Octane Fitness xR4x Elliptical Trainer Review

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Octane Fitness is a well-known elliptical trainer manufacturer. Under this brand, you may get a variety of various styles of trainers. Vertical ellipticals, such as the Octane Fitness ZR7 Zero Runner, or traditional ellipticals, such as the Q47x model, are examples.

Today, though, we’ll focus on a different model, the Octane Fitness xR4x. This exercise machine combines a recumbent cycle and an elliptical trainer. It’s an elliptical machine built for seated exercises, to put it another way.

It does, however, have a lot more to offer than comparable elliptical/recumbent bike hybrids. The seat, for example, is 4-way adjustable, and the console has several Octane-specific exercise routines.

The Octane Fitness xR4x has the build of commercial equipment, although not being designated as such. To begin with, it has a steel tube structure that is quite durable and hefty. It weighs around 196 lbs when fully built (89 kg). All of this weight is reflected in the overall stability of the structure.

To put it another way, as you exercise, the machine will not wobble or rock with you. Furthermore, the front base has a set of adjustable levelers hidden below two plastic covers.

Despite its weight, the xR4x elliptical is quite easy to transport after it is completed. It has spinning caps on its back base that act as transport wheels.

Keep in mind, however, that the machine is not collapsible. The frame’s footprint is about 48″L x 22″W (122 x 56 cm) when completely completed, and its total length and breadth are 53″L x 35″W. (135 x 89 cm). As a result, the machine will need a minimum usage space of 5′ x 4′ to function properly (152 x 122 cm).

As we described before, all of the pieces in the machine’s structural frame are constructed of steel. They’re finished with a scratch- and corrosion-resistant industrial-grade powder coating.

Gray was chosen since it was the only color available for this equipment. However, it is made up of numerous plastic components.

The drive system’s covers, as well as various joint covers, are shown here. The pedals, too, are constructed of heavy-duty PVC, but their bases are made of steel.

There is no step-through design on this Octane Fitness elliptical machine. However, the front half of the motor case has a robust step-up pad, making access and egress simple. This pad may be used as foot support when you wish to utilize the machine’s moveable arms and not the pedals.

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Handlebars and Seat

The seat of the Octane Fitness xR4x recumbent elliptical trainer is extremely customizable. It has 15 height adjustment settings and 5 tilt adjustment positions.

The adjustments are simple to make by pushing the levers beneath the table. One is for tilting, and the other is for height adjustment.

Having stated that, the machine can easily accommodate users ranging in height from 5’0″ to 6’6″ (153 – 198 cm). In addition, the machine has a 300-pound weight capacity (136 kg).

The backrest does not adjust separately from the seat. However, it may be tilted using the five tilt adjustment settings. This might assist you in obtaining a more comfortable exercise position or a new technique of focusing your muscles.

The seat is quite comfortable. A continuous layer of padding is integrated into both the seat and the backrest. The upholstery comprises an extremely durable vinyl material that, if not misused and maintained with care, can last a lifetime. One last feature of the seat to note is the two bottle holders.

They attach to the seat’s frame’s rear bar and are large enough to accept sports water bottles of various sizes.
There are three sets of handlebars on this Octane fitness elliptical machine.

Two of them are permanently connected, one to the seat assembly and the other to the front console mast. The console device can measure your pulse by holding onto the grips of the seat handlebars, which are fitted with EKG pulse sensors.

There are also a set of movable arms or handlebars that are attached to the pedal bars and crank mechanism of the machine. As a result, they’ll keep moving as long as the pedals keep moving. They can’t move independently from the pedals and can only alternate back and forth.

Resistance and motivation

The pedals of the machine are the first feature to highlight. The Octane xR4x comes with a pair of sturdy pedals with a soft grip surface.

They’re articulated, which means they alter their position somewhat as you pedal to better adapt to your foot placement. They’re also rather big, allowing you to put your feet on them in various ways to target different muscle areas.

Heavy-duty, sealed stainless steel ball bearings are used in the joints between the pedals and the machine’s moving arms, resulting in a remarkably smooth action. A robust poly-v belt drives the internal transmission, resulting in a very silent drive.

Another benefit of a belt drive is that the belt does not need to be lubricated.

Although the flywheel weight isn’t given, we can reasonably assume it’s a mid-range flywheel based on the resistance and momentum it generates.

Because it is perimeter weighted, the pedaling motion is smooth and consistent. It’s also bidirectional, which means you can pedal backward without losing resistance. One of the console’s booster programs will instruct you to cycle in reverse.

The Octane 16″ PowerStroke technology is a key feature to note when it comes to the drive of this workout machine.

This is due to the machine’s oblique elliptical route, which increases muscular activation. You will benefit from increased glute activity due to this feature, and you will create a power output that is up to 22% higher than the ordinary recumbent bike.

The motorized magnetic resistance mechanism of the Octane Fitness xR4x elliptical trainer comprises a tiny magnetic brake and a servo motor.

This implies that the only way to change the resistance is to use the console. The machine must also be linked to a power circuit for the console to function (power cord and adapter are included).

The servo motor will modify the position of the magnetic brake in respect to the flywheel as you adjust the resistance via the console controls, resulting in greater or less resistance.

Furthermore, the resistance is automated, which means that certain console apps will automatically modify the resistance.

There are 20 different degrees of resistance available on the machine. The first several encourage gentle exercises, ideal for muscular toning, warm-ups, and rehab training following surgery or injury.

The upper 18-20 resistance settings provide a fairly steady pedal resistance, allowing for more challenging aerobic exercises and imitating a steep climb.


The console n this machine looks a lot like the one on the Q47x elliptical trainer. It has an LED-based display that shows time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate, among other training parameters.

Both imperial and metric units can be used to compute distance and speed. However, if you use the EKG sensors included in the seat handlebars, they can only monitor your heart rate.

The device is not telemetric or compatible with wireless HR chest strap transmitters. It also allows you to enter personal information such as your age and weight so that your calories burnt may be calculated more precisely.
There is no online connectivity on the console device.

However, it does provide six major training plans and three booster programs to keep you motivated. The major workouts are Manual, Random, Interval, Beginner, Distance Goal, and Calories Goal.

Manual Program – the machine’s default program and one of the most popular among users, allowing you to pedal and adjust the resistance as desired during your workout;

Interval Program – allows you to design a custom workout of up to four alternating intervals, defining the desired duration and resistance for each interval;

Random Program – provides computer-randomized resistance variation with a virtually infinite number of combinations;

Beginner Program — provides a 14-day training sequence to help you get started with your fitness routine.

The Resistance Level Program – allows you to complete a virtual race with a distance readout that counts down from 6.2 miles;

Distance Goal Program – allows you to complete a simulated race with a distance readout that counts down from 6.2 miles (10 kilometers). The application also has “hills” to imitate landscape variation.

Calorie Goal Program – provides a “flat course” workout until you reach your calorie goal. You may increase the resistance during this workout to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time while maintaining a greater intensity.

The Octane Fitness ellipticals have their Booster programs. X-Mode, Chest Press, and Leg Press are the three exercise boosters on the xR4x.

X-Mode is an exercise mode that selects one of six tasks every minute. The difficulties are Push-Legs, Pull-Arms, Reverse, Fast, Resistance+. Each obstacle has its unique characteristics, and the machine will lead you through them to get a varied exercise.

Although the name “chest press” may conjure up images of a bench press or a fly press performed on a weight stack machine or in a strength cage, it is not the same.

During the Chest Press Booster, the machine will instruct you to use your moving arms to target your chest, arms, and back muscles. Also, bear in mind that, unlike a bad press, the moveable arms cannot be manipulated simultaneously.

Leg Press – similar to the Chest Press booster, the console will instruct you to only utilize the pedals and not the movable arms during the Leg Press booster.

Furthermore, like the moveable arms, the pedals cannot be manipulated simultaneously in the same way as a traditional leg press in a leg press machine. As a result, the Leg Press Booster is essentially a pedal-only workout.

M.O.M (Movement Management Mode) is a feature on the console. This safety feature disables the buttons and increases the pedal resistance to the maximum, making the machine nearly hard to use. It’s intended to deter tiny children from using the elliptical for experimentation.

The console tablet holder is one last item worth mentioning. It’s a tablet shelf that can hold tablets or periodicals so you can stay occupied while working out.

However, as previously said, this elliptical does not have Wi-Fi or internet access, so you will be unable to send exercise data to an online fitness monitoring service.


The majority of the machine is already constructed. Only the backrest, console mast, moving arms, and console need to be attached. It shouldn’t take more than half an hour to do this task.

The kit comes with all of the essential tools and step-by-step assembly instructions in the manual.

This training equipment does not need a lot of upkeep. All you have to do is maintain it clean and regularly check for loose bolts and pieces.

The Octane Fitness xR4x is a recumbent elliptical trainer with a 20-level motorized magnetic resistance system with a configurable console with six standards and three booster programs.

It has a four-way adjustable ergonomic seat. It’s ideal for healing, endurance development, and muscular toning, as well as interval training and weight loss.

And finally, it’s not the most affordable machine but does offer great quality and value for the price.

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