LifeSpan Fitness C7000i Commercial Upright Bike Review

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The Lifespan C7000i is a commercial fitness bike that is excellent for early and intermediate strength training. The bike has a 20-pound flywheel and has frames that support a maximum weight of 400 lbs.

This spin bike has a colorful LCD (Console), which reads workout time, calories, RPM, distance, heart rate, speed, and resistance level.

It also adds 16 resistance levels to achieve your fitness goals, and a heart rate receiver allows you to track your heart rate more accurately than ever before.

Altogether, it contains multi-positional adjustable handlebars, which have molded grips for comfort. It also has in-built pulse technology. Moreover, it contains self-balancing pedals that support about any shoe size. The in-built crank of the pedal allows more customization of your riding.

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What I Like About

Self-generating power: You do not require to charge the console near electrical power—no plug or batteries are required.

The console charges whenever you pedal. It means that it operates using your energy. This feature is so inspiring as it reduces monthly bills as a whole.

Also, this self-generating power of C7000i allows charging different devices through the in-built USB port.

Frame: C7000i has a solid frame, making it hardly wobble during workouts, and has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.

C7000i is a compact exercise bike with a dimension of 40″ L x 28″ W x 58″ H, and it is excellent for any household.

The spin bike can easily move to and from. As a whole, the frame of Lifespan’s C7000i is heavy enough that it easily holds the maximum user’s weight of 400 lbs.

Seat and handlebars: This commercial upright bike comes with a large, well-padded, and fairly adjustable seat.

The seat of C7000i has 19 height adjustment settings, ranging from 29” to 40” which support users from 5 ‘0″ to 6’ 8″ tall.

Lifespan C7000i’s seat can easily be removed with a standard seat if you want. For your comfort, you can also get a gel seat cushion.

The handlebar is multi-grip and also fully adjustable. Beneath the handlebar lies the contract pulse sensor for easy heart rate monitoring.

Heavy flywheel: The C7000i packs a heavy flywheel, which is 20lb. It provides whisper-quiet riding as it has a magnetic resistance system.

This spin bike is an ideal choice for home gym use because it will hardly disturb your neighbors. The C7000i has 16 different resistance levels, meaning that your fitness capabilities can be driven to the highest peak.

Through C7000i, adjusting is so much easier than ever before. On the digitally displayed console, you can easily track your resistance and easily fine-tune your intensity.

Multi-Color LCD: The upright bike comes with an LCD with a large screen, including easy access buttons where users can change their resistance levels and programs.

You accurately console readouts data, such as program name, date and time, workout time, calories, RPM, distance, heart rate, speed, and resistance level.

This feature is awesome because such features are rare to see among low-cost spin bikes. At this point, Lifespan’s C7000i model is quite ahead of the line.

Heart-rate monitoring: The C7000i model has two options to track your heart rate: 1) Contact grips, located on its handlebars, and 2) Wireless heart rate receiver.

The latter is always advised to provide accurate data (you need to purchase a chest strap separately to benefit from wireless heart rate receivers).

Self-balancing pedals: Lifespan’s C7000i model includes self-balancing pedals, which deliver additional safety measures for riders.

Also, the pedal is well-structured and adequately supports your feet. And the pedals are easily replaceable with standard pedals.

16 workout programs: The C7000i comprises 16 workout programs divided (according to your fitness goals) into different categories: weight loss, healthy living, and sports training.

Plus, it has 2 heart rate control programs and 2 user-designed routines.

Media holder: To admire your workouts to the highest level, the C7000i contains a media holder, where you can keep books, magazines, and tablets.

It means you can be entertained, multiple-tasking in your workout sessions.

What I Don’t Like

No cooling fan: Though the self-resistance system indicates quiet, smooth workouts, it looks like it gets boiled more frequently, which later suggested that including a cooling fan is a must as it will help anyone for constant workouts.

Merely four-way adjustable: Four-way adjustability allows you to work out different positions, but the C7000i doesn’t own it. You cannot adjust the horizontal position of the seat here.

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LifeSpan Fitness C7000i Commercial Upright Bike Review – Who Is This Bike For?

This spin bike is reasonably instructed for users who are in the early and intermediate stages of training. And it is a great bike for commercial gyms.

With 16 built-in programs and great adjustability, the spin bike is advised to build strength, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Last but not least, Lifespan Fitness C7000i is a budget-friendly commercial bike with a solid frame, self-resisting pedal, and multi-color LCD. The console shows data such as distance, heart rate, speed, and resistance level when it comes to tracking your workout.

All in all, if you are on the hunt for a commercial-grade bike for your home gym, the C7000i is a good option.

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