GOELLIPTICAL V-600 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

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The Go Elliptical V-600 is an elliptical trainer from the ‘Vena’ series, similar to the V-450 model that we previously evaluated.

It is similar to the V-450 model, although it has a few added features, including a cooling fan and a somewhat stronger flywheel.

The Go Elliptical V-600P or V-600 Plus is another name for this machine.

The Go Elliptical Vena V-600 Plus is a home elliptical machine with a mid-range price tag. It has a 24-tension eddy current resistance system and 24 exercise routines.

Its moving arms feature three adjustment locations, allowing you to change the machine’s stride. It’s an excellent cardio, weight-loss, stamina-building, and muscle-toning elliptical trainer.

Despite the lack of an incline mechanism and internet access, it is still a reasonably good machine for the money.

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The strong frame of the Go Elliptical Vena V-600 Plus is built of steel tubing.

Except for the adjustable moving arms, which are chrome plated, the primary steel bars in the frame structure are double-coated with a corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant paint finish.

The paint finish of the item is gray, and it is the only color available for this model.

In addition to the robust paint finish, ABS covers most of the unit’s frame, preventing corrosive sweat from reaching the metallic parts.

Despite not being as big as some other elliptical trainers, such as the NordicTrack SE9i, the Vena V-600 nevertheless occupies around 57″L x 28″W (145 x 71 cm) of floor space.

In addition, for safe operation and access, it is advised to provide at least two feet of clearance on each side and one foot of clearance in the front and back.

The completely completed machine is rather hefty, weighing 134 pounds (61 kg).

As a result, it should be transported and assembled by two people. However, it should be rather simple to relocate once it is fully operational. Its front base has transport wheels built-in.

One set of handlebars is moveable, while the other is fixed on this elliptical trainer.

Longer, curved grips on the moveable handlebars allow you to place your hands in various positions to target different muscle areas.

At the top, they feature ovalized grips. They’re also adjustable, with three locations for each bar.

Pulse sensors are installed on the fixed handlebars.

The machine’s console can measure your heart rate if you hang on to them. They also have resistance controls built-in.

The pedals are connected to a set of heavy-duty bars, and the crank arms are likewise incredibly tough.

As a result, the machine can easily handle persons weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kilograms).

The pedals are composed of high-strength ABS plastic.

They have a ribbed surface for better adhesion. They lack further articulation or padding, although they are adjustable. On the surface of the pedals, there is a foot stopper that can be put in eight various locations, four in the front and four in the back.

Last but not least, heavy-duty ball bearings are used to connect the machine’s moving parts.

However, the unit has a very smooth motion, and the joints are less prone to make squeaky noises.

Step-up Height and Stride

The GoElliptical V-600 has a 17″ mid-range stride (43 cm). It’s a machine for those who are 5’0″ and 6’0″ (153 – 183 cm) tall.

Taller users can still benefit from a steady exercise on it, but they won’t employ the entire range of motion.

A shorter stride is better for the thighs and calves, while a longer stride is better for the hamstrings and glutes.

The machine’s moving arms have three adjustment locations, allowing you to alter your stride by locking the pedal bars in a higher or lower position.

The elliptical route is horizontal when the pedals are linked to the bars in the lower position.

The elliptical route will be gently slanted backward with the pedals mounted at the highest setting, resulting in a pedaling sensation akin to going up a gentle ramp.

The pedals are approximately 6″ (15 cm) above the floor level at their lowest position.

On the other hand, their tallest point is around 16″ (40 cm) above floor level.

On the other hand, the step-up pedal height is somewhere in the middle, at around 10″.

(25 cm). As a result, GoElliptical recommended that you use the machine in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ (51 cm) higher than your own.

Resistance Level

The flywheel on this elliptical trainer is heavier than on the Vena V-450.

It features a balanced frame and weighs 17.6 lbs (8 kg) to consistently pedaling.

It also allows you to pedal backward at the same resistance level. As a result, you may vary your routines.

The machine’s powertrain is made out of a robust poly-v belt that reduces vibration and delivers an almost silent pedaling action.

In addition, unlike a chain drive system, a belt drive system does not require lubrication regularly.

You won’t have to bother about removing the covers every month to add lubrication to the driving parts of the machine.

This Go Elliptical machine is fitted with an eddy current resistance system.

A magnetic brake built into the flywheel and a tiny servo motor provides resistance.

The machine must be linked to a power source, and the resistance can only be modified from the console.

It also comes with an adaptor. In addition, the console has many pre-programmed training plans, and when one is selected, the machine automatically changes the resistance.

The Vena V-600 Plus elliptical trainer has 24 resistance settings.

The first five levels provide a mild pedaling tension, ideal for those recovering from ailments or looking for a gentle workout.

Top tension levels, on the other hand, let you focus more on your leg muscles and attain a high cardiovascular rate in a short period.


The LCD on the console of the V-600 elliptical is the same as on the V-450.

On the other hand, the keypad is unique in that it lacks a rotating element. Time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse are displayed on the 5.5″ diagonal LCD, which is split into many sub-sections.

The program profiles are displayed in the bigger black/red portion.

The machine’s console unit is not telemetric.

This implies it won’t be able to detect your pulse using a Polar or other wireless HR chest strap.

You must thus hang on to the sensors included in the stationary handlebars to benefit from a pulse reading or employ the recuperation program.

The equipment lacks Bluetooth and internet access and thus is not compatible with any online fitness applications.

It does, however, provide 24 different programs to keep you engaged. It includes Random software that allows you to design your exercise profiles, save them, and use them as many times as you wish.

It also features a Recovery feature that assigns a fitness score to you ranging from F1 (great) to F6 (poor) based on how long your pulse is returned to normal after the workout.

There are four user profiles accessible in the console.

Personal information such as body weight, height, gender, and age can be saved by each user.

As a result, the unit will calculate calorie and recovery values with greater accuracy.

The console offers a few more capabilities and workout metric tracking and fitness programs.

The sound system, the cooling fan, and the tablet holder are all included.

The sound system consists of two tiny speakers, one on each side of the keypad on the machine.

You may connect your MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet to the audio output and listen to your music through the built-in speakers.

A tiny tray that mounts under the console display serves as the tablet holder.

Finally, behind the main console, the exercise fan has its housing. It isn’t particularly strong, but it does give some cooling if you need it during more strenuous activity.


All of the driving and resistance parts are already assembled in the main body of the machine.

Only the base bars, pedals, console mast, handlebars, console, and many plastic coverings must be attached.

Although it may take more than an hour, the handbook has detailed schematics and construction instructions.

Also included is a simple toolbox for assembly.

This elliptical cross trainer does not require any internal maintenance (at least not for a long period).

So, in terms of maintenance, all you have to do is keep an eye out for loose bolts and parts and grease the machine’s joints if they start to creak.

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