ProForm Hybrid Trainer PFEL03815K Review

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The ProForm Hybrid Trainer has undergone various upgrades and enhancements over the last five years. This article will look at the PFEL03815K model launched in 2016.

This ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a 2-in-1 exercise equipment that combines a recumbent bike with an elliptical trainer to provide various cardio workout options. It’s also Bluetooth enabled and iFit compatible, as it’s the most recent version available.

The steel tube frame of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer PFEL03815K is made up of two pieces. The front of the frame has a connecting point between the two frame components. The two halves are connected by bolts, resulting in a solid overall structure.

Corrosion-resistant coatings are applied to all steel sections in its construction, including silver for the main body and black for the movable bars. Several PVC elements, including the pedals, resistance system covers, and other coverings, are included in the machine. These, however, have little bearing on its overall sturdiness.

The frame of the machine has a step-through construction. Put another way, and it’s quite simple to place your feet on the pedals, sit down, and get up, all of which can be beneficial to people with impairments.

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Weight Resistance

This ProForm trainer can accommodate people weighing up to 350 pounds (158.7 kg), which is noteworthy for the equipment of this class. It also provides good stability. Both of its base tubes have rubberized stabilizers that may be adjusted. Furthermore, the entire machine weighs around 117 lbs (53 kg), which is critical for its stability.

Despite its size, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is rather easy to move. It has a set of wheels on the front base tube. By lifting it from the back and moving it with the wheels, you will be handling less than 60% of its entire weight.

The PFEL03815K is somewhat bigger than previous trainer versions. Its dimensions are about 70.5″L x 24.5″W (179 x 62 cm), and the top of the movable handlebar is approximately 60.5″ (154 cm) above floor level. When used, the pedal arms will also extend approximately 1′ (30.5 cm) above the machine’s front base. As a result, at least 2′ (61 cm) of space is advised to be maintained all around the machi for safe operation.

There is no folding design on the frame itself. It will remain at the dimensions above once constructed. On the other hand, the upper half of the console mast may be adjusted in angle. Whether using the machine as a recumbent bike or an elliptical trainer, you can adjust its position to give the ideal viewing angle for the console display.

Step-up Height

The PFEL03815K ProForm Hybrid Trainer has a 15″ (38 cm) stride. Users up to 6’0″ (183 cm) should feel at ease when using the machine as an elliptical trainer, to put it another way.

Taller users should have no trouble utilizing this workout equipment, although stride length will limit their range of motion. If you’re taller than 6’0″ and want an elliptical trainer with a longer stride, a model like the Yowza Jupiter or the Schwinn MY17 470 would be a better fit for you.

The step-up pedal height is about 9″ (the distance between the top of the pedal and the floor when it is in its lowest position) (23 cm).

In addition, the back of the pedals rises about 15″ (38.1 cm) above floor level in its maximum configuration. So it’s advised to build and operate the machine in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ (51 cm) higher than your height to avoid any ceiling concerns.

There is no inclination on this ProForm trainer.

Handlebars and Seat

This ProForm elliptical trainer and the recumbent cycle seat look similar to the ProForm 740 ES workout bike. The seat features a thick layer of cushioning to ensure maximum comfort throughout all sitting workouts.

It has vinyl upholstery that is both robust and waterproof. The backrest has a curved form and a ventilated construction to minimize overheating and encourage better blood flow during a more strenuous workout. It also gives you great lumbar support.

The seat, of course, is adjustable. It has 17 adjustment locations on the adjustment rail to which it is mounted. It may be set to be closer or farther away from the pedals.

When utilizing the machine as a recumbent exercise bike, riders up to 6’3″-6’4″ should be able to benefit from a complete leg extension.

In case you were asking, the backrest does not adjust separately from the rest of the seat. It does not recline, and its height cannot be adjusted. It is physically linked to the seat’s metallic frame and moves along the adjustment bar.

Three sets of handlebars are included with this ProForm trainer. The seat handlebars are non-adjustable and have narrow grips. They are mounted directly to the seat frame.

If you hang on to the console mast handlebars, EKG sensors are built into them, allowing the console to measure your pulse. The moveable arms of the machine are basic in design, with extended grips to ensure proper hand posture for users of various sizes.

In case you were wondering, the machine’s moveable arms cannot be locked into place. Because they’re linked to the pedals, they’ll keep moving for as long as the pedals do.

Drive System

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer has a rear-drive, as you can see in the accompanying photographs. So its elliptical path is slightly slanted forward, giving the impression of descending a moderate hill while using the machine as an elliptical.

A 13 pound (5.8 kg) flywheel is included with the machine. Although this flywheel is not particularly heavy, it provides a continuous momentum and a steady motion due to its balanced structure, with most of its weight distributed around its circumference.

It has a belt drive since it is a magnetic resistance trainer, and it uses a heavy-duty, stretch-resistant belt. There are two major advantages of using a belt drive. It is substantially quieter (almost silent) than a chain drive, for starters. Furthermore, it does not need any lubrication or maintenance.

The pedals may be moved around. The elliptical bike has a horizontal posture, whereas the recumbent cycle is inclined. Their adjustments are simple to make.

To utilize the recumbent bike, lift the pedals, unfold the bracing, insert their ends into the pedal arms, and lock them upright. It would help to fold the bracing so that the pedals remain flat on the metallic pedal arms when using the machine as an elliptical.

There is no articulation or suspension system on the pedals. They do, however, have a ribbed surface that provides good adhesion. They’re also big enough to fit all kinds of sporting footwear.

Resistance System

A motor-assisted magnetic resistance mechanism is included in the ProForm Hybrid Trainer PFEL03815K. This implies that the resistance can only be modified from the battery-powered control device.

There is, however, the option of utilizing a power adaptor.

A C-magnet and a tiny servo motor are the two major components of the resistance system.

The servo motor will vary the position of the C-magnet in respect to the iron flywheel when you pick a degree of resistance from the console, creating more or less resistance.

Because the C-magnet does not contact the flywheel, no friction exists between the resistance parts, resulting in no wear and tear.

The machine has 16 different resistance levels. Light exercises are available in the first few levels, ideal for warm-ups or recovery. On the other hand, most users have regarding the top 15-16 resistance levels as “quite difficult.”

Having said that, the machine also allows for more strenuous exercises to be performed.


A mid-range console is included on this ProForm elliptical trainer and recumbent bike. An LED-backlit LCD monitor with three display panels is included in the console device.

The device can keep track of time, speed, distance, RPM, pulse, and calories, and it can display three of them at once. However, it includes a SCAN function that alternates the data displayed for a few seconds.

There are 16 pre-set routines on the console unit, eight for the elliptical and eight for the recumbent cycle.

The machine’s resistance will automatically change when you use one of these pre-programmed programs. If you choose the manual mode, you may modify the resistance while you cycle using the + / – keys.

The PFEL03815K model is iFit ready, and Bluetooth equipped, unlike previous versions of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

This means you can use the iFit software on your Android or iOS smartphone to sync it with your exercise date and send it immediately into your iFit account.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, a wireless heart rate chest strap can also be used. This attachment is not included; however, the EKG sensors on the front handlebars may still be used to monitor your heart rate.

A sound system and a tablet holder are also included in the console. Most MP3 players, cellphones, and tablets are compatible with the sound system. It comprises a huge speaker located at the console’s bottom.

Its sound is certainly no substitute for a dedicated sound system, but it is still better and louder than the typical tablet or smartphone. The audio jack is on the right side of the machine, and there are volume buttons on the console.

The tablet holder is located on the console unit’s top. It’s big enough to hold any tablet comfortably.

The console is battery-operated, as we said earlier. However, unlike the previous model, this one takes four D batteries rather than four AA batteries. The batteries are not provided, and ProForm suggests using alkaline batteries instead. An adapter may be used to power it; however, it is not provided.


Although this ProForm workout equipment is not difficult to assemble because of the numerous pieces, it may take up to three hours. The machine’s assembly, in general, includes connecting the two mainframe components, adding the base stabilizers, the seat, the pedals arms, the pedals, the console mast, the fixed handlebar, the mobile arms, and the console, and finally joining the two main frame parts.

The assembly instructions in the supplied handbook are quite clear. Some tools (such as Allen wrenches) are provided in the kit, but you’ll also need an adjustable wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, and a rubber mallet.

During assembly, it’s a good idea to use an all-purpose lubricant (not WD-40) on the machine’s joints. You must also register the product on the ProForm website to activate the warranty.

There isn’t much that has to be done in terms of upkeep. Internal parts are pre-lubricated by the manufacturer, so they shouldn’t require any further lubrication for a long time.

Greasing the joints may be necessary from time to time, especially if they acquire squeaks. It’s also a good idea to check for loose bolts and pieces regularly.


The Proform Hybrid Trainer is 2-in-1 workout equipment that combines the benefits of an elliptical trainer and a recumbent cycle in one machine. It has a solid structure and a 350-pound weight capability.

It has excellent comfort and micro-adjustability. It has an iFit and Bluetooth-enabled console and 16 onboard programs. It has a motorized magnetic resistance mechanism with 16 different difficulty levels.

It’s ideal for light to hard cardio, interval training, stamina building, muscle toning, and weight loss. Finally, it is reasonably priced, costing a few hundred dollars less than its less comprehensive predecessors.

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