NordicTrack E 7.0 Z Elliptical Trainer Review

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The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z elliptical trainer has been around since 2015, yet it’s still available since it’s a great machine. It has a manual inclination, fewer onboard programs, and the iFit module, although it is built similarly to the NordicTrack C 7.5. On the other hand, the machine’s console is compatible with iFit modules.

Even though this NordicTrack elliptical trainer is not marketed as a commercial model, its frame structure is quite comparable to a light commercial model. It has a strong steel frame that weighs around 200 pounds (90.7 kg). On the other hand, this weight is a big benefit since it gives the machine a lot of stability.

Furthermore, the machine’s back and front bases are supported by rubberized stabilizers that may be adjusted to properly level the machine. It is not necessary to set it on a rubberized mat. However, it is advised.

There is no folding frame on the NordicTrack E 7.0 Z. However, moving the machine is not difficult because the front base has a set of transfer wheels.

Because the back base includes a handle, you may raise it from behind and lean it on its front wheels to manage no more than 45 pounds.

Except for the gliding rails of the pedals, which are chrome, all-steel sections of the machine have a corrosion-resistant black coating. The motor and flywheel covers, as well as various additional covers, are constructed of heavy-duty plastic.

This NordicTrack model, like other elliptical trainers, is rather big. It takes up about 66 x 25 x 64 cm (168 × 168 cm) of floor area. It also needs at least two feet of clearance on each side, front and rear, for safe operation.

This trainer may not be the greatest cardio machine option if the room is limited. A cycling trainer like the L NOW LD-77 or the Spinner S3 might be a better option.

This elliptical trainer comes with a pair of big pedals with a highly adhesive surface. They’re around 7 3/4″ broad and can fit all sizes of sporting shoes. They’re also slightly slanted inward to provide more natural foot positioning.

The pedals are fastened to highly strong bars. They can support persons weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kg). They have heavy-duty rollers with industrial-grade sealed ball bearings.

So their glide on the rails is silky smooth and has low noise. High-grade ball bearings are also used in the machine’s couplings between the pedal bars and movable arms.

The handlebars on this NordicTrack elliptical trainer are divided into two types: moveable and fixed. They both have simple, rubberized grips for maximum comfort and minimize hand harm during extended training sessions.

Pulse sensors are included in the fixed handlebars, and they are the sole ways to monitor your heart rate. The machine’s control panel isn’t telemetric.

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Incline and Stride

The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z elliptical trainer is advertised on several websites with an adjustable stride. The stride is “adjustable” in length but not in width.

Its stride measures a flat 20″ in length (51 cm). However, when the inclination of the machine is adjusted, the form and angle of the stride change, allowing you to focus more on different muscle groups.

A manual inclination mechanism is included with this NordicTrack elliptical. The rail assembly is coupled to the frame’s front portion and may lock into place in five different configurations, with inclination settings of 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, and 20°.

It’s simple to change the inclination. To lock the rail in the appropriate position, push the button on the front of the rail, pull the rail up, and release the button.

You can’t modify the incline from the console while pedaling since the incline mechanism needs manual adjustment; instead, you must halt your workout, step down from the pedals, adjust the incline, and then restart your activity.

Finally, the machine can provide you with a total elevation of around 22″. (56 cm). To avoid any ceiling problems, make sure the ceiling height in the area where you’ll be utilizing it is at least 25-26 inches higher than your height.


The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z is a magnetic elliptical machine with a motor. The machine’s resistance mechanism is made up of a magnetic flywheel and a servo motor, and it can only be modified from the control panel.

The servo motor will alter the magnets’ pull when you pick a certain resistance level, increasing drag. In addition, if you choose one of the pre-set plans or an iFit program, the trainer will automatically change resistance.

Because the machine’s motorized resistance has to be linked to a power circuit, a power adapter is supplied, with specifications of 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 5A, and a 9V / 200 mA output.

Like many other magnetic resistance ellipticals, cycles, and rowers, this NordicTrack model has a belt drive system with a heavy-duty belt. The elliptical’s gearbox does not require oil as a result of this.

Furthermore, the sound it produces is non-existent. The flywheel’s circumference bears the brunt of its weight. As a result, the pedaling action is smooth and steady, and the sensation is consistent.

This machine allows you to cycle in reverse, and the dashboard will continue to track your exercise data while you’re doing so. The Q-Factor is also small, allowing for a comfortable foot positioning without putting strain on the knees and ankles.


A mid-range console is included with the NordicTrack E 7.0 Z. It has a multi-panel LCD with a blue LED backlight, ensuring good reading even in dimly lit environments.

Speed, distance, RPM, the number of strides, duration, calories, total calories, pulse, and, of course, the set resistance level may all be displayed concurrently on display.

Distance and speed are measured in miles per hour (mph) and kilometers (kmh). There’s also the MyTrail feature, which shows the distance in a 1/4 mile (400 m) racing track while keeping track of how many laps you’ve done.

The console unit features 20 pre-programmed, profile-based programs that modify resistance automatically based on the current training segment.

These programs are separated into two categories: calorie-burning programs and performance-oriented programs. You may also specify calorie, time, and distance objectives.

The console is also iFit compatible, in addition to these fitness-related features. This means you can attach an iFit module to it and sync it with your laptop or tablet, allowing your exercise data to be instantly sent to your iFit account.

iFit also unlocks a slew of additional features, like the ability to compete with others and workout using a GoogleMaps-based virtual route. However, the machine does not come with an iFit module.

As previously stated, the console can only monitor your heart rate if you keep your hands on the sensors in the fixed handlebars. No heart rate chest strap transmitters are compatible with it.

The control device has several other functions, training programs, and iFit compatibility. First and foremost, it has a tablet tray that can hold any tablet or smartphone.

Tablet support is also supplied, which mounts to the top of the unit. A USB charging connector is located on the left side of the machine, allowing you to dock your smartphone and charge it while you exercise.

There’s also a sound system that works with most smartphones and MP3 players. Although it may not have the sound quality of a dedicated sound system, this sound system can undoubtedly outperform any tablet or phone speaker.

The use of the console is simple and intuitive. The + / – keys can be used to gradually change resistance, but keys for rapid adjustment are also provided for the 3,6,9,12,15,18 and 20 settings.

On the dashboard, each program category has its key. Several keys on the top of the console provide direct control of the iFit interface.

Finally, a Pause/End key is essential if you mix elliptical sessions with other workouts or need to pause your activity.


This elliptical trainer’s core comes pre-assembled. The resistance and drive systems, in other words, are already linked to the frame and protected by their protective shrouds.

Thus all you have to do for assembly is connect the bases, pedals, arms, handlebars, and console. This shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half to complete.

All of the essential assembly instructions are included in the handbook. It also comes with the necessary tools.

It is advised that you regularly examine the equipment for loose bolts and parts for maintenance. Before each workout, the machine’s rails should be cleaned and washed off since any little things might harm them or the pedals’ rollers.

Some lubrication may be necessary if the joints between the arms and the pedals become noisy. Finally, because the internal parts are pre-lubricated from the factory, they should not require any maintenance for a long time.


The NordicTrack E 7.0 Z is a mid-range elliptical trainer with the manual inclination and powered eddy current resistance. Its console has 20 built-in programs, goal settings and is iFit compatible.

Even though it is not a commercial machine, its structure is quite similar to that of light commercial machines.

It’s a trainer suitable for people of all fitness levels, allowing them to do light to strenuous cardio exercises, interval workouts, increase strength and stamina, and, of course, lose weight.

It may burn up to 700 calories each hour, or even more if you do a more strenuous workout with it. It is not a costly unit, costing at least a few hundred dollars less than a light commercial one. Overall, it’s a computer with a great price-to-value ratio.

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