Octane Fitness Q47x Elliptical Machine Trainer Review

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The Octane Fitness Q47x elliptical trainer is comparable to the Q37x model in many ways. It does, however, come with several added features.

The Q47x, for example, has an adjustable stride system, two more programs, and is somewhat heavier and slightly bigger than the Q37x. Even though it isn’t billed as a commercial machine, it has the appearance of one, even if it doesn’t incline.

The Octane Fitness Q47x has a large frame that weighs 290 pounds when fully constructed (132 kg). Most of its structure is built of thick steel tubing, making it incredibly durable.

The machine’s overall stability is also dependent on this weight. It will not move, rock, or wobble even if the user is close to its maximum weight capability. Furthermore, the frame’s base part is fitted with adjustable, rubberized stabilizers, allowing you to properly level it on any surface.

This elliptical machine from Octane Fitness is enormous. It has a footprint of 72″L x 33.5″W (183 x 85 cm) and requires an active area of 84″L x 37.5″W (213 x 95 cm) while in use, since the pedals extend back, beyond the frame’s base. It is advised that the machine be assigned a workout area of at least 8′ x 4′ for safe and uninterrupted use.

All steel sections in the machine’s construction are, of course, covered in corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant paint. Although the tone is gray, the rails of the pedals have a chrome finish.

This elliptical trainer has a unique pedal design that sets it apart from other machines. There are no welds or screws between the pedal arm and the pedal frame.

The pedals’ tops are composed of heavy-duty PVC with a Soft-Grip design that provides greater grip and stability. They can support persons weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kg). They’re roomy and can fit a variety of sporting shoes.

Each pedal arm has industrial-gradated rollers, sealed ball bearings for smooth operation and long service life. The rails are concave, making it impossible for a roller to slide off of them.

This elliptical trainer has two types of handlebars: fixed and moveable. The pulse sensors are integrated within the movable arms, unlike the Q37x type.

They also include a multi-grip design, which allows you to focus more or less on specific muscle regions based on your grip. The fixed handlebars are straightforward. They aren’t equipped with pulse sensors.

The machine’s frame has multiple anchor places where elastic bands and other accessories may be attached. Two anchor points are located at the back of the base, one is located at the front of the base, and one is located under the console.

You may greatly diversify your exercises by connecting elastic bands to them. The machine’s console contains different routines that will need you to employ elastic bands.

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Elliptical Stride and Step-up Height

The absence of inclination on commercial-grade equipment like the Octane Q47x might be considered a disadvantage. On the other hand, the machine’s rails are situated at an angle, giving each ride the sensation of ascending a gentle ramp.

However, the circular route is horizontal with a design based on precise biomechanics in humans. As a result, it provides a highly pleasant natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without putting stress on the joints, making it suitable for exercisers of all levels.

Even though this Octane elliptical does not have an incline mechanism, it does offer a function that many other machines in this price range do not. It’s the adjustable stride, which can be adjusted between 18 and 26 inches (46 and 66 cm).

It’s Octane’s SmartStride technology, which analyzes and measures your pace and direction while automatically replicating your natural movement.

SmartStride adapts your stride length as your pace or direction changes. Using size-based programming, you can select the initial forward stride length that best suits your leg length and fitness level (explained later in this manual).

However, the SmartStride function may be turned off by pressing the SmartStride button on the console.

The pedal spacing (or Q-Factor) on this machine is 1.8″ (4.6 cm), which is relatively small compared to other ellipticals. As a result, lateral tension on your joints is reduced during the activity.

The pedals are also rather spacious, allowing you to put your feet on them in various ways for maximum comfort.

Last but not least, the step-up pedal height is 5″ (the distance between the top of the lowest pedal and the floor) (12.7 cm). Furthermore, the maximum pedal elevation is around 10″. (25.3 cm).

So be sure you construct and use the machine in a room with a ceiling height of at least 12-13″ (30-33 cm) higher than your height to avoid any complications.


The Octane Fitness Q47x elliptical trainer has a quiet belt drive driven by a heavy-duty poly V belt built to last.

Although not very heavy, the flywheel has a mid-range weight, with most of its weight distributed around its circumference to provide a smooth rotation.

Because the machine allows you to reverse pedal, you may vary your exercise by focusing on various muscle areas depending on which direction you ride.

The moveable arms cannot be locked, in case you were wondering. They’ll keep moving as long as you keep pedaling. As a result, if you don’t want to move your arms during your workout, you’ll have to grip the fixed handlebars.

A motorized magnetic resistance technology is featured on this Octane Fitness elliptical trainer. The resistance must be linked to a power circuit for the resistance to become active.

The only way to change the resistance is to use the console. Several console workouts will also alter the resistance automatically.

The control unit of the machine has 20 different resistance levels. The first few levels provide gentle exercises ideal for warm-ups or recuperation.

The upper 17-20 resistance levels, on the other hand, provide a significant challenge, making them ideal for interval exercises, increasing stamina, and reducing weight.


The Octane Q47x elliptical machine has a multifunctional console with an LED display that maintains your training parameters such as time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate.

The device is not telemetric, which means it can only track your pulse if you grip the pulse grip sensors in the mobile handlebars. Both imperial and metric units can be used to compute distance and speed.

The control unit of the equipment has ten exercise options. The options are Manual, Random, Interval, Stride Interval, Dual Direction, Beginner, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal, Cross-Circuit Time, and Cross-Circuit Free. In a nutshell, here’s what each program has to offer:

Manual Program – This is the machine’s default program, one of the most popular among users, and it allows you to cycle and modify resistance as needed during your exercise.

Random Program — gives a potentially endless number of possibilities of computer-randomized resistance variation. Every time you pick it, it will essentially offer you a new path;

Interval Program – allows you to create a personalized exercise with up to four alternating intervals, each with its duration and resistance;

Stride Interval – this program alternates long and short stride intervals, with the interval period set at 2 minutes.

Dual Direction – is a program that allows you to spice up your exercises by alternating 2-minute intervals of higher intensity forward cycling with lower resistance backward riding.

Beginner Program — provides a 14-day training sequence to help you get started with your fitness routine. Each day’s program includes preset numbers for resistance level, duration, and optimum speed.

Distance / Calorie Goal – this allows you to create your distance and calorie targets, as well as count down to zero.

Cross-Circuit Time – allows you to select the Cardio interval time, Strength interval time, and Level warm-up, and then listen for the beeps to signal you when to exit the machine to finish your strength session.

Cross-Circuit Free – similar to CC-Time, but allows you to alter the intervals mid-workout; the console also includes three “Boosters” in addition to the 10 programs listed above.

They provide you with the option of adding diversity and inspiration to your routines. There are three sorts of challenges available when you use the Boost button:

1. X-Mode is a workout mode that randomly selects one of eight tasks per minute. Fast, Squat, Reverse, Lean Back, Lower Body Only, Push Arms, Pull Arms, Slow is the tasks.

2. ArmBlaster — a workout that improves cardiovascular endurance while also increasing strength and muscular tone. ArmBlaster supplements the cardio program profile you’ve chosen with upper-body training exercises. As you move the burden from your lower body to your upper body, resistance rises every minute for a muscle-building 10-repetition session.

3. GluteKicker – as the name implies, is a glute-focused program; it employs three X-Mode challenges, Reverse, Squat, and Fast, to offer a constant glutes exercise by randomly switching them.

You may add variety to all of these obstacles by employing the elliptical’s optional attachments. We’ll look through the accessories in the following portion of the review.

M.O.M (Movement Management Mode) is a feature on the console. This safety feature disables the buttons and increases the pedal resistance to the maximum, making the machine nearly hard to use.

It’s intended to deter tiny children from using the elliptical for experimentation.

The tablet holder is one last aspect of the console that we must note. It’s a tablet shelf that can hold any size tablet or magazine to keep you engaged while you exercise.

This elliptical, however, does not offer Wi-Fi or internet access.


Octane Fitness sells a variety of elliptical attachments. The elastic band set is the first to be mentioned.

These elastic bands may be linked to the machine’s anchor points; they have ergonomic handgrips and allow you to develop your arm muscles by executing biceps curls, pec flies, shoulder presses, and other exercises.

Two Yellow bands provide modest resistance, two Red bands provide medium resistance, and two Blue bands provide strong resistance.

There is also a set of stationary pedals connected to the machine’s back base. These footrests allow you to merely utilize the machine’s arms or elastic bands without having to move your legs.


The machine’s core is already constructed. All of the interior components have been placed and are protected by the guards. Thus you need to install the console mast, moving arms, and driving system top covers to complete the assembly.

The handbook has great step-by-step directions for assembly. However, no assembling tools are given.

The most important maintenance component is keeping the rails clean of any dirt or textile fibers, which can cause damage to the rails or the rollers.

If the machine’s joints start to make sounds after a time, they may need to be lubricated. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to check for loose components regularly and tighten them if necessary.


The Octane Fitness Q47x is a heavy-duty elliptical trainer with motorized magnetic resistance, an automatically adjusted stride, and a console with 10 exercise programs and three “Booster” programs.

It’s a machine without an incline feature, but on the other hand, it offers the possibility to add two stationary footrests and a set of rubber bands for arms workouts. These items, however, are not included.

The trainer’s resistance levels and programs make it an excellent choice for light to intense cardio workouts, interval workouts, endurance development, muscle toning, and weight loss. Finally, while the Octane Q47x is a pricey elliptical machine, it provides outstanding value for money.

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