of the machine, similar to the XTERRA FS5.9E.

It consists of a console-connected motor and a double rail system that elevates the pedals and alters the elliptical path’s location.

The unit’s slope can only be modified from the console or the controls on the left handgrip because the incline mechanism is motorized.

The slope may be changed gradually via the console or left grip controls, but there are also rapid selection buttons for the console’s 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 levels.

The E5 elliptical machine from Fuel Fitness has a 20-inch stride length. It can, however, accommodate people up to 6’5″ (196 cm), allowing for a full range of motion.

The pedal Q-factor (the distance between the pedals) is rather small. It is about 2″ (5 cm), allowing for natural foot location on the pedals with no lateral stress on the knees and ankles.

Additionally, each pedal provides approximately 20″ of elevation (51 cm). Thus, the machine should be used in a room with a ceiling at least 25″ (64 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance Level

The flywheel is built into the front unit because the Fuel E5 is a front-drive elliptical. It has a balanced chassis with a mid-range 25 pound (11.3 kg) flywheel, designed to give continuous momentum and a steady pedaling action. It also allows for back-pedaling. The driving system of the unit is a belt transmission.

This sort of powertrain has several benefits. To begin with, you won’t have to bother about lubrication. Second, it produces far less vibration than a chain drive, and third, it ensures quiet operation.

The Fuel Fitness E5 elliptical comes with an eddy current braking system for resistance.

It comprises a servo motor and a magnetic brake. Thus, to alter the machine’s resistance, you must connect it to a power source.

The machine can also modify its resistance on its own. If one of the preset programs is selected, the elliptical will vary the resistance during the workout based on the current program segment.

The machine has a total of 20 resistance levels.

The resistance may be modified using the controls included in the right mobile grip or the console’s bottom right corner.

The console also has rapid resistance adjustments for the 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 levels, exactly like the inclination.


Although the Fuel E5’s console does not have internet access or compatibility with fitness applications, it provides various programs and other features to keep you motivated and interested.

To begin, it features a 7.5-inch LCD with LED lighting and bold, easy-to-read numerals. Time, speed, RPM, pace, distance, calories, and pulse are all tracked. Alternatively, the distance can be shown as a 1/4 mile (400 meters) track with a lap counter.

The console is configured to English units (miles, MPH, lbs) by default. However, its internal software allows you to switch to metric units (km, km, kg) if necessary.

It can also read your pulse using the metallic sensors in the permanent grips, and it’s telemetric.

Put another way; it can read your pulse via a wireless HR chest strap, which is supplied.

There are ten fitness routines accessible on the console. The manual program is the first. This allows you to modify the resistance and incline during your workout while keeping track of your metrics.

The following five programs are pre-programmed. Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Interval, and Calories are among the grid patterns available.

The seventh and eighth programs are user-defined. They allow you to enter personal information such as weight and age for better data analysis and to design a personalized training arrangement.

The ninth and tenth programs, respectively, are heart rate programs. The first is set at 60% of maximum HR, while the second is 80%.

Of course, the console has several other features. To begin with, it includes a built-in sound system with two speakers. It works with the majority of smartphone MP3 players. It’s also Bluetooth compatible, so you can connect your phone or tablet to the console and listen to music without using an AUX cord.

Between the two speakers, there is an exercise fan. It has a very big diameter, providing enough cooling during more strenuous activity.

Underneath the console display is a media shelf where you may put your phone or tablet to use during your exercise.

Finally, an accessory/bottle holder is included in the console component.


The machine’s drive and resistance parts are already constructed, mounted to the front half of the frame, and hidden by ABS covers.

Also pre-assembled and fastened to the back half is the inclination mechanism. Thus, all you have to do now is attach the two major pieces (front and back), the console mast, the console, the moving arms, the pedals, and a few little covers.

This may take more than an hour. The manual, however, has extremely clear assembly instructions and diagrams. There’s also a basic toolbox supplied.

It’s advised that you maintain them clean for maintenance to avoid damage to the machine’s rails.

It’s also a good idea to check for loose or broken parts regularly, as well as dust and sweat that may fall onto the frame or console.

The machine’s interior components do not require lubrication or maintenance, at least not for a long time.

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