LifeSpan TR800-DT3 Treadmill Desk Review

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LifeSpan is a fitness equipment brand that has carved a name for itself with its quality products that are durable and affordable. The brand has its range of treadmills, rowers, bikes, and ellipticals, but they also specialize in manufacturing treadmill desks that make them unique and sought-after in the market.

The LifeSpan TR800-DT3 treadmill is a budget-friendly treadmill that is an apt choice for use in your workstation at the office.

The treadmill has an average 2.0 CHP motor that’s sufficient for walking on the machine (at the office, you cannot dream about running on the treadmill simultaneously while working). A maximum speed of 4 mph is suitable to satisfy your walking needs.

There are no incline and decline options present, but given the working nature of the machine and your nature of use, this should not be a problem.

The main concern is the narrow running deck that forces you to take shorter stride lengths. The machine occupies a minimal footprint (60.5″ L x 26″ W x 6.5″ H) and can easily fit your space-saving needs, but it is also lightweight, and hence, supports a maximum user weight limit of 200 lbs only.

But, several secondary features make this piece of equipment a recommended buy for the price paid.

The machine ensures safety using the Intelli-Guard, and the Intelli-Step takes account of the total steps taken.

You have Bluetooth connectivity provisioning that helps you access fitness apps, and the USB port help charge your smartphone while working out on the machine.

Above all, the treadmill offers a good warranty and helps you work out simultaneously while working or taking calls at the office.

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What I Like About

Compact & Space-saving size: The treadmill was specifically designed to be compact and usable for small individuals. It has a small footprint measuring 60.5 inches by 26 inches, and hence, could fit the smallest available space in your office.

The compact track size makes it a space-saving piece of equipment, making it more suitable for beginner trainers.

Optimal Motor Power: The 2.0CHP motor might seem very menial if choosing a treadmill for home gym spaces. But, being an under desk treadmill, we would be using the machine primarily for running purposes, and for this, the motor power is optimal.

There are no incline and decline options, but this is acceptable as you don’t want to climb mountains while working at the office.

The motor power is fit for light use (3 hours or so), and if you want a treadmill that could be used for longer hours, you might look at other models.

Good Speed: The maximum speed offered by this treadmill is 4mph which might be way below normal speeds available in treadmills.

But, as you would be walking and working, you are bound to walk at a speed that’s much lesser than 2 mph, and the maximum speed of 4mph is good enough for all.

Noiseless: Working at the office, you don’t want to disturb others, and the treadmill motor functions noiselessly without pestering others. You are bound to appreciate the machine’s quiet operation when you are on a call.

Intelli-Step: Most of us never part away with our fitness watches, even when sleeping, but at the office, you needn’t worry about counting steps as Intelli-Step substitutes for your pedometer. Step onto the treadmill and be assured that every step taken is accounted for.

Intelli-Guard: The boss might suddenly call you, or there might be instances when you quickly step away from the machine to take an important call. Don’t be disturbed regarding safety issues as the machine stops automatically after 20 seconds of inactivity.

Superb Warranty: Considering the treadmill’s pricing, the warranty that comes with it is indeed appreciable. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years on the motor, and one year of labor and parts.

The company’s lifetime frame warranty is a great gesture as several other models in this price range don’t offer more than a few years. LifeSpan stands true to its name and has assured us of an admirable warranty.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The machine is Bluetooth-enabled, and hence, it’s easy to sync all your fitness-related data to the LifeSpan app or other fitness apps.

USB Port: There is no need to fret when your smartphone runs out of charge as the USB charging port comes to your rescue. Connect your gadget and get it charged.

Assembly: The assembly of any exercise equipment is the greatest fear for many individuals. With the TR800-DT3 model, you needn’t worry the slightest bit about assembly as the unit comes fully assembled. You can take it out of the box and start using it immediately.

Easy to Move: The machine weighs only 96lbs and hence, is very easy to move around, especially with the presence of two front-mounted wheels that help in transportation.

What I Don’t Like

Running Deck: The standard running deck size stands at 20 inches by 55 inches, but this is an under desk treadmill, and hence, it comes with a running belt size of 18 inches by 45 inches. You must take shorter stride lengths to compensate for the narrow running deck size, but the machine has 6 compression shocks that minimize the impact on your joints and increase comfort levels.

Maximum User Weight Limit: We already know that this machine is lightweight, and hence, the frame and construction aren’t too sturdier. Hence, the maximum user weight supported is also lesser, only 200lbs, which keeps many individuals out of reach.

Decreased Usage Duration: The motor power is quite low, and though it is suitable for your walking needs, the machine cannot withstand continuous usage. You can operate the treadmill only for 3 hours daily, and any additional usage might disrupt its durability.

Who Is This For?

The under-desk treadmill is most suitable for those who have a desk job. Sitting for long hours continuously and juggling between meetings and work, most of us can’t afford dedicated time for our fitness needs. If you are one of them, this treadmill is most suitable for use.

You can set up the TR800-DT3 model in your workstation and attend both to your fitness as well as work-related needs simultaneously.

Don’t hesitate to purchase this budget-friendly treadmill and walk your way toward fitness.

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