Precor EFX 222 Elliptical Crosstrainer Review

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The Precor EFX 222 elliptical trainer is part of Precor’s Energy Series of home fitness equipment. The Precor EFX 222 is a heavy-duty elliptical cross trainer with 16 levels of eddy current resistance and a 3-level manual inclination mechanism.

It has a similar design to the Life Fitness E1; however, it has an inclination mechanism. It features 10 built-in fitness routines and displays 12 workout stats on its console.

Although it is not a piece of commercial-grade equipment, it does provide a wide range of training options, including interval training, crosstraining, light to hard cardio, stamina building, muscle toning, and weight reduction.

While it isn’t one of the most inexpensive elliptical machines, it does provide outstanding value and quality for the money.

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The frame of the Precor EFX 222 elliptical cross trainer comprises steel tubing powder coated in a corrosion-resistant silver finish.

It does, however, contain several ABS components. The coverings for the drive system and the pedal trays, for example, are constructed of heavy-duty ABS.

The Precor EFX 222, like other ellipticals with a rear-drive system and comparable frame structure, is a pretty big machine.

The frame takes up around 75″L x 29″W (191 x 74 cm) of floor area when fully assembled. Additionally, at least two feet of clearance should be left all around the machine for easy access and safe operation.

The top of the console, approximately 65″ (165 cm) above floor level, is the unit’s highest point.

In addition, the completely built item is somewhat hefty. It weighs around 193 pounds (72 kilograms), which gives it lots of stability. What’s more, the machine’s front base bars include adjustable levelers, allowing you to fully steady the unit on any type of floor.

Large rubber pads on the levelers provide good floor traction and prevent the machine sliding over during more hard workouts.

The machine isn’t designed to fold. On the other hand, its rear base is fitted with two little wheels that allow the completely completed machine to be relocated if necessary.

There are two sets of handlebars on this Precor elliptical trainer, one fixed and one movable. Short grips and stainless steel pulse sensors are included in the fixed handlebar.

Longer conventional grips with a coating of rubber-foam material cover the movable arms. The machine’s pedals are coupled to a seat made of strong steel bars.

They have a user weight capacity of 275 pounds (125 kg). The pedal trays aren’t adjustable and don’t have any padding. They’re big enough to fit all kinds of athletic shoes in them. They include a non-slip surface and a side border for added foot stability.

Heavy-duty rollers with internal ball bearings are used on the pedal bars to smooth pedaling.

Ball bearings are also used in several of the machine’s moving joints. Because the pedals are directly attached to the machine’s moveable arms, they cannot move independently.

In addition, the machine incorporates a safety lock mechanism that keeps both the pedals and the movable arms immobile, preventing them from being moved by youngsters or dogs.

Step-up Height & Incline

The Precor EFX 222 elliptical machine includes a manual inclination adjustment system.

Its front half has a ramp on which the pedals’ wheels go up and down. The ramp is connected to a short metallic bar at the top using a lever. You may control the slope of the machine by lifting or lowering the ramp by pulling up on the lever.

The inclination adjustment bar offers three places to choose from. You may adjust the unit’s ramp to 15°, 20°, or 25° slope. Because the inclination mechanism isn’t automated, you can’t alter it while cycling; you’ll have to take your feet off the pedals.

The angle of the elliptical route changes when the gradient is increased. The front half of the elliptical route will be the steepest with the slope set to maximum, and the pedaling action will imitate a hill climb.

The machine’s stride ranges between 18.5″ and 20″ (47 – 51 cm) depending on the inclination level picked.

Users up to 6’0″ (183 cm) should enjoy a comfortable range of motion. The pedals are approximately 10″ (25 cm) above the floor level at their lowest position.

They reach approximately 15″ (38 cm) above floor level at their tallest point, with the inclination set to maximum.

The machine should be used in a room with a ceiling at least 20″-25″ (51-63 cm) higher than your own height.

Resistance Level

An eddy current resistance machine is included with this Precor elliptical machine. This implies that the resistance is automatically adjusted and can only be done via the unit’s console.

For the machine’s resistance system to work, it must also be linked to a power supply.

The machine comes with a 3-prong plug cable; the cable connector, as well as an On/Off button, are located just above the machine’s rear base.

The machine’s resistance system uses an eddy current brake and a servo motor.

The motor changes the magnetic pull of the brake when you pick a resistance level from the console, resulting in a higher or lower pedaling difficulty.

This elliptical trainer has 16 resistance settings to choose from.

The lowest tension setting (1) delivers 10 watts (at 20 RPM or 40 strides per minute), while the highest (16) delivers 550 watts (at 100 RPM or 200 strides per minute).

As a result, you may do a very gentle workout on this machine, perfect for those with impairments, or a tough workout, which is great for anyone looking to burn some calories.

The internal flywheel mechanism of the machine is perimeter-weighted.

The pedaling motion is more stable and smooth. It’s also a two-way system. So you may pedal in reverse.

Last but not least, a poly-v belt is used in the machine’s driving system.

It does not, however, require lubrication regularly. What’s more, the pedaling motion is nearly quiet.


The Precor EFX 222 comes with a mid-range console incorporating a 5-inch LCD with LED backlighting.

It displays time, distance, strides/min, average strides/min, calories/min, heart rate, goal heart rate, and summaries for time elapsed, calories, distance, and average strides/min at the end of your workout.

The distance can be expressed in miles or kilometers. You may also use the internal sensors or a wireless chest strap to measure your pulse (not included).

The machine’s console does not have internet access, nor is it compatible with any online fitness applications.

It does, however, have 10 training plans stored in its memory. Interval 1-1, Interval 1-2, Basic HR Control, Weight Loss, Hill Climb, Cross Country, Aerobic, Gluteal, Crosstrainer, and Manual are the many types of intervals.

Short bursts of high-intensity activity are alternated with rest intervals in interval programs.

The ‘work’ interval is set to the same duration as the ‘recovery’ interval in the 1-1 interval program.

The ‘work’ interval is double the duration of the ‘recovery’ interval in the 1-2 interval programs. Each of them may be tweaked in some way.

Weight Loss is an interval program that alternates four-minute work intervals with four-minute rest periods; the default length is 28 minutes.

The Basic Heart Rate Control software allows you to choose a specific target heart rate, and the machine will automatically alter the resistance to maintain you at that HR.

The Aerobic program emphasizes high-intensity cardio training, the Gluteal program helps you focus your glute muscles, the Cross Country program incorporates irregular resistance adjustments to simulate a dynamic terrain outdoors, and the cross trainer program begins with a low level of resistance gradually increases it until the middle of the workout, and then gradually decreases it until the end.

Finally, the Manual program lets you change the resistance during your workout as you see fit.

There are two user profile settings on the penal.

Consequently, you may store two independent applications, each with its own set of settings, to use anytime you like.

The smart tablet holder, volume controls, and earphone jack connection are among the additional features supplied by the EFX 222 console.

Because the tablet holder is above the console display, it will not cover your exercise metrics if you set a tablet on it.

It also includes two little clips that secure your tablet. A 3.5mm jack connector is included on the back of the console, allowing you to connect your tablet, phone, or MP3 player to the console.

The volume controls enable you to adjust the level of the music playing on your machine, and the earplug jack is located in the unit’s bottom right corner.


The drive and resistance parts of the machine are already constructed, mounted to the back half of the frame, and shielded by side covers.

The inclination ramp and pedals are also pre-assembled. You have to connect the front upright bars, the console bracket, the wires via the bars, and the moving arms and console.

Although the installation may take more than an hour, the handbook gives extremely clear step-by-step directions.

All of the necessary tools are also supplied. Maintenance isn’t difficult after the equipment is put together.

However, it is advised that the machine be kept clean, particularly the rails of the pedal bars, and that loose bolts and parts be checked regularly.

Also, lubrication may be required if any joints begin to creak. Internal parts, on the other hand, should not be lubricated.

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