LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i Treadmill Review

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The LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i is a folding treadmill that ticks all the boxes to become a perfect machine for walkers, joggers, and those who want to start their fitness journey at home’s comfort.

The dimensions of LifeSpan TR1200i is 70″ L x 33″ W x 54″ H. It can take up less than half the treadmill’s size by simply folding it upwards (39″ L x 33″ W x 63″ H), and you can store it in any corner of your house. The hydraulic folding also makes it easier for you to do this.

It has a great running belt that is equipped with a safe and responsive cushioning system, making it a low-impact running machine for those who have knee problems. The treadmill belt of LifeSpan TR1200i measures 20” x 56”, although smaller than a standard 20” x 60” belt, you can walk and run safely on this machine without worrying about your stride length.

This machine’s 2.5 CHP motor is pretty good, which can run up to longer hours at a great speed without causing the track to stutter during speed changes. The motor has a great lifetime warranty. It also has a 15% power incline, which offers you the best fitness flexibility and challenges your body.

It supports a maximum speed of 11 mph (starts from 0.5 mph), great for walking, jogging, and running. It does not make a lot of noise, and it is ideal for placing it in your apartment for quiet exercises.

It has 21 workout programs to guide you through your workouts and fitness journey. 17 of these workouts are designed and can be used by you at a single click. The other 4 workouts can be customized according to your requirements to gain muscle or burn calories. These workouts come with specific goals that you can accomplish on your own terms.

Moreover, the LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill allows you to save all of your workout data such as calories burned, heart rate, average speed, etc. on a USB so that you can view your progress reports using a computer or smartphone.

All of these features indicate that this is a high-performing and durable treadmill, perfect for beginners to challenging themselves. If you are looking for a budget-friendly treadmill for your low-impact cardio routines, the LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill is worth checking out.

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What I Like About LifeSpan TR1200i


TR1200i is a foldable treadmill that allows you to save a lot of space even if you have this treadmill in your small room or in an apartment.

By using its hydraulic folding system, you can fold this machine to 39″ L x 33″ W x 63″ H from a using dimension of 70.25″L x 33″W x 55″, which is a massive size difference to offer you massive portability over other treadmills. Moreover, it folds upwards, meaning that you can keep it standing in the corner of your apartment.

Power Incline

The incline is an important feature of any treadmill because it will make your workout more interesting and challenging.

The TR1200i treadmill offers you a 15% power incline, and it can be controlled by a simple button. This would be a game-changer in your cardio workout experience because you can instantly adjust your speed and incline without losing focus, offering you excellent cardio benefits.

Moreover, the power incline makes your cardio workout more challenging by adding complexity to your workout and targeting specific muscle parts according to the different levels of incline. You can adjust the incline in 0.5 increments with the arrow keys to customize your high-intensity workout.

Good Motor

The motor offered in the LifeSpanTR1200i treadmill is not a beast but is still good enough. It is a 2.5 CHP-powered motor and allows you to have great quiet cardio exercise without creating much noise. The motor is a durable one and also powers the treadmill to an 11 mph maximum speed. It also has a lifetime warranty showcasing the faith that LifeSpan has in its machines.

But the downside is it’s not suitable for people who want serious running. Still, you can use this treadmill for walking or jogging, or other light-to-medium-intensity cardio workouts.

Great Speed

The TR1200i doesn’t fail to surprise you by offering great running speed for walkers, joggers, and runners. The 11 mph top speed is one of the best that you can get at this treadmill price range.

The speed starts from 0.5 mph and goes on to 11 mph. You can walk or jog easily and change the speed according to your requirements.

21 Built-in Workout Programs

The workout programs in the TR1200i are great, and 17 preset programs have different functions, focusing on sports training, muscle gain, stamina improvement, and weight loss. They also have different results on the body.

Apart from the 17 preset workouts, you also get 4 custom programs that allow you to set your desired speed, duration, incline, and much more.

Quality Running Belt

LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill comes with a two-ply treadmill belt that measures 20” wide and 56” long, running on 2.5” rollers. It has 8 shock absorbers that provide excellent support and cushioning and is able to reduce the impact on your joints while walking, jogging, and running.

Full-Color LCD Console

LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill arrives with a 7” full-color LCD screen that shows all your workout data (distance, calories burned, step, average speed, maximum speed, incline, time, heart rate, etc.) and allows you to track your progress.

Advanced Safety Features

The Intelli Guard safety feature in the TR1200i treadmill allows you to stop the treadmill immediately by hitting the STOP button under the LCD monitor. And it will turn off the treadmill if you aren’t on it for 20 seconds. Besides, the button in the handlebar allows you to adjust the speed, incline, or activate the heart rate monitor without manual operation, which adds more safety when you are in a workout.

High User Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a great way to get an idea of how durable and solid the treadmill is. This treadmill has a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is quite impressive. While most treadmills in this price range only have a maximum user weight capacity of around 250 lbs.

What I Don’t Like

Belt Size

Although the treadmill belt is made of high-quality material that offers excellent support to your knees, the belt size is a bit smaller. The 20” x 56” treadmill belt is long enough for most walking or jogging strides. But in case you need a longer track for serious running, you should find other LifeSpan treadmills in this series.

No Fan

The provision of a fan on the treadmill is pretty standard as it allows you to complete your workout without overheat. However, there is no fan provided on this treadmill.

Arm Rails Are Short

The arm rails on most treadmills are longer and extend to more than half of the treadmill’s length. This allows them to run easily, provides more stability, and ensures your safety as you run on it.

However, the length of the arm rail in this treadmill is short. This might not be a big problem while running, but it doesn’t provide as much security as it should and leaves you with no support to hold on to.

No Chest Strap

The heart rate reading from the chest strap is very accurate due to the ECG (Electrocardiogram) technology, which measures your pulse with electric signals. The absence of a chest strap with this treadmill is one that I did not expect. But it comes with touch sensors that measure your heart rate, but the results might be inaccurate sometimes.

Not Suitable for Sprinting

Although this treadmill seems like a pretty robust one, the motor has lower power than other sprinting treadmills. This treadmill can only be used for walking, jogging, or light-to-moderate running purposes in the long term.

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Who Is This For?

The LifeSpan Fitness TR1200i is a great machine for those who want to begin with the workout challenge. If you are a beginner looking for a high-performing, budget-friendly treadmill, this TR1200i treadmill is one for you.

For those who are not tech-savvy, this machine will help them get accompanied to treadmills and give them the gist of working out and finding a way to meet their fitness goals.

Its preset workout programs are built for beginners and those who do not understand how to exercise or what routine to follow to achieve their fitness goals from their home’s comfort.

If you are one of the people who are new to the fitness world, this is the perfect treadmill with the perfect features for you.

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