LifeSpan TR5500i Treadmill Review

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The TR5500i folding treadmill by LifeSpan operates quietly and is useful for multiple users of various conditioning levels and requirements. This simple and easy-to-use LifeSpan machine has several admirable features.

It allows each family member to find the perfect exercise routine either in the preprogrammed workouts or by customizing, making it an apt machine for home use.

Despite several choices, it provides an organized display that makes your choosing part easier. A large display with all your workout data keeps you motivated for daily training.

Heart rate sensors provide accurate feedback on your cardio output, and the preloaded tests that come with this unit are useful in gauging your fitness levels from time to time.

Variability of speed and incline provides great challenges, and the top speed of 13.5 mph gives excellent range even for sprint practice.

As it is loaded with high functional capacity, excellent performance capability, luxuriously comfortable features, first-rate safety measures, and exceptionally easy handling, all at an amicable price, what more can a user expect.

Update: Lifespan no longer offering the TR5500i as they have sold out and the TR5500iM will be taking over. It is a newer model!

Who Is LifeSpan TR5500i Treadmill For?

It is suitable for people looking for a powerful foldable treadmill. When coming to users, from elite athletes to senior citizens, everyone has something to gain from this machine giving it a broad scope of usage.

The high-top speed and high power motor make it apt for both beginners and professional trainers as you have a range of settings to opt from. Walkers and runners of both tall and short height can use the LifeSpan Fitness TR5500i as it has a large deck area.

Its high weight capacity allows heavy users up to 350 lbs. It is for users who do not want to spend a fortune on subscription programs as it comes with plenty of built-in programs.

In short, this machine is for people who aspire for a durable treadmill with advanced features yet simple to use.


  • 22” x 60” extra thick, durable belt.
  • 4.0 CHP DC motor gives high power.
  • 2.5” roller in front, 2” roller at rear for silent operation.
  • 13% Incline, as well as -2% decline, provides a greater challenge.
  • 8 independent shock absorption cushioned belt offers low impact.
  • EZ Fold facility for easy folding and secure locking.
  • 9” step-up height for easy stepping on and off this low-profile running machine.
  • High weight capacity of 350 lb.
  • Large color display of 10” with 3 different views.
  • USB port for charging.
  • Top speed of 13.5 mph.
  • The tablet holder allows entertainment while you work out.
  • Safety features like Intelli-Guard ensure security.
  • Intelli-Step feature for counting your steps.
  • Unfolded Footprint: 73” L x 34.5” W x 55.5” H
  • Folded Footprint: 40.5” L x 34.5” W x 65.5” H
  • Handles with contact HR sensors
  • 50+ preprogrammed workouts


  • The display does not support video streaming.
  • Does not come with a heart rate monitoring chest strap.

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Construction & Frame

The TR5500i treadmill folds, so it has steel beams for support under the deck accompanied by a lift-assist arm and a cross beam for complete stability. The motor of power 4.0 CHP is placed out of the way safely for quiet operation.

The deck inclines 13% and offers 13.5 mph top speed supported by the motor and the rollers. The underfoot are supportive, and the wheels allow easy maneuvering when folded.

Easy to fold and secure lock features are the highlights of this machine.

The TR5500i comes with two handrail sets. The short bars are placed right in front of the console horizontally with quick adjustment buttons and have EKG grips for HR monitoring.

Similarly, the long rails provide support when you run or to get on and off the deck. These steel beam rails are strong and come covered in soft plastic grips for quick cleaning or sanitizing.

Running Deck

The spacious deck with a 22” x 60” sized extra thick belt gives you enough room to exercise comfortably and makes it one of the best treadmills for tall runners. Even taller users with longer stride get ample forward foot span as well as kickback.

It comes with non-slip side rails that allow you to quickly step off if need be. The underfoot cushioning is well-designed to absorb shock impacts that reduce discomfort and fatigue during workouts.

Large rollers with 2.5” in front and 2” at back help in smooth rolling of the belt and also prolong the life of the machine.


Usually, a 4.0HP motor is found only in expensive machines, but this unit comes at an amicable price for such a powerful motor. A higher horsepower motor means the ability to operate continuously for multiple users, supporting heavy training.

Repeated use is associated with overheating and will make your treadmill stop, but it does not heat up even after continuous use since it is self-cooling. It operates quietly and smoothly even when you work on different speed and incline settings.

Using this motor, you can achieve a top speed of 13.5 mph. The Intelli-Step and Intelli-Guard features provide comfort and safety.

Since the motor hood is placed in the front and not under the deck like its counterparts, it offers a low profile in the front. This setting is convenient for runners who often encounter the issue of hitting the deck with a shoe while in action.


A console is the heart of the machine where a user can manipulate the functioning of the machine. It needs to be well-organized and easy to use.

Otherwise, using the machine feels tedious, and you will lose motivation. The TR5500i has an excellently planned console with a well-thought design.


The 10” touchscreen is capable of displaying three various dashboards in color. It shows you the distance, time, calories/hour, calories burned, steps/min, total steps, max HR%, heart rate, split time, pace, total laps, speed, elevation change, incline, and decline levels.

You get both touch screen navigation as well as tactile button usability that allows users to choose conveniently. Using these navigation facilities, you can select a built-in program or design your own.


As already mentioned, you can use the touchscreen or physical buttons to control the unit. You can use the settings to switch on or off the Intell-Guard feature and notification system beep.

Also, you can operate the warm-up/cool-down modes and the speed controls. Similarly, you can choose between the Metric or English units of measurement.

Options such as pausing the machine and energy-saving mode are also accessible. There is a provision to create a user profile by adding personal details such as weight and height using the controls.


Having so many options to play with, you also need a sensible layout to easily use all of these provisions. The straightforward and intuitive design of the TR5500i layout offers effortless navigation.

The most used choices of speed and incline are provided on the right and left of the touch screen for quick access. The five buttons allow swift selection and are labeled as 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Even though these are not precise enough buttons for every possible speed and incline, they allow you to choose the desired level in fewer touches. As you also get a manual +/- button, you can set the in-between speeds or an up/down button for incline once you opt for one of the buttons nearer to your choice.

The top speed available is 13.5 mph, and the incline goes up to 13%, so if you want a speed of 7, you can select 6 and use the +/- button for going to 7, and the same is the process for incline using the up/down button.

The three-speed levels of the fan are controlled using the fan button placed in the middle of the console. You operate it by pushing it, and it starts at low, and when you press it again, it goes to medium, and for high, you need to push it once more.

The start, stop, and pause buttons are highlighted and are placed at the bottom of the console. A safety key is present on the front panel, which you need to clip to your clothing while you are on the machine.

A tablet holder is provided in the center of the console, and the USB port is present near to the screen beside the power button.

App Compatibility

The TR5500i comes with a Bluetooth option that allows you to connect to various apps such as Google fit, Apple Health, and LifeSpan apps. Connecting to other fitness apps is also possible, but these are the most prominent ones the users prefer.

You can sync your workout data to your smart device once you complete your workout. This accumulated data on a daily basis will help check your fitness levels from time to time.



Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your personalized playlist from your device through the speakers on the TR5500i treadmill that makes your workout experience enjoyable. Also, it is possible to connect to a chest strap wirelessly for transmitting the heart rate data to the monitor.

Ensure that you purchase a TR5500i compatible monitor as few HR monitors use ANT+ technology that might not sync well with this machine. The main screen allows you to control the Bluetooth settings for heart rate monitors as well as speakers.

Built-in Fan

A cooling fan is in-built into the treadmill at the base of the console. Even though small in size, it provides ample breeze to cool your body as it produces excellent airflow.

You can control the three-speed levels of the fan, i.e., low, medium, and high, using a button on the console. When purchasing a treadmill, many users particularly look for a cooling fan.

Tablet Holder

A secure holding place for your tablet is provided in front of the screen. As you can conveniently place your device on the machine, it enables you to entertain yourself unlimitedly while you work out.

When you place a tablet in front of the screen, it might block your view from the statistics displayed. However, that does not affect the metrics as they are unaffected, and you can check them whenever you want to.

Water Bottle

The two water bottle-sized cup holders on either side of the console are convenient to place your beverages. You can also use this place for storing your keys or mobile handy.


The TR5500i is equipped with a powerful motor of 4.0 CHP that gives it excellent top speed. Though it has a spacious running surface, it folds easily to a smaller footprint making it easy to store it. Since it has a weight capacity of 350 lbs, it can support many users.

As it offers incline and decline options, you can train for uphill and downhill requirements. Its 10” touchscreen is an added advantage to get a clear view as well as to operate the machine easily.


The maximum incline provided by LifeSpan TR5500i is 13%, which gives you stimulating training options when varied. When you add more incline, it becomes challenging as the gravity pulls you back, and you need to engage your posterior muscle chain to maintain the balance.

Though this process gives you a rigorous workout, you still have a low impact on your joints, helping you tone your stomach and lower body safely. Running or walking on an incline requires more effort and thus burns higher calories than walking on a flat surface.

As you can vary speeds along with the incline, this machine offers several combinations of exercise modes that keep you going for a long without repeating the same workout.

Additionally, this machine also comes with a decline of -2%, which can simulate the downhill action. The number does not seem much, but when a decline is applied, you do observe that it gives the exact feel of downhill.

These decline workouts are reputed to build strength in your anterior muscles and gently train your knees and quads. When you run for long distances, such as marathons, running downhill is also challenging.

The TR5500i comes with both 13% incline and -2% decline options, offers valuable training chances even for a seasoned athlete.

Built-in Program

This unit comes with 50+ preprogrammed workout choices. You can select them easily from the main screen by selecting any of the five categories of Manual, QuickStart, HR Control, Fitness Tests, or Programs.

Again, under programs, you get options such as Custom, Sports Training, Weight Loss, or Healthy Living. Each of these, except custom, will further have more options to choose from.

For instance, the Weight Loss option gives you workouts such as Cardio Run, Steady Pace, Short Intervals, Long Slow Distance, Downhill Repeats, or Uphill Walk. Similarly, Healthy Living and Sports Training also have further selections.

The custom programming setting allows the user to adjust the machine to their comfort and need based on which part of their body requires conditioning or their goals. However, preprogrammed workouts need only a few button presses to operate. Then you can use this machine to lose pounds, tone muscle, or built strength.

Though you get a color display, it is not meant for video instructions but to illustrate the graph that offers guidance through your workouts as your level increments. It offers first-rate data despite the simple interface, which is also easy to use.

Access to the TR5500i’s preprogrammed training routines does not require any subscription and is free to access for a lifetime as they come in-built with the machine.

Noise Level

The TR5500i operates quietly without any noise of metal from the machine. Only the belt makes a soft sound of swishing while it slides and is completely ignorable as it does not disrupt the harmony.

Coming to the switches on the console, they do make a beeping noise, but you can turn off that sound if you do not like it. Since it does not make any loud clanging noises, it is suitable for use at home, upstairs, or in small spaces such as apartments or condos.

Usually, treadmills make more noise when inclining or declining. Even though this machine has a powerful motor, it also operates quietly in those instances due to its quality.


The LifeSpan TR5500i comes with an EZ fold system that easily lifts and allows you to lock the deck in a vertical position to reduce the footprint of the unit when idle.

The lock provided secures the deck properly so that it does not come out easily in case a child or a pet accidentally touches it. It opens only when you press the release bar with your shoe to unlatch it.

Though the deck is supported as it unravels, it does make a thud sound when it hits the floor. To avoid this noise, you can guide the machine down slowly when it descends, and it is not at all difficult or heavy while doing so. And placing a mat under the treadmill helps protect your floor from damages and dust from getting into your treadmill, which minimizes the maintenance of your treadmill and ensures your treadmill lasts long.

Final Words

From motor power to Top speeds, every detail is exceptional about TR5500i. This mid-range priced treadmill has highly impressive features in every aspect, but the console organization fascinates me as it neatly handles the operation of several functions.

Bluetooth option is another mention-worthy option that allows syncing your data which makes your fitness tracking easier. With 50+ preset programs, it eliminates the need for other subscriptions, which saves you money but does not leave you bored.

The best thing about it is few specifications, such as a 4.0 CHP powerful motor and 10” color touchscreen is rarely available in this price range. In conclusion, this treadmill has a lot to experience and enjoy through your fitness journey.

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