LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 Walking Desk Treadmill Review

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The LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 treadmill is a walking under desk treadmill that’s most suitable for those who already have a standing desk in place.

The 2.25CHP motor ensures quiet operation and supports up to four hours of continuous use, making it popular among organizations and businesses that have adopted an active lifestyle.

The TR1200-DT3 model is lightweight but supports up to a maximum user weight of 350lbs, affirming the machine’s sturdiness and durability.

Though lightweight, you are provided with transport wheels that help you maneuver the machine anywhere around. But the recommendation is that you fix upon a static place and refrain from moving the treadmill frequently.

The console is the highlight feature as it sits cozily on your desk and enables you to change speed levels and look at the metric displays.

Pair this piece of equipment with a good desk and start walking on the treadmill to enjoy the benefits of staying active and avoiding sitting for long hours.

Moreover, the treadmill comes fully assembled and saves you from all the time needed to assemble it. You can take it out of the box, fix it in the desired place, and start using it immediately.

Be a role model for others to let go of their inactive sitting lifestyle and encourage them to start being healthy using this treadmill regularly while at work.

About the Manufacturer

LifeSpan is a good fitness equipment brand known for its extensive range of durable and sturdy fitness equipment.

The manufacturer needs a special mention for producing under-desk treadmills that help many individuals get off their sedentary lifestyle and include some activity in their everyday routine.

The TR1200-DT3 model is an ideal under-desk treadmill popular among individuals as it is compatible with most standing desks and helps you work out in silence without disturbing others.

What I Like About TR1200-DT3 Walking Desk Treadmill

Easy-to-use Console: The machine has a wonderful console that’s fitted with large buttons. The console displays metric details such as speed, distance, calories, weight, and time.

Toggle between buttons to check your desired metric value. There is a safety key included and is needed for operating the console.

Make various adjustments such as walking speed, kilometers per hour, or miles per hour, and use the red LED display to showcase your desired metric value.

Low Step-up Height: The step-up height is 4.6inches and hence, must be easy for any of you to get on and off the treadmill without strain.

Advanced Safety: The Intelli-Guard feature in this treadmill, just like that present in other LifeSpan treadmills, keeps you safe and secure.

Don’t bother when you get off the machine for some urgent work, call, or meeting as this feature halts the treadmill automatically after 20seconds of inactivity. So, when you come back too, there is no concern that you might step on a running belt.

The treadmill promises a safe exercise environment at home (for kids and pets) and office.

Maximum Weight: The TR1200-DT3 model is sturdy and supports a maximum user weight of up to 350 lbs. Hence, the machine is usable by different individuals.

Intelli-Step: Track the number of steps taken using the Intelli-Step feature that helps you count the steps taken and pauses when you step off the machine.

Noiseless Operation: The 2.25 CHP motor is good enough for your walking requirements, and the 0.4-4.0 mph speed helps you walk comfortably without any glitches.

Moreover, being at the office, you don’t wish to disturb others, and the treadmill supports quiet operation without any noise.

There is only a slight noise coming from the belt while it moves across the deck, but the motor operates smoothly without any sounds.

Cushioning Effect: Don’t worry about injured knees or hips, as the underside of the treadmill deck is provided with six shock absorbers that provide better support to your joints.

At the office, you wear business shoes that might not give you the same comfort and support as sports shoes, but the manufacturer compensates for this by making the deck as supportive and comfortable as possible.

To enjoy additional comfort, it is suggested you have a pair of athletic shoes handy at your disposal.

Running Deck: The standard running deck size is 20 inches by 55 inches, and the TR1200 DT3 model comes with a running deck size of 20 inches by 50 inches. While some of you might find it small, practically, this size is good enough to support your walking needs.

The model also promises to support individuals of any height without affecting your pace.

Non-Slip Grips: It is natural to sweat when we keep walking, but this should never affect our stronghold on the treadmill.

To ensure this, the company has provided non-slip side rails whose height is also a little above the belt to avoid any slippages while walking.

Sync with Fitness Apps: It is good to follow up on your day’s exercise routine, and for this, LifeSpan has come up with the provisioning to sync metric details with LifeSpan’s Active Track fitness app.

Warranty: The treadmill comes with an impressive warranty that’s an added benefit. You get a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years on the motor, 1 year on labor, and 2 years on the parts.

What I Don’t Like

Doesn’t Come with a Desk: The cost includes only the treadmill, and it is up to the individual to incur additional costs to procure a standing desk.

The good thing is that the machine is compatible with most standing desks, and the console also fits on your desk.

Console Occupies Additional Space: While the console is great and boasts of intricate metric details and wonderful display, on the downside, the console occupies more space than normal.

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Who Is TR1200-DT3 For?

For anyone who spends long hours doing desk jobs, this TR1200 DT3 treadmill model is of utmost use.

Health centers, businesses, universities, and government agencies worldwide commonly use this under desk treadmill as they have all realized the importance of adopting an active lifestyle.

Walking while working without sitting continuously in a sedentary position throughout the day promotes active blood flow preventing blood pooling or chances of DVT.

As the machine is designed for noiseless performance and matches most standing desk models, there is no risk of bothering your colleagues.

Above all, if you are someone whose weight is 350lbs or below, the TR1200 DT3 model must be your go-to choice.


Don’t have the slightest doubt regardingTR1200’s performance as LifeSpan has incorporated various exciting features such as Intelli-Guard, Intelli-Step, and more to make this piece of equipment as performance-oriented as possible.

The frame design and construction are convenient to pair it with most standing desks, and the treadmill’s dimensions are also such that it could be easily placed under your standing deck.

Sitting continuously for long hours ruins our health, and we have read about the ill effects of sedentary behavior.

Under desk treadmills such as TR1200 DT3 motivate us to stay in motion to curb any such health-related impacts due to inactivity. By walking, we greatly reduce the chances of back pain, strengthen our core and legs, and promote good health.

The Intelli-Step feature helps keep count of the total steps taken on the treadmill, while the Intelli-Guard feature keeps us and those around us safe by halting the machine after 20 seconds of inactivity.

You needn’t switch off the machine when you are going for an urgent meeting or be careful about stepping on a running machine.

I suggest that you keep the treadmill in one designated place after careful thinking and refrain from moving it frequently as it is quite lightweight, weighing 114lbs only.

Still, the company has provided us with two front-mounted transport wheels to move the machine and place it perfectly under the desk.

Desk Options

As the treadmill doesn’t come with a desk, below, we will be discussing a few desk options that go well with this machine.

The treadmill is modeled to slide under your standing desk and cannot be used with a seated desk.

So, first and foremost, you must select a desk that helps you stand straight and reach your desk without leaning over or straining yourself. Some good desk options that fulfill these requirements and don’t incur added strain to your body include:

DT5 Manual Desk

Are you happy setting the desk in a certain position and using it at a defined height? If so, this model could be an apt choice as it works best when you don’t adjust its height often.

For enhanced comfort, the desk is provided with padded armrests. The console is placed in an appropriate position such that it’s easy to monitor the display and avoid occupying much space.

Additional features that make the DT5 desk a sought-after model by individuals include choosing from multiple color options to match your environment, Bluetooth connectivity that helps you pair with external devices, manual-height adjustment provisioning, and two-stage telescoping legs, and internal cable management.

The desk comes with the provisioning to hold desktops of two different widths—38 inches and 48 inches.

DT7 Electric Desk

If you are not the only person who will use the treadmill, the DT7 electric desk must be a good choice as it comes with electric-height adjustment provisions.

The DT7 desk seems to be the best fit in public places or communal areas as buttons to make height adjustments are also located conveniently.

The DT7 model is also Bluetooth-enabled, comes with a two-stage telescoping leg, the ability to choose from various color options, and internal cable management.

The number of desktop options available is laudable —38 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. Memory support for two different individuals is available on the DT7 electric desk.

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