Nordictrack GX4.7 Recumbent Bike Review

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The Nordictrack GX4.7 recumbent bike is another spectacular piece of exercising machine that the Nordictrack Company has gifted the exercise world.

This is one of the quality recumbent bikes that are amazingly affordable.

It is budget-friendly and does not offer fewer quality features just because it is affordable.

Built with every feature a rider would love to have, the Nordictrack offer features such as a backrest that provides comfort more than the upright bike would offer.

This backrest is also adjustable to your preferred position during exercise or for riders of height.

In this Nordictrack GX4.7 review, we will continue bringing you through a serious of its extra awesome features.

It has an iFit compatibility that allows you to choose from various options of exercise.

The sound system is also another amazing feature that is enjoyed on the GX4.7, and its Intermix Acoustic Sound System gives the best sound output with options to adjust the volume to suit your ears.

It is built in such a way that it provides you with comfort, push, a good workout, levels of workout that will give you the best result in getting in shape or losing weight.


  • Its 24 workout program is divided into 2 sections. Half of the programed workout is for calorie-burning workout and the second half is for a speed workout.
  • You can feel so much comfort even when sweating during a workout.
  • Its magnetic resistance spectacular feature
  • It has an amazing 5-inches backlit LCD where you can track your workout progress.
  • It has 2 transporting wheels to let movement easy.


  • The in-built iFit program has to be subscribed.
  • The heart rate monitor is not so accurate.
  • There is no integration of media cable.

Now, let’s have a deep look into the amazing features that this recumbent bike offers for its affordable price.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension: 49.8″ L x 25.4″ W x 56.8″ H
  • Footprint: 49.8″ x 25.4″
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs / 136 kg
  • Resistance levels: 22 magnetic resistance levels
  • Warranty: lifetime frame warranty and a 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Workout programs: 24
  • iFit Compatible
  • 5-inch LCD display
  • One Water Bottle Holder


Firmness is one of the features a good recumbent bike should have to avoid any kind of accidents during exercise, such as falling.

You can have a good time of exercise without having to worry about your safety.

The Nordictrack GX4.7 is built with solid steel, and with 25 inches stabilizer stands to clench everything in one place during exercise.

There is no swaying or wobbling with this sturdy piece because it has been carefully created to offer not only exercise but also firmness as you can always adjust its steadiness on any floor from the levelers that are located under the rear stabilizer.


For the lovers of challenge, this recumbent bike offers you levels of challenges because of its 22 magnetic resistance levels, which are managed through the console.

The more you exercise, the more you can increase the level of your resistance just by making use of the + and – buttons right on the console.

You can as well decide to move faster by pressing a swift jump button.

With some bikes coming with manual control of its resistance, the GX4.7 comes with an electronic resistance control.


When it comes to having equipment such as recumbent bikes, we would like to have some sense of control over it.

We would love to make some settings that suit us, well the GX4.7 is such that can be adjusted to suit your preference while working out or before.

The seat can be moved back or forward with the help of the lever at the side to set the preferred leg position.


Cycling is the main objective of this bike, so, therefore, it has the best pedals.

These pedals are attached firmly and securely to the front transport wheel for safe pedaling.

You don’t have to bother about your legs slipping off the pedal, and the pedal has a plastic strap that can be adjusted.

At first, the strap may feel a bit hard, but with time, it softens with adjustments.


The bike comes halfway assembled.

It usually takes up to about 1 to 2 hours to assemble it all, but for other people, it may take longer than expected.

To assemble, it is advised to read the user’s manual properly, have help in other to avoid accidents, and save time.

You can always seek the help of a professional for assembling.


The GX4.7 is designed for exercise purposes, but good comfort during exercise is not a bad option.

While burning calories or staying shape, you get to enjoy the stability of the bike and a comfortable Lumba seat that can be adjusted to suit your preference.

You also get to enjoy the Extra-Wide Ergonomic Pedals with its attached plastic straps to help prevent your legs from slipping.

A workout fan is not a bad idea, after all.

While you are working out, this in-built cooling fan motivates you to keep going.


Cycling is at its best with the 15-pound inertia boost flywheel, so you don’t have to worry about any strain or pain.

This Nordictrack has 24 inbuilt workout programs that are divided into two categories (12-12).

One category is for burning calories, and the second category is speed workouts.

It has an iFit compatibility, which you have to get subscribed to in other to activate it.

There is a 5 inches screen display that allows you to take note and keep up with your workout progress.

Its other console includes a handlebar, built-in speakers, heart rate monitor, the auto breeze workout fan, tablet holder, and a good warranty.

Final Thoughts

The Nordictrack GX4.7 is a quality recumbent bike, which is also comfortable.

While you are burning away some calories or trying to get in shape, enjoy the amazing seat and its adjustable option.

Though it may not be foldable to be moved from one place to another, it surely can be transported securely and easily because of its attached wheels.

It is also one of the budget-friendly recumbent bikes that you can readily purchase.

Besides, there are 22 levels of resistance just in case you are perfect at a level and you want to go higher, you can always hit the + button to go unto the next level.

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