Octane Fitness XR650 Recumbent Elliptical Review

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The Octane Workout XR650 recumbent elliptical is a fitness equipment designed for light commercial use.

It has a few additional features than the Octane XR4X that we previously reviewed, including a thicker, sturdier frame built for a higher weight capacity.

The machine is designed to provide exceptional comfort and ergonomics. However, unlike the more encompassing XR6000, its console lacks online connectivity.

The Octane Fitness xR650 is a commercial-grade recumbent elliptical trainer with enhanced comfort, adaptability, and durability.

It has a 4-way adjustable, constantly cushioned seat and a longer elliptical motion for additional glute activity.

It comes with a 16-programmable LED-based console and a 30-level eddy current resistance system.

Overall, it’s a great machine for low-impact cardio, light to vigorous interval training, leg, core, and arm exercises, stamina building, and weight reduction.

It isn’t a cheap item, but its overall quality is commensurate with the price.

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Because it is a light-commercial bike, the Octane XR650 is built to be exceptionally durable.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds (181.4 kilograms), which is outstanding for a reclining elliptical trainer or recumbent cycle.

The base structure of the unit is entirely built of steel tubing, with ovalized and cylindrical bars combining to increase overall sturdiness while also adding a lovely aesthetic touch to the unit.

However, various ABS elements are used in the machine’s manufacture. However, these are usually coverings that simply serve an aesthetic and protective purpose without compromising the unit’s overall robustness.

This Octane recumbent elliptical trainer is rather hefty due to the many thick steel bars and other equipment.

It has a net weight of around 268 lbs (121.5 kg). Consequently, it is advised that at least two people move, unbox, and assemble it.

The trainer isn’t too difficult to move after the frame is fully completed; its front base has a set of wheels that make it easier to transport, and its back component, behind the seat, has a lifting handle.

The weight of the machine has a significant role in its overall stability.

Not only that, but it also has two adjustable stabilizers on its back base.

The Octane XR650 is huge when compared to other light commercial recumbent motorcycles.

It has a footprint of approximately 71″L x 35″W when constructed (180 x 89 cm).

Besides, it is advised to give a training surface of at least 90 × 80 (228 x 203 cm) for safe operation and accessibility.

This recumbent bike, like many others, has a step-through configuration.

This greatly facilitates access to the seat. A metallic plate reinforces the bottom frame part immediately under the seat, allowing you to securely step on it.

A set of curved, movable arms is included with the machine.

The grips are basic and rubberized. Because they are linked to the pedals, they cannot move independently of the pedals.

In other words, the arms will move as long as the pedals are moving and vice versa.

The machine comes with a pair of large pedals to suit sports shoes of various sizes.

They have a non-slip surface and are composed of sturdy ABS plastic. They feature a border all the way around to help with foot stability and placement.

Additionally, each connection to the crank and console mast is equipped with high-grade ball bearings.

A set of footrests is also included in the package.

The footrests bar is attached to the console mast just beneath the console. This feature allows you to keep your feet and legs still while exercising just with your arms, focusing on an upper-body workout.

Finally, the machine has a long-lasting paint finish that resists corrosion and peeling.

Gray is the primary color, and it is the only color available for this Octane trainer.

Seat and Pedals

Although the Octane Fitness XR650 may not have the same level of internet connectivity as other recumbent bikes in this price range, it does provide some of the best comfort available.

First, the seat has a 3″ (8 cm) deep layer of padding, which extends to the backrest.

The upholstery is composed of a tough vinyl material that will last a long time.

Both the backrest and the seat feature a curved surface that conforms to your body precisely.

The seat assembly’s backbone comprises a large steel tube, so you can be certain that the unit’s backrest will not let you down.

The backrest provides solid and healthy lumbar support as a result of this.

The Octane recumbent bike’s 4-way seat adjustment is one of its best features.

The seat is coupled to an oblique, slightly curved bar with over 10 adjustment points, allowing the seat to be moved lower and closer to the pedals and vice versa.

It’s also reclining on top of that. It has five tilting configurations, so you’ll always be able to find the best fit for your size.

The machine can accommodate users ranging in height from 5’0″ to 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm), allowing for full leg extension and comfortable foot and body placement.

In addition, as previously stated, the seat can accommodate persons weighing up to 400 pounds (181.4 kg).

A pair of miniature handlebars are mounted on the unit’s seat.

They have pulse sensors built-in, so the console can read your pulse just by holding them.

The machine also comes with two bottle/accessory holders. They attach to the seat handlebars in the back.

Drive System

Various driving elements and aspects related to the unit’s drive system must be included here.

To begin with, the Octane xR650 has a balanced internal flywheel that also serves as a crucial component of the resistance system.

The weight of the flywheel is not given, although due to the magnetic resistance, it is unimportant.

It’s a flywheel built and sized to reduce initial difficulty while maintaining a smooth and consistent action throughout the workout.

The internal transmission of the machine is a heavy-duty poly-v belt that is intended for optimum traction.

Like any other belt drive system in a recumbent bike, it does not require oil and is exceedingly quiet to operate.

The 16″ PowerStroke technology is one feature that distinguishes the XR650 recumbent elliptical trainer from others.

To put it another way, the machine has an ideal stride and leg extension to engage more muscles.

The elliptical route is angled forward, resulting in increased glute action and calorie burn during the workout.

As previously stated, the pedals are linked to the machine’s moving arms.

To put it another way, the arms can’t be locked into place; they’ll move as long as the pedals do, and they can’t move independently of the pedals or one another.

In addition, the machine is bi-directional.

Backpedaling is possible thanks to the driving mechanism. Consequently, you may vary your training by alternating reverse pedaling with standard cycling sessions.

The Octane XR650 has an eddy current resistance technology with proprietary digital control built-in.

This indicates that the resistance may only be modified from the console and that the machine must be powered.

A power adaptor is supplied, as well as a cable.

An internal magnetic braking system and a tiny servo motor make up the unit’s resistance system.

When you pick a tension level from the console, the servo motor adjusts the magnetic brake’s location regarding the flywheel, increasing or lowering the magnetic field’s intensity.

The pedals and moving arms will get tenser as a result of this.

The unit’s resistance system is, of course, automated.

In other words, if you choose one of the onboard training routines to follow, the machine will automatically alter the resistance.

There are 30 different resistance levels to choose from.

The first five levels provide relatively mild pedal and arm strain, which is ideal for those who need to recuperate.

However, the top 25-30 resistance settings are designed to provide a high-intensity burn by increasing pedal tension and imitating a steep climb.


The basic console that comes with the XR650 Octane elliptical is included.

If you want a console that can play online, the XR6000 is chosen.

The bundled console includes an LED-based display with six different parts.

The ‘message center’ is the upper, lengthier display. This window gives motivational assistance or urges you to do certain activities throughout the workout.

The exercise program matrix, the interval duration during an interval program, and various additional notifications are displayed on the bigger display in the middle.

Time, time-in-zone, distance, and goal HR are displayed in the two smaller windows on the left, while calories burnt, heart rate, speed, and heart rate interval are displayed in the two smaller windows on the right.

The console has both English and Metric settings for speed and distance readings.

There are also personal input options; the console will urge you to enter your weight and age to calculate the calorie output more correctly.

The control unit is likewise telemetric, despite pulse sensors on the seat handlebars.

It uses a wireless HR chest strap transmitter to read your pulse rate. It truly works with any Polar transmitter. However, the machine does not come with such an attachment.

To keep you motivated, the console machine has 16 training routines.

There are four different types of them. Preset Resistance Programs, Heart Rate Controlled Programs, Constant Power Programs, and a Fitness Program are among the options.

Manual, Random, Interval, Custom Interval, Hill, and 10K are the six programs in the Preset Programs category.

There are 7 programs in the HR Programs category. Fat Burn, Cardio, HR Preset Interval, HR Custom Interval, New Leaf Custom, HR Hill, and HR Speed are the options available.

The machine will vary the resistance according to the appropriate HR interval for various programs to keep you inside that interval.

Constant Watts and Constant Mets are the two Constant Power programs.

They let the user set the program’s power output level in watts or METs. During these continual exercises, the machine controls the resistance level, raising or lowering as needed in unison with the user’s speed to maintain the output on track.

Finally, the Fitness Program is a 30-minute interval workout that includes five sets of 30-second sprints and recuperation intervals.

The machine’s interface additionally contains three Workout Booster Keys and the conventional keys for program access, resistance level or value change, start, and pause.

Chest Press, Muscle Endurance, and Leg Press are the three exercises. These exercise enhancers are essentially high-intensity interval training regimens.

The Chest Press is a great way to increase upper-body endurance, strength, and tone.

The Leg Press is designed to increase leg strength and endurance, while the Muscle Endurance Booster mixes the two.


Even though the bike’s basic components are pre-assembled, such as the motor and resistance elements, the Octane Fitness XR650 still requires some installation.

Because there are so many different pieces to put together, the entire operation might take up to two hours.

The console mast, the two console components, the footrests, the pedals, the seat, the seat handlebars, the backrests, and the unit’s moving arms will all need to be attached.

However, the assembly instructions in the booklet are rather straightforward.

Maintenance, however, is rather simple.

The internal components have already been greased. All you have to do now is regularly maintain the machine clean and check for loose bolts and parts.

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