Gazelle Supreme Glider Review

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The Gazelle Supreme is similar to the Edge model, the most basic Gazelle glider. There are a few distinctions between the two, though.

To begin with, this model is around $100 more expensive. However, its greater price reflects two significant qualities. The Supreme model has a resistance system and pulse sensors, but the Edge model doesn’t.

Nonetheless, even though it is a rather simple exercise machine, there is plenty to be said about its features and capabilities.

This Gazelle glider model’s frame is foldable, one of the most significant features. Its two major components fold together in the middle and have an “X” design.

The footrests may also be folded, giving the machine a folded depth of 13″(33 cm). Now, in case you’re wondering, you may keep it beneath your bed or not, as long as the bed has a clearance of at least 13″ (33 cm) underneath it.

On the other hand, the machine may still be folded and stowed in a tight space or against a wall.

It measures 44″L x 31″W when fully built and unfurled (112 x 79 cm). That may not seem like a lot, but you’ll need at least 3′ (92 cm) of space at the back and front of the machine if you want to do routines that need your maximum stride.

Because the machine encourages a long stride, the footrest bars stretch pretty far forward and backward.

The frame architecture of the Gazelle Supreme glider is somewhat thicker than that of the Edge glider. It’s comprised of two steel tubes covered in anti-corrosive silver paint. It isn’t a particularly hefty piece of equipment.

Because it only weighs 57 pounds (26 kg), it should be easy to transport, fold, and store. On the other hand, the back base has caster wheels that make transportation easier.

The machine’s footrests are sturdy polyurethane and cushioned with non-slip material to ensure excellent foot stability. Steel wires link the bars on which the footpads are mounted to the frame’s back-top.

Overall, the machine is well-engineered, with a solid and durable structure that can support up to 300 lbs (136 kg) of user weight, despite its lightweight.

The lack of adjustable stabilizers is a drawback of this equipment. The front bars are held in plastic caps, while the back curving bar is held in place by the wheel support’s square bases.

Thus it’s advisable to put this machine on a rubberized mat or a rug to get the most stability out of it.

Finally, the machine’s upright moveable arms are covered with rubber-foam material to provide a pleasant and secure grip.

Stainless steel pulse sensors are embedded in the grips’ tops. And the fitness meter device may help you maintain a set heart rate interval or measure your pulse during your workout.

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The stride action is what distinguishes a glider from an elliptical trainer. As the name implies, an elliptical provides a full elliptical motion, with the user’s feet defining a whole ellipse during the workout.

The foot movements on a glider cover the bottom section of the ellipse. The stride, on the other hand, has no set length.

On the other hand, a glider does not provide a continuous workout for leg muscles like calves. However, it does provide a more intense cardio exercise by allowing the user to use their full stride.

This machine has almost no user height constraint since anybody may take their stride to its maximum length. Stride length is regulated on most elliptical machines. Therefore taller people may find the elliptical action restricting.

If you weren’t aware, the machine’s step-up height is 6″. (15 cm).


The Gazelle Supreme, unlike the Edge model, has a resistance mechanism, as we described in the introduction section of this essay.

It comprises two hydraulic cylinders connected to the machine’s moveable arms and provides a significant amount of resistance to the action.

So you have the option of working out with the cylinders attached for increased resistance and consistency or without the cylinders attached for lighter workouts. There are two resistance levels, or to put it another way.

You may still boost intensity to your workouts by leaning forward or backward, putting additional attention on specific muscle areas, in addition to the resistance provided by the cylinders.

For example, if you lean backward throughout your workout, the arm and back muscles will burn more efficiently.

The machine’s driving mechanism is one last point to highlight. The machine’s “drive” consists of multiple components despite a flywheel, crank, or gearbox.

All joints, for example, include high-quality ball bearings that are built to last and deliver a quiet, smooth action.

Thus if you live in an apartment complex, the Gazelle Supreme is an excellent choice for a cardio machine. It runs quietly and won’t annoy the neighbors in the least.


This glider machine comes with a fitness meter that is a little more advanced than the standard meters. It can measure your pulse in addition to your speed, distance, duration, and calories burned.

Naturally, you’ll have to hang on to the sensors built into the machine’s grips if you want to keep track of your pulse during your workout.

The device is powered by two AAA batteries (supplied). It’s simple to use because only one button controls everything.

It features a SCAN function that rotates the values, displaying each for a few seconds before moving on to the next.

When the device senses motion or when the button is pressed, it powers up. All values are reset by holding the button down for a few seconds.

There are two more items worth mentioning in terms of accessories. First and foremost, the package includes a bottle holder and a plastic water bottle.

Three DVDs cover all of the routines available on this machine.


The assembly of this Gazelle elliptical glider should take no more than 30 minutes. The packaging includes a guidebook and all necessary equipment for assembly.

The foot bar wires are likewise attached to the rear-top area of the frame, where the two main frame components are already joined in the middle.

The base bars, stabilizers, wheels, the main axle, resistance cylinders, and the fitness meter with its magnetic sensors will all need to be connected.

Periodic inspection of the machine’s joints and, if necessary, retightening of the screws are all part of routine maintenance. Lubrication should also eliminate squeaks if the joints acquire them.

Last Thoughts

The Gazelle Supreme is a fantastic elliptical trainer replacement. Even though it is a glider and does not cover the entire elliptical motion, it provides more movement flexibility than ellipticals.

It has a resistance system that is driven by two hydraulic cylinders, as well as different training options.

It features a folding frame to fit into small, tight spaces, ideal for compact apartments.

It is undoubtedly a machine that may assist you in maintaining a good cardiovascular form, toning muscles, increasing stamina, and shedding pounds.

Overall, it is a fantastic value for money.

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