Marcy ME-704 Regenerating Magnetic Elliptical Review

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The Marcy ME-704 is a comparable home-use elliptical trainer to the Marcy NS-40501E or the Fitness Reality X-Class 710.

It is fitted with a regenerating magnetic resistance mechanism, which means it does not require a power supply, unlike the other two types.

It’s one of Marcy Fitness’s newest models, as well as one of the most economical self-powered elliptical machines on the market.

It has a regenerating magnetic resistance system with 24 levels and a console with 23 training routines.

It’s a durable elliptical machine ideal for low to medium-intensity exercises, weight reduction, muscular toning, stamina strengthening, and recovery training.

It is one of the most cost-effective trainers with a self-powered resistance system, and it provides exceptional value for money.

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Parts and Construction

To begin, the Marcy ME-704 elliptical trainer has a steel tube frame with various ABS components.

The drive and resistance cover numerous other minor covers, and the pedals are all ABS elements in its manufacture.

It’s certainly not light-commercial equipment, but it does have a 300-pound weight capability (136 kg).

Compared to other ellipticals, such as the Life Fitness E1, the completely constructed equipment is not very huge.

It is around 53″ (135 cm) in length and 25″ (64 cm) in width. It is advised that at least two feet of space be added around this footprint for easy access to the unit and unobstructed operation.

The Marcy elliptical trainer isn’t very heavy, but it is close to 100 pounds.

Combined with your own, all of this weight results in great stability. Additionally, the unit’s rear base features adjustable stabilizers, while the front base includes transport wheels for convenient unit transportation once you’ve completed your workout.

As we described earlier, the machine’s pedals are composed of strong ABS plastic.

They offer a ribbed surface for better adhesion and an inner-top border for added foot support.

They don’t have any padding, though, and they’re each secured to their bars with two screws.

One set of handlebars is moveable, while the other is fixed on this elliptical.

The movable handlebars have lengthy, rubberized grips and ovalized caps at their ends for a comfortable top grip.

The fixed handlebars are combined into a loop bar, comparable to the loop bar of a spin bike.

Two stainless steel sensors for monitoring your pulse are integrated into this fixed handlebar.

Ball bearings are used at all connection points between the machine’s cranks, pedal bars, moving arms, and console mast.

Consequently, the unit produces a very smooth motion.

Last but not least, all of the frame steel bars are coated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish.

Dark gray is the chosen color.

Step-up Height

The Marcy ME-704 elliptical trainer has a 16″ mid-range stride length (40 cm).

Other comparable ellipticals, such as the Gold’s Gym 350i or the Sunny SF-E3607 models, have a stride of 13″(33 cm). This means that someone taller (above 6’0″) will benefit from a wider range of motion.

The elliptical path is slightly tilted forward on this Marcy elliptical trainer since it has a rear drive.

Consequently, the bike may feel like it’s descending a gentle incline. This places greater emphasis on your glutes and hips, resulting in the improved glute and hip toning.

When it comes to step-up height, the pedals are approximately 8″ from the floor at their lowest position (20 cm).

They’re 16″ (41 cm) above floor level when they’re at their tallest point.

Consequently, the machine should be used in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ (51 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance Level

A regenerating magnetic resistance mechanism is included with the Marcy ME-704.

This implies it doesn’t need to be linked to a power source to make the resistance available.

It has a tiny generator that generates enough electricity to operate the console and allows you to change the resistance while you pedal.

The resistance may, of course, only be modified from the console. If you pick some of the console routines for your workout, they will automatically alter the resistance.

A tiny magnetic brake serves as the internal resistance mechanism.

The brake will travel closer or farther from the internal flywheel as you pick a degree of resistance from the console, increasing or lowering the resistance.

There is no friction between the resistance-producing elements since the resistance is magnetic and has smooth pedaling.

The machine has a total of 24 resistance levels.

The initial levels provide a low amount of tension, making them suitable for elderly or disabled users who want to exercise.

However, the 20-24 levels allow you to choose between a more rigorous workout and a higher burn.

The flywheel’s weight isn’t disclosed.

However, the internal flywheel isn’t particularly heavy because this isn’t a hefty elliptical trainer.

It should weigh between 12 and 20 pounds (5.4 and 9.0 kg).

The crankset on this machine is quite sturdy.

It can easily sustain persons weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kg). A sturdy rubber belt is also used in the internal transmission, resulting in a motion that is practically silent and vibration-free.


The Marcy ME-704’s console is essentially the same as the Marcy ME-702 Regenerating Upright Bike’s console.

It has an LCD with a blue LED backlight that is divided into many parts to display as many training stats as possible at once.

It keeps track of time, distance, calories burned, speed, RPM, pulse, and selected resistance level.

The console’s internal sensors can detect your pulse, but it’s also compatible with a Polar 5kHz HR chest strap transmitter.

However, this item is not included.

Even though the machine’s control unit lacks internet access and isn’t compatible with any online fitness applications, it includes 23 routines to keep you motivated.

The P1 program is a manual program that lets you control the resistance independently while you work out.

The P2-P13 algorithms are pre-programmed. Steps, Hill, Rolling, Valley, Fat Burn, Ramp, Mountain, Intervals, Random, Plateau, Fartlek, and Precipice, are just a few of the exercises they cover.

The P14-P17 programs are one-of-a-kind.

Put another way; they let you develop and store your programs. HR programs P18-P22 are configured for 55 percent, 65 percent, 75 percent, 85 percent, and custom.

You must utilize either the pulse sensors or an HR chest strap to use one of the HR exercises, and the machine will automatically alter the resistance based on your current heart rate to keep you inside the set HR interval. The Watt Control program is on the 23rd.

The Watt value will remain constant when you use P23 as your workout. This implies that if your bike rapidly, your resistance will reduce, and if you pedal slowly, your resistance will grow.

There’s also a BMI function and a Recovery feature.

The Recovery feature calculates how long it takes your heart to return to normal after an exercise and assigns you a score ranging from 1 (excellent) to 6 (poor) (bad).

The Body Mass Index (BMI) function is a body fat calculator that uses your height and weight to calculate your body fat percentage.

Finally, the console includes two built-in speakers and a tablet holder.

The audio jack is on the back of the console, while the speakers are at the bottom.

If you wish to listen to your music through the console speakers, you may connect your MP3 player or smartphone to the console.

The tablet holder is located beneath the console display and is large enough to accept any tablet.


Marcy’s ME-704 elliptical trainer arrives in a half-assembled state.

All drive and resistance parts have already been mounted to the frame’s base and are protected by protective coverings.

All that remains is to add the front and rear base bars, the console mast, the pedals, the moving arms, and the console to complete the assembly.

Although this may take more than an hour, the handbook provides extremely clear assembly instructions.

Some of the tools needed for assembly are also supplied.

The machine’s internal components do not require any maintenance.

All you have to do is oil the joints regularly, clean the machine, and keep liquids away from the console to keep your machine in excellent working order.

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