LifeSpan TR7000i Treadmill Review

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The TR7000i model by LifeSpan is introduced as a commercial model, but as it comes with residential and commercial warranties, you are free to choose based on your needs. The first and foremost thing you notice about this treadmill is its robust construction.

Its large base and properly balanced height of 80.5” x 33.25” x 61” easily withstand high-intensity workouts. It gives you a safe feeling as you cannot budge it an inch even when using it at its highest weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The running surface is ample enough for tall runners with 22” x 62” dimensions. The AC motor of 3.5 CHP is rare to find in-home treadmills, and it is a nice addition to this treadmill for the smooth functioning of the machine.

This affordable treadmill is suitable for small gyms as it withstands traffic well. Speed range of 0.5mph to 12 mph is useful for walking, jogging, and running and a 15 % incline adds more challenge to it.

The 17 preset programs help you to focus on certain fitness categories, and the 2 manual programmable options are helpful for custom program designing. Overall, this treadmill comes with a good balance of features and performance, giving you the best value for the price.


  • The extra-large running surface of size 22″ x 62″
  • High-quality frame
  • Unsurpassed weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • Powerful AC motor at 3.5 CHP
  • Top speed of 12 mph
  • Challenging incline option up to 15%
  • Large 3” rollers
  • 21 possible workout programs
  • It starts with a press of a button using the quickstart
  • USB ports for charging and data transfer
  • Wireless chest strap compatibility
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent warranty
  • IntelliGuard and IntelliStep advanced features


  • No touchscreen
  • It does not come with a chest strap
  • Not equipped with a fan
  • Occupies large space

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Running Deck

The area where you jog, walk and run is the running surface. When this area is wide enough, you get enough space to exercise comfortably.

If the belt length is short, people with long legs find it difficult to take a full-length stride. Similarly, when the width of the belt is less, you find that you should be cautious about your step as there is not enough wriggle room.

Having a large running area allows you to train without worrying about where you are stepping or about managing your stride length. Especially when running, your steps are less under control and in such cases having a bigger belt area is convenient.

The golden standard for treadmills is said to be at 20” x 60” and is pretty much found in most treadmills. But with TR7000i, you get 22” x 62” which surpasses the golden dimensions giving you an extra-large area that is spacious.

Hence this LifeSpan treadmill model will be suitable for speedrunning regardless of your stride length as it can accommodate persons of any height. As you run, the machine needs to be stable, and the frame brings this steadiness.

The frame should be strong, or else your concentration will be on the wobbling machine rather than the training. You get to know the strength of the machine by checking its weight capacity, as only a robust treadmill can have a higher weight capacity.

Since TR7000i comes with a 400 lb. maximum weight capacity, which emphasizes the fact that it has a strongly built structure to support such high values. Also, the treadmill’s weight is heavy, accounting for 368 lb, which is impossible to budge, giving you a solid base.

Both these weight values indicate that the machine can accommodate even heavy individuals, helping you encompass more users. However, while assembling this unit, you will require helping hands for moving the machine.

The TR7000i comes with ample belt area, a sturdy frame, and amazing weight capacity, which shows that it is the best in all three aspects.


Motors with higher CHP are powerful and are responsible for the smooth operation of the treadmill. Also, higher power means less work and less heating which results in better durability.

Checking the motor specifications does play an important role in assessing the performance and functionality of the motor. The strong motor also decides if you can use the treadmill for running as you need certain power to use it for sprinting.

Weaker motors work hard and hence burn up quickly when you use them on a daily basis. They are not capable of bearing the load and even affect other parts such as the belt due to their drag.

When you need your treadmill for running regularly, then you should consider machine operating with a minimum of 3.0 CHP motor power. As TR7000i comes with 3.5 CHP, it can comfortably operate for running purposes without any interruption.

Also, this AC-powered motor can reach 12 mph effortlessly and operates smoothly in every condition. The AC power is generally used in commercial treadmills and is reputed for maintaining better torque even at lower speeds which improve the life of the motor.

The TR7000i is easily comparable with a quality commercial grade motor as it comes with advanced specifications that are not usually found in home treadmills.

The large rollers are also mention-worthy, where you get 3” rollers compared to 2.5” ones found in high-quality home-use treadmills. Roller plays a major role in increasing the life of belt and motor.

They also help in rolling the belt smoothly for the quiet operation of the machine. So even in this aspect, you have the best parts that provide an overall advantage in making this machine perform optimally along with improving its durability.


The TR7000i is capable of achieving 12 mph top speed. The moving belt speed of a treadmill is measured as miles per hour which indicates how fast your pace is while jogging or walking. For instance, if you are in a 10 mph setting, it means that you are running, and for a brisk pace, it would be 6 mph.


The incline feature comes with 15 angles and is easy to operate using the motorized ramp. The incline training helps you burn more calories in a shorter period when compared to flat surfaces.

They support uphill workout practice, which is useful in improving your performance in various sports activities. It supports the toning of your muscles by challenging them and also helps in improving your metabolism.


You get to opt from 21 various workout programs, among which 17 of them are predefined, and 2 are customizable. These customizable programs allow you to save a favorite routine of yours so that you can access them next time just by selecting the program instead of working on each setting.

A 6.5” LCD provides details of your fitness training, and 3 LED displays for speed, distance, and incline.  This simple and easy-to-use console screen does not require special technical knowledge and is manageable by everyone.

The Quickstart option is handy for getting right into training as soon you jump on the machine. This option keeps many users motivated to begin their workouts as they need not take extra time for settings.

The TR7000i is equipped with 2 USB ports that are useful in transferring the data and charging your device. The data thus obtained can be stored or charted for analysis.

Also, Bluetooth compatibility is available for syncing your training metrics with prominent fitness apps. This facility makes it easier to transfer data as you need not invest in another physical device such as a USB drive.

Using this treadmill, you can measure the heart rate in two ways. You can utilize the contact sensors that detect your pulse and provide heart rate or add a chest strap additionally and connect it with the treadmill.

IntelliStep is the onboard pedometer that starts counting your steps as soon as you step on it. similarly, IntelliGuard is another feature designed for your safety as it protects your dear ones by stopping the belt after 20 seconds of your stepping down.

You get a convenient setup for placing your devices for enjoying your favorite shows or music. This shelf holds your smartphone or tablet securely while you work out as well as entertain yourself at the same time.

The two large water bottle holders fit in most kinds of bottles that allow you to keep the liquids nearby for hydrating yourself during your workout sessions.


You get a white glove delivery option with this treadmill, which delivers the machine and assembles it for you. However, it is optional, and even if you opt out, the assembly part is pretty easy.

As already mentioned, TR7000i is a robust treadmill meaning it requires a couple of people to help move it into the right position. Rest all is a piece of cake, and you just need to work along with the easy-to-follow manual instructions.

Since the guide comes with large and clear images, it is visually easy to compare your progress, and the chances of mistakes are next to zero as you get to see how the result will look like.

As the complicated base part already comes assembled, you are left with the tasks of attaching the console, mast, and putting on the covers.


  • Residential Warranty. You get a lifetime warranty of frame and motor, 5 years on parts, and 2 years on labor. A lifetime warranty is always a safe investment, and even the 5-year warranty on parts is generous considering the wear and tear of the treadmill.
  • Commercial Warranty. The frame gets a 10-year warranty, 5 years for motor and parts, and 1 year on labor. Usually, commercial warranties are highly limited, and in comparison, this seems pretty fair.

The Verdict: Who Is LifeSpan TR7000i Treadmill For?

Its impressive weight capacity supports heavier people, and due to its steadiness, it does not wobble when under load. A large belt area accommodates taller individuals without any complaint.

Its Quickstart switch is a boon for those who do not want to go through settings each time they start the treadmill. Similarly, built-in programs also play a similar role, but they offer more focused output.

If you are looking for the best warranty, this is one of the treadmills that gives amazing commercial and residential warranties. All in all, this heavy-duty treadmill will be your lifetime fitness partner once you invest in it, as there is no looking back.

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