KETTLER ELYX 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

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The Kettler ELYX 1 is a home-use front-drive elliptical trainer with an eddy current resistance system.

Compared to competing machines in this price bracket, such as the Schwinn 470 MY17, it lacks an inclination system and online connectivity features.

On the other side, it comes with a more powerful flywheel. In any case, we’ll go over all of the positives and negatives of this trainer in this review.

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Frame and Construction

The heavy-duty frame composed of high-carbon steel tubing is one of the key advantages of this Kettler elliptical trainer.

Its pedals and bars have a human weight capability of 330 pounds (150 kilograms), which isn’t terrible for a home elliptical machine.

Except for the stainless steel rail covers, all of the steel bars in its construction are powder coated with corrosion-resistant and chip-resistant paint.

The single color available for this model is white, utilized for the frame.

The Kettler ELYX 1 is a pretty large machine, like other front-drive ellipticals with this design style.

The frame is about 76″ (193 cm) long and 26″ (66 cm) broad when fully built.

For safe operation and access, it is also advised that at least two feet of clearance be left around it.

The equipment isn’t exactly light, thanks to the extra-heavy flywheel and the tough steel bars.

It weighs about 165 lbs (75 kg) with all the pieces in place, but the shipping weight is close to 200 lbs (90 kg).

Therefore, it is suggested two persons carry and erect icons. On the other side, moving isn’t that difficult once the unit is put together.

It has two pairs of transport wheels on its front base.

The machine’s weight is also significant for its overall stability and sturdiness.

Even if you engage in a more difficult activity, you can be certain that it will not wobble or shift position.

Furthermore, some of its bases have adjustable stabilizers built-in, allowing you to level it properly on any floor.

Two big, robust ABS pedals are included with the Kettler ELYX 1 elliptical.

They include a front edge to provide your feet with more support. They’re big enough to fit all kinds of sporting shoes. They have a non-slip surface, but most significantly, they have three adjustment locations that allow you to customize the elliptical motion.

One pair of fixed handlebars and one set of moveable handlebars are included with the unit.

Stainless steel pulse sensors are integrated into the fixed handlebars. The mobile handlebars include a curved, multi-grip design and top, ovalized grips.

Industrial rollers are used on the pedal bars.

They feature a rubberized covering on the exterior to give a very smooth and silent glide over the rails.

In addition, high-quality ball bearings are used in the pedal wheels and all of the machine’s moving joints to ensure minimal wear and tear and smooth functioning.

Step-up Height

The Kettler ELYX 1 elliptical trainer, as previously stated, lacks an inclination mechanism, which is a disadvantage for a machine in this price category.

Due to the adaptability of the pedals, it still allows you to conduct a wide range of workouts or change positions.

The elliptical route of the unit is horizontal.

Like most other trainers with a front-drive system, the pedaling action may give the impression of climbing uphill.

The ELYX 1 cross trainer has a 20″ (51 cm) stride, and the pedals move about 22″ on their courses (56 cm).

To put it another way, this machine should be able to accommodate people up to 6’5″ (196 cm), allowing them to maintain a proper and healthy stride.

However, people under the age of 5’3″ (160 cm) may find the stride too lengthy.

In addition, the unit’s Q-factor (the distance between the pedals) is just 3″.

(7.6 cm). Therefore, your feet are naturally and comfortably positioned on the pedals, and the pedaling motion does not cause any lateral stress on your joints.

Last but not least, the unit’s step-up height should be considered.

The machine’s pedals are approximately 12″ (30 cm) above floor level at their lowest position to the floor.

They also rise around 18″ (46 cm) above floor level at their maximum point.

Therefore, the machine should be used in a room with a ceiling at least 22″-23″ (56-59 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance and Drive System

The belt driving system of the ELYX 1 cross trainer uses a poly-v belt.

Therefore, it produces a nearly quiet, vibration-free functioning. A belt drive also does not require lubrication.

The extra-heavy flywheel is one of the trainer’s key advantages.

It has a 40-pound (18.1-kg) flywheel; however, many other trainers of similar grade only have a 22-pound or 32-pound flywheel.

The internal flywheel is also perimeter-weighted, which means it can offer a higher level of inertia for a more powerful heart exercise and a better leg workout.

The flywheel rotates in both directions.

This implies you can cycle backward if you want to. The console will track your calories burnt, kilometers traveled, and other statistics when you bike backward.

An eddy current resistance system is included in the ELYX 1 elliptical machine.

A little engine and a magnetic brake make up this machine. As you vary the resistance, the brake’s location regarding the flywheel shifts, causing a movement in pedal tension.

The machine must be linked to a 110 V power circuit, and the resistance can only be changed from the console.

The machine comes with an AC adaptor. In addition, if you use any of the onboard programs, the machine will automatically alter the resistance.

There are 16 levels of resistance on the console.

The first three levels provide gentle exercises ideal for warming up or rehabilitation.

The 7-8 exercises, on the other hand, provide a more steady workout with the potential for a significant burn, making them ideal for severe cardio and weight reduction.


This Kettler elliptical trainer comes with a console unit identical to the one seen on the Kettler GIRO R recumbent workout cycle.

It has an LCD divided into many sub-sections to simultaneously show all the workout stats.

Other units, for example, need the use of a SCAN function to alternate metrics, as there is no way to display them all at once.

The unit’s display also has a blue backlight, making it easier to read.

RPM, speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse are among the readings presented by the unit’s console.

The distance between two points may be estimated in kilometers or miles, and the speed can be shown in MPH or km/h.

The current resistance level is also shown.

You may utilize the sensors built into the unit’s stationary bars to get a pulse measurement.

The console, on the other hand, is telemetric. A wireless Polar T-34 chest strap transmitter or an infrared ear-clip sensor can be used to read your pulse.

These extras aren’t required, but they’re nice to have (not included).

There are eight fitness routines available on the console.

The first six programs are pre-programmed, while the latter two (HRC1 and HRC2) are heart rate-based.

They need the usage of pulse sensors and allow you to choose a certain HR interval.

Therefore, the machine will alter the resistance automatically until it detects that you have a pulse inside the set HR interval.

Time, distance, and calories burned may all be specified as goals.

Put another way, you may choose countdown values for any of these parameters, and the unit will count down from there until it hits zero.

You may use this method to create goals for each of your exercises.

A Recovery option is also available on the console machine.

This may be done at the end of the workout while the pulse sensors are held in place.

This allows the machine to track how long your heart rate will return to normal after an exercise.

The console will give you a fitness grade between F1 and F6 after the exam, with F1 indicating “excellent” and F6 indicating “extremely bad.”


The motor and resistance parts, as well as the front base of the machine, are pre-assembled.

To assemble the frame, connect the front and rear base bars, the console mast, the pedal bars, the moving arms, the fixed handlebars, and the console.

Although it may take more than an hour, this is not a difficult procedure. The guidebook includes step-by-step construction instructions as well as a basic toolbox.

It is advised that the unit’s rails be kept clean for maintenance.

After a time, its joints may require lubrication. It’s also a good idea to inspect the bolts and components regularly.


The Kettler ELYX 1 is an elliptical trainer designed for home use. It has an eddy current resistance mechanism with 16 different degrees of resistance.

It comes with a 40-pound internal flywheel, adjustable pedals, and a 330-pound weight capacity.

Six preset exercises, two heart rate programs, target settings, and a recovery function are available on the console.

It’s ideal for muscle toning, endurance training, interval training, weight loss, and low to medium-range cardio workouts in general. It is not a cheap trainer, but it provides excellent value for money.

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