Octane Fitness Q37x Elliptical Machine Review

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Even though the Octane Fitness Q37 elliptical trainer isn’t billed as a commercial model, it has many of the same benefits as a gym-grade machine.

It boasts a sturdy build and a configurable console, but it lacks inclination and internet connectivity, which are features found on more economical bikes like the Schwinn MY17 470 or AFG Sport 5.9AE.

This machine has some unique features and upgrade options, which we’ll try to explore in detail in this review.

As we said earlier, the Octane Fitness Q37x elliptical machine has a commercial build comparable to other gym-grade ellipticals. The machine’s structure is built of steel tubing, with the only plastic pieces being the flywheel covers and resistance elements, which do not impact the machine’s overall sturdiness.

The structure of the pedals is an essential factor to consider. The pedal arms and pedals are both made of a single component. To put it another way, the pedals are not bolted to their movable arms, resulting in increased sturdiness and a better “sure-foot” sensation throughout your stride.

They can support persons weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kg). Bolts hold the PVC top covers of the pedals in place. However, they may be removed. They’re pretty big and can fit all sizes of athletic shoes. They also have a ribbed surface for further grip.

The pedal arms include big wheels with sealed ball bearings for smooth operation and long life. The wheels are hidden, which boosts the machine’s safety. In addition, the rails on which the wheels glide are concave, preventing a wheel from sliding off the rail owing to poor machine use.

The machine’s moveable arms have a multi-grip design. Their grips are made of high-density foam to ensure maximum comfort no matter which grip you choose.

The fixed handlebars have the same high-density foam grips as the adjustable handlebars, but they also have EKG sensors. The console can show and track your heart rate if you hang on to them.

The Octane Q37x elliptical is a substantial exercise machine. Its footprint is about 65.5″L x 30″W when fully completed (166 x 76 cm).

Its dimensions grow to approx. 76.5″ x 34″ with the expanded pedals and additional attachments (194 x 86 cm). Thus for safe functioning, the machine would require a training area of at least 7′ x 4′. Or even more if you choose to add any optional extras.

The Octane Q37x elliptical is rather hefty, given that it is fairly large steel-made equipment. It weighs over 220 lbs when fully completed (100 kg). As a result, it is advised that two persons build it.

However, the frame’s front base is fitted with two transport wheels. As a result, these wheels make it easier to move after the machine is constructed. You will only be able to move around 50 lbs of its entire weight if you use the wheels to move it.

This elliptical trainer’s steel parts are double coated in corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant silver paint, which is the only color available for this model.

The motor and resistance elements and the pedals, grips, and bottle holder are all dark gray. Overall, the machine has a professional and beautiful appearance, which might motivate.

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Step-up Height

The Octane Fitness Q37x elliptical trainer lacks an inclination mechanism, a significant drawback for a machine in this price bracket. As a result, it has a set stride length of 20.5″. (52 cm).

Users up to 6’5″ (196 cm) should feel at ease on it because of this. Users under the age of 5’0″ (152 cm) may find the stride too lengthy for their speed.

However, the machine’s pedals are pretty large and robust, allowing you to put your feet closer or farther to the front for a more comfortable stride.

The elliptical course of the machine is horizontal, and its design is based on accurate human biomechanics. So it provides a highly pleasant natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without putting stress on the joints, making it suitable for exercisers of all levels.

Compared to comparable machines, the Q-Factor (or the distance between the pedals) is fairly small, at 1.8″. (4.5 cm). This means your feet will be in a natural position on the pedals, and the pedaling motion will not cause additional lateral stress on your knees and ankles.

Last but not least, the step-up pedal height is 4″ (the distance between the top of the lowest pedal and the floor) (10.1 cm).

Additionally, the maximum pedal elevation is around 8″. (20.3 cm). As a result, be sure you construct and use the machine in a room with a ceiling height of at least 10″ (25 cm) higher than your height to avoid any problems.


A motorized magnetic resistance mechanism is included with the Octane Q37x elliptical. This implies it must be linked to a power circuit for the resistance settings to be available, and resistance can only be altered from the console.

In addition, several of the console’s applications automatically alter the pedal resistance.

There are 20 different resistance settings accessible on the console. The first five levels provide gentle exercises ideal for warm-ups or recuperation.

The upper 17-20 resistance levels provide a significant challenge, making them ideal for interval exercises, endurance, and weight reduction.

The machine employs a belt drive with a heavy-duty belt since it features a magnetic resistance mechanism.

The internal flywheel’s weight isn’t indicated, but it may be classed as a mid-range flywheel based on the drive’s feel. It’s made to reduce start-up resistance and keep you moving smoothly throughout the elliptical action.

Unlike previous magnetic resistance ellipticals, this Octane type allows for reverse pedaling. This means you may include a lot of variety into your workouts by concentrating on different muscle groups.


This Octane Fitness elliptical trainer comes with a mid-range console with an LED display that counts your training duration, calories burnt, distance traveled, speed, and heart rate.

Both metric and imperial units can be used to calculate distance and speed. Only when you hold on to the sensors built into the fixed handlebars can your heart rate be monitored.

This console isn’t telemetric. Therefore it can’t read pulses from a wireless HR chest strap transmitter.

There are eight onboard programs on the console. Manual, Random, Interval, Beginner, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal, Cross-Circuit Time, and Cross-Circuit Free are available options.

For each of them, below is a brief description:

Manual Program – is the fundamental program that allows you to change the resistance while cycling as you see fit.

Random Program – provides computer-randomized resistance variation with an almost limitless number of possible combinations. Every time you pick it, it will essentially offer you a new path;

Beginner Program – offers a 14-day planned workout sequence to help jumpstart your exercise program;

Interval Program – allows you to design a custom workout of up to 4 alternating intervals, defining the desired duration and resistance for each interval.

Distance / Calorie / Goal – this allows you to select your distance and calorie targets, as well as a countdown to zero. Set the Cardio interval time, Strength interval time, Level, warm-up, and then listen for the beeps to alert you when to step off the machine to finish your strength set with Cross-Circuit Time.

Cross-Circuit Free – identical to CC-Time, but allows you to change the intervals in the middle of the workout.
In addition to these eight routines, the console includes three “Boosters” to bring variety and inspiration to your workouts. There are three sorts of challenges available when you use the Boost button:

1. X-Mode is a workout mode that selects eight tasks every minute. Fast, Squat, Reverse, Lean Back, Lower Body Only, Push Arms, Pull Arms, Slow is the tasks.

2. ArmBlaster is a workout that improves aerobic endurance while increasing strength and muscular tone. ArmBlaster supplements the cardio program profile you’ve chosen with upper-body training exercises. As you move the burden from your lower body to your upper body, resistance rises every minute for a muscle-building 10-repetition session.

3. GluteKicker employs three X-Mode routines that target your glutes: Reverse, Squat, and Fast.
You may add variety to all of these obstacles by employing the elliptical’s optional attachments. These accessories will be discussed in the next section of the review.

M.O.M (Movement Management Mode) is a feature on the console. This safety feature disables the buttons and increases the pedal resistance to the maximum, making the machine nearly hard to use. Its purpose is to deter tiny toddlers from experimenting on the elliptical machine.

Last but not least, this elliptical trainer’s control device has a tablet holder. However, unlike other modern models, it is not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Therefore you cannot sync it with your tablet.


The Octane Fitness Q37x elliptical may be upgraded in several ways. The first to be mentioned is a set of stationary pedals connected to the machine’s back base.

These footrests allow you to merely utilize the machine’s arms without having to move your legs. They also support elastic bands if you want to use them.

Three pairs of elastic bands with handgrips are included in another set of accessories that may be attached to your elliptical in various ways.

They allow you to conduct a variety of arm workouts, such as biceps curls, shoulder presses, and pec flies, among others. Two Yellow bands provide modest resistance, two Red bands provide medium resistance, and two Blue bands provide strong resistance.


The majority of the machine is already constructed. To put it another way, the motor and resistance parts, as well as the pedals, arrive fully constructed and mounted to the mainframe.

So, in terms of assembly, you’ll need to install the console mast, moving arms, console, and driving system top covers.

The directions for construction are rather straightforward in the handbook. The necessary tools, however, are not supplied. An adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver are required.

Keeping the rails clean of any debris or textile fibers is one of the most crucial maintenance components, as they can cause harm to the rails or the rollers.

The machine’s joints may need to be lubricated after a time if they start to make sounds while in use. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to check for loose components regularly and tighten them if necessary.

The Octane Fitness Q37x is a sturdy elliptical trainer with powered magnetic resistance (20 levels) and a console with 8 pre-set programs and three “Booster” challenges.

It is a machine that does not have an inclination feature, but it does have the option of adding two fixed footrests and a set of rubber bands for arms training. These items, however, are not included.

The resistance levels and programs on the machine make it ideal for light to strenuous cardio exercises, interval workouts, endurance training, muscle toning, and weight reduction.

Finally, while it isn’t exactly a budget-friendly machine, it does provide good quality and various functions that other ellipticals lack, so we can confidently claim that it is worth the money.

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