JOROTO ME20 Elliptical Trainer Review

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The JOROTO ME20 is an elliptical trainer that shares features with the Gold’s Gym 350i and ActionLine A83809.

It does, however, provide additional resistance and a longer stride. It’s a motorized machine with a mid-range console that comes with various pre-programmed programs to keep you motivated.

It lacks internet connectivity, but it costs hundreds of dollars less than comparable versions with Bluetooth, a music system, and similar features.

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Parts, Frame, and Construction

The JOROTO ME20 is built with a heavy-duty steel tube frame. Its pedals, bars, and crankset are rated for a 250-pound rider (113.3 kg). The machine is small and strong, with an assembled weight of 122 lbs (55.3 kg).

All of this weight contributes to the overall stability of the structure. Additionally, the unit’s rear base has a set of adjustable levelers with rubber pads that improve the unit’s overall stability on any floor.

Two rubbery cushions support the front base. However, they are not adjustable.

Despite its weight, the machine is not difficult to move after being built. Its front base has two little transport wheels that make moving easier.

This JOROTO elliptical trainer takes up less room than other machines, such as the Life Fitness E1 Go, for example.

It measures just 55.3″ (135 cm) long and 28.4″ (71 cm) broad, with the moving arms reaching a height of about 66.5″ (168 cm) above the floor level.

It’s also a good idea to allow at least two feet of room on either side of the unit, as well as one foot of clearance in front and back so that you can do all of the workouts without difficulty.

The JOROTO ME20 elliptical machine comes with a pair of robust, sturdy ABS pedals.

They don’t have any articulation or additional padding like the more costly ones, and they aren’t adjustable.

They are, nonetheless, large enough to fit all sizes of sports footwear. They also include an inner edge that runs the length of the shoe and covers the front and back parts, enhancing foot stability.

This trainer features two sets of handlebars, one movable and one fixed.

Both handlebars include a multi-grip design with a layer of rubber foam material to provide a solid and pleasant grip.

The moveable handlebars are longer and have ovalized grips at the top than the fixed ones.

The fixed handlebars have stainless steel pulse sensors built-in, so if you grip them during your workout, the console unit can measure your heart rate and run its Recovery function at the end to evaluate your fitness level.

Heavy-duty ball bearings are used in the joints between the mobile handlebars, console mast, pedal bars, and cranks.

Not only will the pedaling action be smoother, but the unit’s joints will have a significantly longer lifespan due to the reduced wear and strain.

One final point to notice here is the paint finish on the trainer.

All of the steel components in its construction have been double-coated with rust- and scratch-resistant paint.

The JOROTO logo is painted black on a white background. Of course, the unit’s frame has a few ABS elements, such as the flywheel covers and a few other minor covers, but these do not detract from the unit’s overall strength.

Step-up Height and Stride Length

The JOROTO ME20 does not have an inclination mechanism. Its elliptical path is slightly tilted forward because it is a rear-drive elliptical trainer.

Consequently, pedaling may appear to be like descending a gentle ramp.

This JOROTO elliptical, unlike the Octane Fitness Q47x, does not come with an adjustable stride because it is not a commercial model.

However, it has a somewhat longer stride compared to other comparable units. Its stride length of about 18″ (46 cm), resulting in a more consistent exercise due to its wider range of motion.

This is also a stride length that should be ideal for people with a height of 5’0″ (152 – 183 cm).

Of course, for users less than 5’0″, it may be a little long, and for users taller than 6’0″, it may be a little short.

Regardless of your height, though, you should be able to enjoy a great low-impact cardio workout from this machine.

The machine’s pedals are approximately 8″ (21 cm) above floor level at its lowest position.

They’re around 7-8 inches taller at their tallest point. Consequently, it’s ideal to position and utilize the elliptical in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ higher than your height to avoid any ceiling height concerns.

Resistance and Drive System

The JOROTO ME20 is a rear-drive vehicle, as previously stated. It has a crankset with steel arms that is extremely sturdy. Because the pulley is rather large, each pedal has a greater range of motion and height.

The internal flywheel of the machine isn’t particularly hefty.

It weighs 14.5 pounds (6.5 kilograms); thus, it doesn’t have the same severe inertia as the Fitness Reality X-Class 710.

Consequently, the pedaling motion has a negligible influence on the joints. On the other hand, the flywheel is heavy enough to create momentum. It’s also well-balanced, resulting in a smooth and consistent pedaling action.

A long-lasting, stretch-resistant rubber v-belt provides transmission for the machine.

It provides good traction and, unlike a chain drive, does not require lubrication.

It also produces far less vibration than a chain drive; thus, the machine is quite quiet when in use.

An eddy current resistance mechanism is included with the JOROTO ME20 elliptical trainer.

This implies you’ll need to plug it into a power source. The only way to control the resistance is to use the console. In addition, if you utilize one of the inbuilt fitness routines, the machine will automatically alter its resistance.

A tiny servo motor and magnetic brake make up the unit’s resistance mechanism.

The motor will move the position of the brake in respect to the flywheel as you modify the resistance using the turn-knob on the console, adjusting the intensity of the internal magnetic field.

This JOROTO elliptical has a 32-level resistance range, which is more than comparable trainers in this price range.

The first few levels produce very little resistance, making them ideal for recovery or extremely mild aerobic exercises.

The 28+ resistance settings, on the other hand, allow you to work out at a higher intensity to increase stamina and strength.


The console on the machine is nearly identical to the one on the JOROTO MB20 upright bike.

It has a 5-inch LCD with LED lighting separated into multiple areas.

The bottom displays time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse, while the huge grid in the middle displays the program’s profiles.

This console is not telemetric in any way. A Polar or other form of HR chest strap transmitter will not be able to read your pulse.

Consequently, you’ll need to use the inbuilt EKG sensors if you wish to measure your pulse during your workout or stay inside a specified pulse range.

There is no internet connectivity on the console, but it offers 12 built-in training routines.

These routines include almost every training done on an elliptical machine.

Interval programs, hill programs, fat burning programs, and heart rate-focused programs, for example, are all available in its program database.

A Recovery function and a Body Mass Index function are also included in the machine.

The Recovery program allows you to assess your fitness level after the workout.

The console will calculate the time it takes for your pulse to return to normal following the workout and assign you a fitness grade ranging from F1 (excellent) to F6 (poor) (Poor).

The BMI function utilizes a scale to determine if you are healthy for your height.

The console will ask you for your weight and height to compute it. The gadget can also produce a more exact computation of the calories you burn throughout your workout because you may input your weight and height.

The console is fairly simple to use.

There are five buttons on it. The two left buttons control the BMI and Recovery features. The center button has two purposes. You may access the unit’s Mode function for selection and programming by pushing it down.

However, you may swivel it to raise or reduce the machine’s resistance or make program modifications.

The unit’s RESET function is hidden behind the top-right button.

You may wipe all the values on the console to zero and start again by pushing it down.

The bottom-right button covers the Start/Stop operations. It allows you to halt and continue your activity, which is very handy if you alternate elliptical sessions with other forms of exercise.

The inbuilt tablet holder is one last feature to remark about the machine’s console.

The LCD is sandwiched between the controllers and this attachment. It’s big enough to fit any tablet or smartphone in it.


The JOROTO ME20 trainer’s base is pre-assembled, including the flywheel, resistance components, and other internal pieces.

Only the pedals, console mast, moving and fixed handlebars, and console remain added.

This may take more than an hour. On the other hand, the manual has very clear, step-by-step assembly instructions.

Also included is a simple toolbox for assembly.

If the machine’s arms create squeaking noises, you may need to grease their joints for maintenance.

The internal parts are factory oiled and do not require any further lubrication.

It’s also a good idea to inspect the machine for loose nuts and parts regularly and tighten them if necessary.


The JOROTO ME20 is a home-based mid-range elliptical trainer.

There are 32 motorized eddy current resistance levels on the console and 12 exercise routines.

It’s a piece of strength equipment that can handle persons weighing 250 pounds. It’s ideal for light to moderate aerobic exercises, weight reduction, interval training, endurance training, and rehabilitation.

Overall, it’s a decent cardio workout equipment that provides outstanding value and quality for the money.

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