Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider CS2 Review

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The Inspire Cardio Strider CS2 is a piece of workout equipment that combines an elliptical trainer and a recumbent cycle comparable to the Sunny SF-RB4708, or the Inspire CS3 up to a point.

This trainer has a light commercial structure, even though it lacks internet capabilities.

It’s a durable machine with plenty of convenience features and a configurable console to keep you motivated.

The Inspire CS2 has a heavy-duty frame with steel tubing in every component of its design.

The engine and flywheel covers are the only plastic pieces in the frame. This trainer is quite hefty when all of the pieces are put together. It weighs more than 180 pounds, contributing significantly to its overall stability.

Moreover, each of its base bars includes adjustable stabilizers. Thus, the machine may be completely leveled on any floor and will not wobble or move while training.

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Frame and Constrution

The Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider CS2 has two transport wheels fitted into the rear base bar, even though it is a hefty machine.

The unit transfer will be simple if you use these wheels because you will only be managing about 40% of its weight.

The trainer doesn’t have a huge footprint. It is approximately 59″ (150 cm) long, with the handgrips providing the maximum width of 35″(89 cm).

However, the base width is around 28″ (71 cm). In addition to these dimensions, at least two feet should be allocated around the machine for safe operation.

In contrast to other comparable training equipment, this trainer has a four-bar arms/pedals assembly on each side.

Heavy-duty sealed ball bearings are used in the joints between the bars to provide a smooth motion.

The moving handlebars are length-adjustable; each bar has six adjustment settings, allowing you to tailor them to the length of your arms.

They’re simple to adjust, with each having a huge knob. They may also be turned inside out for a different grip.

The footrest bar welded to the console pole, and the stationary handlebars are two more elements of the CS2 Strider.

The first allows you to exercise your arms while fully extending your legs.

The second permits you to focus just on your legs while your arms are rested. The console can also monitor your heart rate by hanging on to the stationary handlebars equipped with EKG sensors.

For added comfort, both the mobile and stationary handlebars have rubberized grips.

A spacious, ergonomic seat is included with the Inspire Fitness Cardio Strider CS2.

A uniform cushioning layer is included in both the seat and the backrest. The backrest is also quite firm, giving the necessary lumbar support for proper form during activities.


The seat is approximately 17″ (43.1 cm) broad and 11.5″ (29.2 cm) deep, with a padding thickness of 2.25″ on it and the backrest (5.7 cm).

The seat may be adjusted. It’s mounted on an oblique rail system that may be locked closer or further away from the pedals.

The machine, however, can accommodate up to 6’5″ individuals (196 cm). If you were wondering, the seat does not tilt, the backrest does not recline, and the seat does not have any independent adjustment options.

One final point to notice here is the paint finish on the trainer.

All of the steel pieces in its construction have a rust-resistant and scratch-resistant double powder coating.

Black is utilized for the basic frame elements, whereas gray is used for the bar components of the arms and pedals.

The chrome finish also extends to the adjustable handlebars.


The flywheel is the first feature to highlight the machine’s driving mechanism.

The flywheel of the Inspire CS2 is rather hefty for a machine of this nature. It weighs 20.2 pounds (9.1 kilograms) and has a smooth action and continuous propulsion.

Thus, while utilizing the highest resistance levels, the machine will make you sweat.

In addition, the flywheel is bi-directional.

This means you can bike backward without decreasing resistance, working various muscle areas.

Large pedals with a ribbed surface for enhanced stickiness are included with the machine.

They define an oval route that is somewhat slanted and inclined towards the user.

The Inspire CS2 is a seated-only elliptical – recumbent bike hybrid, unlike other elliptical – recumbent bike hybrids like the ProForm PFEL03815K.

Standing on the pedals puts you in an uncomfortable posture. However, a conventional, seated workout produces a very pleasant and low-impact ride, making this machine an excellent alternative for customers who require physiotherapy.

The pedals do not have any articulation and are not adjustable.

However, you may put your feet on them in various positions because they are pretty large.

Thus, you may change your stride between 12 and 15 inches (30.5 and 38.1 cm).

This machine employs a long-lasting poly-v belt for transmission.

It does not need to be lubricated regularly because it is driven by a belt.

In addition, the pedaling motion is virtually noiseless and vibration-free.

The electromagnetic resistance mechanism of the Inspire Cardio Strider CS2 is used.

It comprises a magnetic brake and a tiny servo motor. However, you can only control the resistance from the console, and the bike requires a power source to operate (a power adapter is included).

The servo motor adjusts the brake’s position in respect to the flywheel as you pick a resistance level on the console, creating the appropriate amount of drag and pedal resistance.

There are 20 different resistance settings accessible on the console.

The initial level of resistance has a very low difficulty of 10 watts. This resistance setting and the next ones are ideal for anyone who needs recovery training.

On the other side, the upper resistance levels provide a lot of resistance, allowing you to conduct more intense exercises.

The Cardio Strider CS2 has a mid-range console with a multi-panel LCD with blue LED illumination that improves reading significantly.

RPM, time, distance, calories, watts, and heart rate are all tracked. The program profiles are displayed in the grid in the center of the screen, while the resistance level is given above it.

The unit does not display Watts, distance, RPM, or calories simultaneously. You may choose to see RPM/Calories or Watts/Distance or use the AutoScan option to switch between the two.

Both miles and kilometers can be shown on the console unit.

It’s also telemetric, which means it can monitor your heart rate via a wireless HR chest strap.

However, although this machine is not included, you may still get a pulse reading by utilizing the sensors included in the fixed handlebars.

The console machine isn’t connected to the internet and isn’t compatible with any online fitness applications.

It does, however, come with eight different fitness plans to keep you motivated.

Six plans are for a whole-body exercise (including arms and legs), while the other two are only for the arms.

Of course, the machine also features a manual mode option, which allows you to change the resistance as needed while exercising.


The bike’s control unit can save up to four user profiles. Personal information such as gender, age, and weight can be entered for each user profile.

This allows the machine to determine your energy production and calories burnt more correctly.

The trainer’s console doesn’t offer many ‘non-fitness’ functions.

It lacks both a sound system and a cooling fan. It does, however, have a tablet holder that can handle any tablet.


The resistance system and part of the console mast arrive pre-assembled on the trainer’s base frame.

The front and rear stabilizers, the second half of the console mast, the pedal bars and movable arms, the seat, and the console must all be assembled.

It might take up to two hours to complete this task. The supplied handbook, however, gives extremely clear assembly directions. In addition, a set of basic tools for assembly is supplied.

The trainer doesn’t require any maintenance after it’s put together.

You have to dust the machine and check for loose parts regularly.


The Cardio Strider CS2 from Inspire Fitness is an elliptical, recumbent bike hybrid trainer with an automated resistance system and an 8-program interface.

It includes a robust, light commercial design, a big, ergonomic seat, and 20 resistance levels.

It’s ideal for muscle toning, weight reduction, interval training, and light to vigorous cardio workouts with little joint impact.

Finally, while it is not one of the most economical exercise machines, it does provide the quality of light-commercial equipment, making it a good value for money.

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