LifeSpan TR2000i Treadmill Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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The TR2000i is a high-end treadmill made for walkers and light joggers. The maximum running speed of TR2000i is 11 mph so is not ideal for serious runners or sprinters.

The highlights of TR2000i are its 7” large touch display, 21 built-in workout programs, and built-in Bluetooth speakers.

If you’re looking for a space-saving treadmill, then the TR2000i will be a smart choice.

What I Like About  

Compact size: The TR2000i foldable treadmill is made for home gyms and was designed for the same purpose. The compactness makes it easier for you to store it anywhere and shift it when not in use.

Foldable: Another best part about the TR2000i is its EZ folding technology. It’s a boon for people who want to save space and work out without having any issues. It gets folded with just a push of a button.

Weight capacity: with having such a compact size, this treadmill can hold up to 300 lbs as the maximum weight. At such an affordable price, you couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Speed: you can attain a maximum running speed of 11 mph on this treadmill. As mentioned earlier, it’s for casual runners or joggers. Hence, 11 mph is a great speed for such purposes.

Inclination levels: a treadmill wouldn’t be called a treadmill if it doesn’t have inclination levels. This LifeSpan treadmill offers you 15 incline levels. Hence, you can control the difficulty with a tap.

Rollers: rollers are a necessity on a treadmill. The better they are, the smoother experience you get as they direct contact with the belt. There are 2.5 inches rollers on the front and 2.0 inches rollers on the rear side.

Touchscreen display: Lifespan Fitness provides an immersive touch display on the TR2000i of 7 inches. You can control everything as it’s the captain’s deck. The screen will display every necessary information regarding your workout.

Built-in programs: If you’re done with your regular workouts, then give a try to the 21 built-in programs, of which 2 are customizable. They are specific, and hence, you will be active throughout the workout.

Bluetooth speakers: Music increases the efficacy of anything. Listening to music has been proved to beneficial during a workout. And for that, there are Bluetooth speakers in the TR2000i with high audio quality.

Quick fixes: Now, you don’t want to tap a button one by one to increase the speed or inclination level. So, there are buttons set to certain values that will help you in switching speeds and levels in a second.

Intelli-Step feature: you might wonder how the steps are counted so precisely on the TR2000i. The reason lies in the Intelli-Step Feature. This feature is a pedometer that detects, calculates, and displays the steps on the touchscreen.

Intelli-Guard feature: this smart technology is useful when you’re off the treadmill and it’s running. What will happen here is that if there isn’t any pressure on the belt for the next 20 seconds, the treadmill will pause itself.

Heart rate monitor: there are pulse grip sensors on the treadmill that detects and displays the heart rate. Another great part is that it is chest strap compatible as well.

Assembly: many reviewers have stated that the assembly isn’t as hard as it may sound. It can get ready to use in a half-hour.

Warranty: The one thing Lifespan Fitness is known for, its warranties. You will get a lifetime warranty on the frame. 5 years of warranty on motor, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor. It’s quite enough to conclude that Lifespan Fitness is so confident in its products.

What I Don’t Like

Running surface: if you’re 6 feet tall or above, you will face some consequences as the running surface (20″ x 56″) maybe not enough for you. You should look at other options if you’re main goal is sprinting or stamina running.

Motor: although the motor is adequate for joggers, there could’ve been better up-gradation regarding this. This is where runners would be disappointed as the motor can’t reach its full potential (speed).

Chest strap: although it’s compatible with a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, you will have to buy one to make it so.

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Who Is LifeSpan T2000i For?

  • Consider this treadmill as an option if you are a casual walker or runner (jogging purposes). The motor will surely satisfy your needs and will provide you a smooth experience.
  • There are 15 incline levels so, you can challenge yourself when feeling so.
  • The 21 built-in programs will be a great help if you want to try something new or are trying to achieve a goal.
  • The folding technology makes it a great space saver and a perfect treadmill for home gyms.
  • The 7-inch display has a touchscreen and displays all the necessary information like steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, etc.


Display screen: the 7” screen gives a sophisticated look and provides everything you need to control the treadmill better. The touchscreen will help in setting speeds and incline levels easily.

Workout programs: there are 21 built-in programs to either achieve a goal or try something new. You can customize workouts as 2 of those slots allows it.

Bluetooth speakers: Have some music by connecting these Bluetooth speakers with your smartphone.

Chest Strap: you can use chest straps to measure your heart rate and display it on the screen.

Intelli-Step feature: there is an accurate pedometer that counts steps precisely and displays them with distance and calories burned data.

Intelli-Guard feature: if you don’t run on the TR2000i for 20 seconds, then the treadmill will pause itself

Quick set buttons: you can switch between at certain speeds and levels by tapping these buttons. They are useful as you don’t have to increase their level one by one.

Water bottle holder: you surely have a water bottle during exercise. Hence, there is a dedicated slot for it. Use it and drink when in need.

Media holder: you can keep your electronic devices or wallets in the media holder. Try not to keep big things as they may block the view of the screen.

Running Area of LifeSpan TR2000i

The running surface is around 20” x 56”, which is enough for a home gym. Also, these treadmills are not made for commercial purposes.

It’s a perfect match for you if you’re less than 6 feet. Otherwise, you might not be able to complete your workout. If you need a standard treadmill, then it must have an area of 20” x 60”.

Considering the motor, it will be comfortable for you on the belt. The treadmill can hold up to 300lbs of weight, and there could’ve been better up-gradation. In terms of the small footprint, the running surface is more than enough.


There is a 2.5 CHP motor used in the TR2000i. This much power is more than adequate if you are going to jog or walk. If you are thinking of running, then you will need at least 3.0 CHP.

It can reach a maximum speed of 11 mph. Also, rollers are one more thing that makes your experience smoother. It has 2.5” rollers on the front and 2.0” rollers in the rear part.

Also, 15 incline levels will make your workout more efficient. Hence, rollers are large, which is a good thing. It will be a great treadmill if you are going to jog or walk.

How Long Is the Warranty?

The warranty is on this treadmill is magnificent. There’s no doubt that Lifespan Fitness considers its equipment the best (at the provided cost). The warranty is:

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: 5 years
  • Parts: 2 years
  • Labor: 1 year

How Difficult is the Assembly?

The assembly part is not that difficult. The main body is already assembled, and the remaining part can be assembled in half-hour, considering you’ve got some extra help.

All the necessary equipment is included for assembling, and the instruction manual will guide you through the process.

Check Price of LifeSpan TR2000i on LifeSpan Fitness
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