LifeSpan TR4000i Treadmill Review

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The TR4000i folding treadmill comes with exceptional features highly appreciated by most fitness enthusiasts and avid runners. This Utah-based LifeSpan Fitness brand is into making the fitness industry equipment since 2001 and is reputed for its quality make of various machines in its line.

This LifeSpan TR4000i treadmill comes at a highly amicable price compared with prestigious home treadmills in the market. Despite the price difference, it is nothing less in performance or features.

Its extra-large deck, 15 incline levels, 24 in-built programs, 12 mph speed, the 3.25 CHP motor power, agreeable price, and generous warranty are some of the highlights of this treadmill.

The hydraulic-based foldability feature allows you to use it in compact areas to effortlessly fold it up for storage. Moving it is also a breeze as it comes with 4 wheels, 2 in front and 2 at the back, that help in both forward or backward maneuverability.

Another mention-worthy feature is the reversible deck that allows you to double the versatility as it comes with both preset and manual workout options. You can choose your mode of exercise based on your comfort.

Also, the smartphone compatibility offered by this apartment-sized treadmill extends your scope of fitness. It allows you to connect to various fitness apps to keep track and encourage you to reach your fitness goals.

This spacious, heavy-duty machine with impressive features is a kind in its range that gives you a comfortable training experience.

What I Like About LifeSpan TR4000i Treadmill

  • The 24 in-built programs come with 5 healthy living, 5 weight management, 7 sports training, Navy Fitness Test, Rockport Fitness Test, 5k/10k race, 2 customized user programs, and 2 heart rate programs.
  • The Rockport Fitness Test gauges your fitness level based on the exercise physiologist’s designed tool based on the timing of your 1-mile walk.
  • Similarly, the Navy Fitness Test is used to determine an athlete’s or a seasoned runner’s fitness level based on a 1.5-mile timed run, which includes sit-ups and push-ups.
  • The LCD helps you in tracking fitness-related data.
  • The Quickset™ speed and incline buttons allow 5 levels of settings effortlessly and quickly.
  • Intelli-Step™ technology acts as a pedometer and starts counting your steps automatically from the minute you step on the deck of the treadmill.
  • The Intelli-Guard™ is an automatic belt pause technology that initiates after 20 seconds of you stepping down the deck, ensuring the safety of kids and pets.
  • It has Bluetooth ready facility that helps in utilizing Bluetooth-enabled features such as app syncing, enjoying music, or connecting to an external heart rate monitor.
  • The contact pulse sensors help in monitoring the heart rate while you work out.
  • The cooling fan comes with 3 levels of speed to help you feel comfortable during your training sessions.
  • You get a media holder to place your smartphone or tablet to enjoy music or videos while exercising.
  • The USB charging port keeps your electronic devices fueled throughout your workout session.

What I Don’t Like

  • This LifeSpan treadmill is bulky and takes 74.5″ L x 32″ W when unfolded, so it might not be ideal for small spaces use
  • The handrails are short and don’t provide enough safety for elderly
  • Bad positioning of their media holder

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Built-in Programs

24 workout programs are available with LifeSpan TR4000i treadmill, out of which 20 are preset, and 4 are manual options. These built-in workouts are categorized into various fitness goals such as weight loss, cardio, healthy living, and sports training.

With three intensity levels to choose from, you are free to opt for the level that suits you best. The variety offered by these programs keeps you engaged and gives you several options for improving your fitness.

This arrangement helps you spend your precious time on workouts rather than fiddling with the treadmill settings.

Running Surface

The running surface is the first thing to consider when purchasing a treadmill, as it plays a key role in providing a comfortable workout.

Only when the width and length of this surface are spacious enough can you perform various actions such as sprinting, running, and walking without any discomfort.

Longer strides are possible only when you have enough legroom that results in a pleasant experience; otherwise, you feel cramped and are forced to take shorter strides.

The 22” x 60” deck size is apt for running even at top speeds making it ideal for sprinters compared to most other home treadmills, which come with only 56” length.

Weight Capacity

Users weighing up to 350 lb can use this treadmill comfortably due to its robust construction and strong frame material.

Higher weight capacity also indicates better durability and is suitable to accommodate more people without fear. It is 50 lbs higher than the usual capacity of treadmills of this range which is at 300 lbs in general.


The 8 independent shock absorption compressions help your feet land softly during any type of training you perform using this treadmill.

This lavishly cushioned system is easy on your joints and knees, helping you enjoy minimal impact exercising for longer periods. It also means that even senior citizens can use it comfortably without any pain.

Motor and Incline

This machine comes with a strong motor with a robust build that has more fluid for ample lubrication leading to longer life and lesser noise. The smooth belt motion and quiet operation enhance your workout experience.

Its motor, with a power of 3.25 CHP, is suitable for heavier use, such as sprinting and running at a speed of up to 12 mph.

The 13 incline and 2 decline levels are useful for training uphill and downhill activities which can prepare you for a race, trailing, or hiking activities. Body conditioning using various inclined levels combined with speed settings provides you several options such as steady cardio, intervals, and sprints.

Bigger Rollers

This LifeSpan treadmill model comes with front and rear rollers of size 2.5” and 2” that are well equipped to handle the tension during your workouts. They also help maintain the durability of the machine by minimizing wear and tear even after years of usage.

You get a better grip and noise reduction using these rollers, which are way better than the usual 1.9” size found in the counterparts.

Fitness Data

The multicolored LCD shows you the data related to your workouts, such as speed, distance, time, heart rate, calories, steps, pace, elevation gained, and incline.

As this treadmill can transfer your data to most fitness apps wirelessly or copied to a thumb drive, you can use it to analyze your progress or to chart it on the LifeSpan Fitness Club website.

Bluetooth Compatibility (optional)

This treadmill also offers you Bluetooth compatibility. However, you need to buy the receiver separately if you are interested in this feature. Most fitness enthusiasts find it convenient to automatically share their workout data or sync it with prominent fitness apps.

Large Track

The 22″ x 60″ large track with two-ply is extra thick with comfortable cushioning for intense activity. As it comes with eight shock-absorbing compressions, it considerably lowers your chance of injury while exercising.

Serious runners prefer this feature as they have ample space for all heights and enough impact minimization to keep them going for a long time.


Since it has a large track TR4000i treadmill occupies a lot of space. But that need not stop you from planning to use it in a small space as you can fold it up after use and stored it in a smaller space.

The folding process is easy as it uses hydraulic shock technology.

Durability and Stability

The usual concern about a folding treadmill is its durability. As TR4000i’s frame is made of steel and the handlebars are made of aluminum, you get a highly durable treadmill machine.

It is strongly built and offers excellent sturdiness as it weighs nearly 226 pounds, which keeps it steady enough while you work out on it.

Decline Options

You get 13 incline levels and 2 decline levels. When combined with the above 24 preset options and the 3 intensity levels give you innumerable exercise options.

When combined aptly, these facilities cater to your workout needs precisely as you can design the optimal workout by using the right combination.

Incline training at 15 levels is possible using the motorized ramp, which helps achieve higher calorie burn along with improved muscle definition as you go steeper.

Quiet Operation

Despite housing, a powerful motor of 3.25 CHP, this treadmill operates quietly, helping you focus on your workout peacefully at your apartment.

Variable Speed

The speed range is 0.5 to 12 mph. It allows you to set your preferred speed setting at which you are comfortable or to increase it a notch higher when you need a challenge.

High Weight Capacity

Since the weight capacity is 350 pounds, this treadmill can accommodate most users conveniently.

Safety Feature

When you step down the track, this machine is equipped to pause after 20 seconds using the IntelliGuard technology. This feature ensures the safety of pets and kids. The TR4000i is UL Certified and EN957 safety certified.

Generous warranty, audio jack compatible with smartphone, Bluetooth sound system with dual speakers, tablet docking facility, USB ports for charging devices, cooling fan with 3-speed settings are few other useful features of TR4000i treadmill.

Despite several wonderful features, there is a glitch that makes your experience a little less comfortable, and for this machine, it comes in the form of a media holder.

Though the holder functions perfectly, the position it is placed is not practical enough and causes slight discomfort for users since it blocks the view of the LCD.

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Manual accompanying TR4000i Treadmill has easy and concise instructions about assembly. Following them and completing the assembly is an effortless task.

Since the deck and frame are in place already, you just need to attach few things like a console and add some covers. Finally, double-check the screws, and once you tighten them appropriately using the tools provided with the treadmill, you are all set to go.

However, it is always better to have someone help you out during the process, as unpacking a heavy machine might not be easy for a single person.

As already mentioned, assembly is as easy as pie and takes anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.


The TR4000i treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on frame and motor. You also get 5 years of warranty on parts and 2 years warranty on labor which implies the quality of the equipment.

A lifetime warranty keeps you at ease, knowing that your equipment is backed up securely for a long period keeping your investment safe. Most high featured treadmills similar to this configuration offer a maximum warranty of 10 years on motor and frame.

Even the parts and labor warranties are mostly up to 6 months. I must say that you do not find a better warranty at this price point, with all these wonderful features together in a treadmill as in TR4000i.

The Verdict: Who Is TR4000i Treadmill for?

The sturdy built treadmill with ample workout space is the first and foremost characteristic that attracts elite athletes and professional trainers to this model. It is backed up with a strong motor and larger rollers that facilitate smoother operation noiselessly.

Apart from necessary characteristics, it is also equipped with luxuries such as Bluetooth-ready, cooling fan, patented tests for fitness evaluation, and preset programs.

This high-quality machine is backed up with a fair warranty providing complete protection for your investment. When you compare it with the counterparts at the same price range, you find it is rich in features, and when compared with the similarly featured treadmills, you will find this machine affordable.

Its excellent shock-absorbent system, high weight capacity, large deck area, several incline levels, speed variability, and powerful motor are suitable for a wide range of users. It can accommodate users of any height and even senior citizens within the range of 350 lbs weight.

Since it supports top speeds, avid runners can use it to increase their stamina. Incline and decline options offer greater challenges to burn higher calories and sculpt your body.

Well, the list goes on as this treadmill fully-feature loaded, and you will have plenty of workout options if you own it.

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