LifeSpan TR8000i Medical Treadmill Review

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The TR8000i is a medical-grade treadmill by LifeSpan, designed carefully for rehabilitation purposes. It is highly reliable and handy for multiple forms of injury recovery.

Its heavy-duty motor operates silently with matchless functioning. Since this machine gives you smooth and quiet working owing to its powerful drive system, users find it pleasant to exercise with.

Highlights of this machine include a non-slip reversible belt, full-length safety handrails, and free fitness club membership. For more details, do check the below review.


  • Powerful AC motor of 5 CHP
  • It comes with a 12% incline and -3% decline options
  • Extra-large running area of 22” x 62”
  • Capable of achieving the top speed of 12 MPH
  • It comes with 17 built-in programs
  • High weight capacity of 500 lbs


  • No speaker output
  • Does not fold

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Running Belt

This model features a roomy running area of 22” x 62” that allows you a lot of wriggle room and enables even tall runners to stride comfortably. The extra-large belt size feels luxurious as you need not worry about bumping into the machine now and then due to compact space.

Also, the belt is highly durable due to its multi-ply quality, Polyester PVC material make. It comes with a non-slip feature that ensures you are safe from exercise injury while you are running. This machine also allows reverse motion at a speed of 3 mph, which is extremely useful for rehabilitation purposes while recovering from an injury.


The permanent magnet AC motor with a 5 CHP power is the amazing specification of this treadmill. The high-power motor not only indicates excellent quality but also allows the machine to operate smoothly.

Even the durability of the motor and the parts of the machine are improved due to the flawless functioning engine. You will also find that it operates quietly.

Weight Capacity

Another highlight of TR8000i is its weight capacity. It is at 500 pounds which is capable of accommodating almost any individual. The higher weight capacity also indicates excellent stability and durability of the machine.

Even with daily use by multiple people, this machine can endure both the traffic and the weight of various people without difficulty.


The TR8000i features both incline and decline of 12% and -3%, which allows you to train both uphill and downhill. This being a medical-grade treadmill, the incline variability supports different requirements as you can work separate muscle groups in various settings.

Another mention-worthy feature is the possibility of reverse working of the belt at a speed of 3 mph which is highly useful for individuals who cannot turn around for getting on the treadmill. Due to these features, it is deemed a handy machine for rehabilitation purposes.

Built-in Program

You can determine your fitness levels using the Rockport Fitness Assessment program, which analyzes your aerobic fitness using the submaximal V02 calculation. The users need to provide their body weight to calculate the V02 max value.

This test is simple to administer and does not require any special equipment to do so. The values help you determine your current fitness levels and also helps you to check your improvement after you work out for a few weeks.


This LifeSpan treadmill comes with warranty coverage of 10 years on frame and 5 years on motor. They are also offering 1-year on labor. When compared with most treadmills from this brand, this does seem limited.

However, the machine is robustly built and does have long durability and stability. Though they do not offer a lifetime warranty, the material used in making this treadmill does have that kind of longevity.


You get an LCD of 6.5” where you can set your profile, message and check your workout progress. It shows the incline, speed, date and time, program title, distance, average heart rate, pace, calories, and other workout data you want to know.


Full-length handrails are found on this medical-grade treadmill. They offer complete support to get on and off the machine along with ensures top-level safety.

Other Accessories


The in-built USB data port allows you to collect all your fitness data into a USB drive to store it or to upload it to a LifeSpan club account for charting. You only get the port, and the USB drive is to be bought separately.

App support

The Train and Train™ or Active Trac™ apps can be freely downloaded on your Android or Apple devices for wireless syncing of data. When you download these apps, you can effortlessly acquire your workout data without any further interventions.

Audio output

The audio jack enables you to plug in the device having your favorite tunes and a media holder to keep the device safe. However, the treadmill does not have any speakers to output the music, so you need to use headphones or play it directly from your device.


The TR8000i does not fold, so you should make sure that you have a dedicated space for this machine. Usually, non-foldable machines have higher durability, meaning that is one of its advantages despite the space it occupies.

The Verdict: Who Is LifeSpan TR8000i Medical Treadmill For?

You can use TR8000i for medical purposes such as rehabilitation clinics and physical therapist’s offices. It is a high weight capacity treadmill that capable of enduring high traffic and heavy people. It is suitable for public therapy centers and also for individuals who are concerned about their fitness.

LifeSpan also offers you a club membership where you can create your profile and store your data along with receiving tips and motivation from time to time. With excellent safety features and multi-use facilities, this treadmill is a keeper.

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