LifeSpan Cycle Boxer Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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The LifeSpan Cycle Boxer is a unique upright cycle designed to give you a complete body workout experience. This Cycle Boxer combines cycling and boxing workouts so that you can improve your overall body fitness with ease. You can also box on the boxing panel while riding, which is unique in the fitness industry that no one has explored before.

The firm body frame of the Cycle Boxer makes it a piece of must-have gym equipment in your garage or home gym. It has a perfect touchscreen display where you can watch and track your workout data with just a matter of touches.

The various cycling and boxing levels continue to challenge you to work out at your best potential, and the boxing panel is sturdy so that you can throw your best punches and improve your upper body.

This upright cycle bike also has an app to help you with your workout data, and it comes with built-in programs to give you a complete fitness experience.

Also, a great lifetime warranty makes this one of the best equipment of its kind in the fitness industry.

What I Like About

  • 16 cycling levels: 16 levels of resistance only for the lower body makes your workout look so efficient that you will never have to worry about the lack of challenges for your workout.
  • 12 punch levels: The different combinations of colors on the boxing panel and the various intensity options give you a lot to work on your upper body and increase your boxing skills.
  • Silent workout: As the resistance is magnetic, it generates less to no sound, which is also due to the silent flywheel design.
  • Wireless heart rate: Due to the wireless feature, you can connect the chest strap to the Cycle Boxer and monitor your pulse wirelessly.
  • Strong boxing panel: The boxing panel is powerful and can take heavy shorts without any signs of damage.
  • Lifetime warranty: The warranty on the frame is a good lifetime warranty, which also increases the shelf value of the Cycle Boxer.
  • Specialized app: A specialized app for the Cycle Boxer on various mobile application stores connects to your console and provides data related to your workout.
  • Accessories: The Cycle Boxer from LifeSpan comes with a pair of boxing gloves and a chest strap to help you in your workout.
  • High weight capacity: The user weight capacity on this upright bike is 300 lbs, a great option for great and tall guys.

What I Don’t Like

  • No Fan: During the workout, it gets boiling, and hence machines like this have a small fan situated near the console, but this Cycle Boxer does not have any fan, which can be a huge downside.
  • No tablet holder: The absence of a tablet holder feels very strange as most ellipticals and upright bikes have a tablet holder to keep you engaged, and that might be something buyers are looking for.
  • No speakers: Speakers make your exercise entertaining and keep you engaged in the workout, but this Cycle Boxer is an exception as it does not have any speakers for fun.

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Who Is This Exercise Bike For?

This is one of the most interesting questions about the Cycle Boxer since it is relatively new and not tested among fitness enthusiasts. This Cycle Boxer’s effectiveness for professional fitness training is a huge question mark that can be answered only after a certain period of time.

However, this upright bike does not disappoint with the fitness options it offers you. You can effectively work out your upper and lower body at the same time. So this upright bike is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to work on their full-body muscles.

If you are busy throughout the day and want to make most of the time available to you or if you want to increase the independent mobility and coherence of different parts of your body, this Cycle Boxer is the best machine for you.

It will also help you shred overall weight. Boxing helps you to move your core while punching. It also stretches your arm to its extent while you exert enough pressure to hit the boxing panel.

Due to the punching motion, there is constant movement in the upper body. As you shred your upper body, the lower body is constantly in motion due to cycling. This is highly effective for your thighs and calves.

Besides, constant motion increases mobility, reduces fat, and increases muscle strength in the lower body.


The Cycle Boxer has 16 resistance levels that are silent and do not produce much noise, helping you keep your lower body active when boxing. It also has 12 punch levels to keep your upper body as active as you want by constantly changing the levels.

It has a boxing panel that has 5  sensitivity levels with priority from focus to punching strength. This boxing panel also displays lights and shapes as targets for you to hit them and improve your eye-punch coordination. The boxing panel can resist power-packed punches as it is made of a sturdy frame.

It comes with a beautiful touchscreen display to monitor and track your workout. It turns on along with the Cycle Boxer, and you can select the program of your choice and make an adjustment wherever required. It also gives you information regarding your program like rest time, workout time, speed, calories burnt, pulse, score, accuracy, distance, velocity, etc.

Moreover, you can sync it with your chest strap to monitor your pulse, and you can also connect it to the Cycle Boxer mobile application. The Cycle Boxer comes with boxing gloves and a chest strap as well.

Frame & Construction

The material used to build the frame is solid steel, and the joints are welded rather than screwed as welded joints are more durable.

The LifeSpan Cycle Boxer weighs 121 lbs and can support a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. It is easy to move around and store because it has wheels on the front.

It takes up a footprint of just 43.6”x 27”. It also has a height of 74.5”, which can be reduced to 63” depending on your height.

It has a boxing panel that can take strong and light punches without any signs of shaking or weakness. Equipped with a well-padded and comfortable seat, it provides you an aesthetic look and ergonomic character.

All in all, it is a compact and durable machine for both cycling and boxing enthusiasts to get rigorous workouts at their home’s comfort.


The pedals, like many other parts, are also made up of metal and are sturdy. They have toothed edges to prevent your shoes from slipping and an adjustable strap that will hold the shoes tightly in place and prevent them from falling out even at top speed.


This flywheel is unique in the way it works. It weighs 13.2 pounds but can emulate a much heavier wheel’s smooth motion thanks to its 16 magnetic resistance levels, which is pretty effective for intense workouts and burning calories.

The flywheel position is right behind the back, and this offers balance and support in terms of the Cycle Boxer’s design. Also, the flywheel works quietly, making it perfect for heavy workouts without disturbing anyone.


The console is designed in such a way that you will not require more buttons or controls. It is basically a touchscreen display with a bright background with black and dark-colored designs and fonts. This makes it easier to read, even in bright light. And the touchscreen display controls everything.

The console records and shows a variety of your workout metrics and other data, including the program’s name, boxing rounds boxing score, punch-reaction time, punch accuracy, and your max combo.

Also, your cycling speed, resistance levels, calorie burnt, distance, and heart rate are all recorded and shown on the screen,  with which you can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.

Engaging and User-Friendly Program

The built-in program is basically for boxing. It has levels based on the difficulty posed in terms of eye-hand coordination, speed, and strength.

LifeSpan has introduced shapes and colors of different kinds to test your focus and coordination. And these workouts come with instructions and tutorials for beginners, which is very thoughtful of the manufacturer. You can also select the round number you want to fight and the sensor motion speed.

After a countdown, the first round of the boxing workout begins. The more you hit the targets accurately, the more points you get. This makes the workout super engaging and entertaining.

The Verdict

Are you passionate about fitness but don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Do you want to take a break from traditional training and get a whole new workout experience? Then this LifeSpan Cycle Boxer will best fit your needs, and it will turn out to be a deal-breaker.

It allows you to cycle and box simultaneously. And it will also add value to your workouts and keep your fitness routines exciting. The various resistance levels will keep you fit and in shape, while the boxing workout will help you regain your hand-eye coordination.

This LifeSpan Cycle Boxer can also be handy in rehabilitation after injuries like a functional trainer. You can work on your lower body and improve your coordination day by day using the right technique to punch on target.

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