Whether you want to burn those extra calories or you are looking for a perfect workout regime, it is recommended to go through this PiYo review to find some insights into this program.

A wide array of people looks for different options to reduce the extra kilos and stay fit.

But, no one wants to go through the pain which comes with the extensive workout regime, and mostly they give up.

There are very few programs in which you do not have to grunt, strain, and jump or punish yourself for having a healthy and fit body.

The PiYo program of Beachbody is worth mentioning in this regard as it comes with a combination of Pilates and Yoga.

It has become the number one choice of a plethora of people as you do not have to perform core movements here.

You do not need to do strenuous or long poses to reduce the extra weight.

It allows you to enjoy a flowing and dynamic sequence of different shorter workouts.

In addition to boosting your energy, it provides the ultimate relaxation to you along with satisfactory results.

As you go through this write-up, you will find the most interesting part of this program, which will help you in understanding and deciding whether it is a suitable option for your body type or not.

What Is PiYo?

The PiYo Fitness Program contributes to being one of the leading weight loss programs which utilize stretching, low-impact strengthening, and different bodyweight resistance-based workout.

Developed by Chalene johnson, this weight loss regime helps in developing lean muscles.

In addition to this, it enhances flexibility, burn those extra kilos. Your body will get stronger with every passing day as you opt for this workout regime.

One of the top reasons why this fitness program is gaining high popularity is because you do not need to hold the intense poses for a longer period. That means you do not need to repeat these poses too many times.

It features a plethora of sequences of intense poses consistently, which play an integral role in adding more definition to the body.

What’s more, it also includes a specific program for beginners.

As you opt for this program, you can be relieved as you do not need to stress yourself with the use of high impact jumps, use of heavyweight.

It contributes to being a purely cardio workout.

Regardless of your age or your fitness level, this workout regime can define the whole body.

What Is Included in PiYo Routines?

The PiYo Workout kit includes the following:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • 10 workouts on 3DVDs
  • PiYo 60 days Workout Calender

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide, which is included in the base kit, is a crash course that offers detailed information about the PiYo fitness program.

Whether you are a newbie to the program or you have been working out for a more extended period, you can seek in-depth information about this program by going through this Start Guide.

It is recommended to read it thoroughly before starting the workouts.

10 Workouts on 3DVDs

PiYo is recognized to be a sixty-day fitness program, which is led by Chalene Johnson, the celebrity fitness trainer.

These workouts are performed on six days of the week.

Each of them is known to target a specific part of fitness, such as body sculpting, cardio, strength training, and abs.

People who are new to Yoga or Pilates might find few of the movements a bit challenging.

Hence, there are chances that you may have to look at the screen more frequently ay first.

However, with the advancements of the time, you will become an expert in the workouts and movements.

And you do not need to look at the screen now and then anymore.

A modifier is allowed for every workout who stands second to none in demonstrating the alternative movement for every exercise quickly.

Even if you are doing the modified exercises, you should ensure to stick at the specific pace, which works perfectly for your body.

PiYo 60-days Workout Calender

It contributes to being a wall calendar that enlists every workout to get a healthy and fit body.

You should make sure to mark every day off on the given calendar, once you complete the same.

According to the other’s review of PiYo, it can be concluded that it is one of the most amazing motivational tools.

Who Is PiYo for?

A wide assortment of people across the world is choosing this workout routine on a wide scale.

Whether you are a beginner who has just started your journey to get a fit body or you are a seasoned and pro fitness freak, you can reap a lot of benefits from this program.

It is possible to combine the PiYo workout regime with different other weightlifting workouts.

So it is considered to be a smart choice for the below-mentioned groups:

  • If you are a newbie to fitness and searching for a simple and easy entry-level program
  • In case you are a pro in the fitness program and wanted to try Pilates and yoga
  • People who you want to shed those extra kilos but are not willing to go to the extremes
  • If you are a person who wants to stay away from strains or high-intensity exercises
  • Those workout veterans who wish to supplement different training programs

The PiYo program is known to be a little impact workout.

Hence, it is also an ideal choice for aged people who want to get a healthy body but are not willing to risk the dislocation of joints or get injuries.

However, you can also choose this program if you are in your 20’s.

Is PiYo Workout Effective for Weight Loss?

After thorough research, and reading a bunch of PiYo customer reviews, it can be said that it is an effective weight loss program.

In practice, you will be amazed to know that a user has lost more than 60 pounds by choosing this program.

Several customers witnessed a loss of ten pounds in the first month, whereas some reported a weight loss of 9 pounds in the last week.

Some users found a reduction in weight of almost 20 pounds after 60 days.

From the different customer reviews, it can be said that it is an effective program for the obese, and you can reap a wide array of benefits by choosing this workout regime.

Pros & Cons

It is an interesting workout regime, you are not going to get bored
It is a low impact (vary from people), yet high energy exercise program
As you follow the exercise regime, your heart rate will rise like the cardio workouts
It is possible to witness drastic results within eight weeks as you commit to the exercise routine and ensure to follow the diet at the same time
You do not need any equipment(well, you need a mat…) to start this weight loss program
Chalene will break down the moves deeply
This exercise is useful for those muscles which are missed often
It is an ideal choice for developing lean muscles
Capable of all devices

Few of the workouts, as mentioned in the workout program, are not PiYo
Some of the workouts of the first month might be longer than ten minutes, whereas a few of them are shorter
Some movements are kind of weird and not natural


There are two bonuses included in this program:

#1. The Get Lean Eating Plan

The Get Lean Eating Plan is recognized to be the version of the specific nutrition guide of the PiYo Fitness program.

It provides information about a vast array of healthy foods as well as their serving size that helps you in developing lean muscles and gets a healthy and fit body.

#2. Tape Measure

A tape measure is also included in the PiYo kit by which you can monitor the body measurement during the entire course of the program.

It helps you in determining whether this workout regime is working for you or not.

The Bottom Line

PiYo happens to be one of the well-renowned exercise regimes which are useful in developing muscles.

It can also be an ideal choice for toning the body.

If you have been longing for that curvy and beautiful figure by shedding those extra kilos, it is an ideal choice for you.

It plays an integral role in addressing the fitness level of the whole body with the aid of balanced nutrition and daily exercise videos.

If you are a person who wants to enjoy the advantages of strengthening, Pilates, and yoga but looking for a faster-paced workout along with more cardio intensity, it is the perfect option for you.

If you cannot jump or strain your body owing to knee problems or injury, you should ensure to go for this exercise regime without a second thought.

And people who are looking for an exciting weight loss regime can choose this workout program.