Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine Review

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The Schwinn 411 is a home-use elliptical trainer with a space-saving design that falls between the Schwinn 430 and Schwinn A40 versions in terms of functionality.

It comes with a 16-level motorized magnetic resistance mechanism and also features 13 programs, Bluetooth connection, and RunSocial compatibility on its console.

In addition, despite its diminutive size, it has a respectable stride length for a full range of motion, making it one of the best elliptical machines for tall people.

It has a 300-pound weight capacity and is made of robust materials, which make it a great machine for light to hard cardio exercises, interval training, building stamina, and losing weight. It isn’t the most inexpensive machine for residential usage, but it provides excellent value for the money.

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The Schwinn 411 has a relatively compact design with a modest footprint than other front-drive elliptical trainers.

The frame is just 54″ (137 cm) long and 24″ (61 cm) broad when fully built. However, Schwinn advocates designating a usage area with a minimum clearance of 24″ (61 cm) around the unit.

Steel tubing is used to construct the structural frame of this Schwinn elliptical trainer.

It can support persons weighing up to 300 pounds (136 kilograms), which is impressive for a machine meant for household usage.

Except for the crank arms painted red, all steel parts are covered with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. This machine is only available in these colors.

The Schwinn 411 elliptical is not a hefty machine, but it weighs around 100 pounds (45.4 kg).

This is more than enough to provide a high level of stability. Furthermore, both the front and rear base bars include huge adjustable stabilizers. It is not possible to fold the unit.

It does, however, have transfer wheels attached to the front base bar, which makes it easier to move.

This Schwinn elliptical has two handlebars, one moveable and the other stationery.

The mobile handlebars are characterized by long, upward grips with rounded grips at the top.

They’re connected to the console mast and the pedals, so they’ll keep moving as long as you’re pedaling. They are unable to move without the assistance of the pedals. The unit’s front mast is directly soldered to the fixed handlebars.

They are curled upwards in the direction of the user. They have the same rubberized grips as the mobile bars, including built-in pulse sensors.

Step-up Height and Stride Length

To begin, the Schwinn 411 has a set of huge pedals constructed of sturdy ABS material connected to heavy-duty steel bars.

They lack extra articulation or adjustability, including non-slip rubberized inserts that provide additional cushioning.

Industrial-grade rollers with sealed ball bearings are built into the pedal bars for a smooth ride over the rails.

The elliptical route of the unit is horizontal. It gives you a natural motion without making you feel like you’re moving up or downhill.

Another crucial point to note is that the machine lacks an inclination mechanism. Thus, the elliptical path’s angle cannot be modified. The Schwinn 411 has a rather lengthy stride despite its small design.

For a machine of this size, it measures 18 inches, which is rather astounding. Other comparable machines have a stride length of only 13-16 inches. Thus, customers up to 6’0″ should enjoy a comfortable range of motion with the equipment (183 cm).

Taller users can, of course, utilize this machine, although they may find the stride length restricting.

This trainer’s pedal step-up height is about 9″ (23 cm). In addition, the pedals rise about 17″ (43 cm) above the floor level in their tallest position.

Thus, the machine should be used in a room with a ceiling at least 20-22 inches (51-56 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance Level

A motorized magnetic resistance system is included with the Schwinn 411 elliptical trainer.

This implies that the resistance may only be changed from the console, and the machine must be powered up.

The item comes with a power adaptor and a cord.

A magnetic brake and a servo motor make up the resistance system.

The servo motor adjusts the position of the brake in respect to the internal flywheel when you pick a degree of resistance from the console, resulting in greater or less pedaling difficulty.

There are 16 levels of resistance on this elliptical trainer.

The first few levels provide mild pedaling tension, ideal for people recovering from ailments or looking for a gentle workout.

The 16th level, however, allows you to focus more on your leg muscles and attain a high cardiovascular rate in a short period.

The internal flywheel’s weight isn’t disclosed.

However, it is perimeter-weighted. This gives the pedaling motion more stability and more steady momentum.

The Schwinn 411 uses a belt transmission, like most other exercise machines with an eddy current resistance system.

It employs a heavy-duty poly groove belt that provides a smooth, vibration-free motion.

It does not require oil, unlike a chain drive. It also allows you to cycle backward. Thus, you may alternate regular and reverse sessions to keep your exercises interesting.


This Schwinn elliptical machine comes with a mid-range console with a 5.5″ LCD separated into various subsections to show all training parameters at once.

Time, distance, speed, RPM, calories, and pulse are all tracked. It can display speed and distance in both imperial and metric units. It’s also telemetric, which means it uses a Bluetooth HR chest strap transmitter to measure your pulse rate.

This accessory is not included, but you may still track your pulse using the sensors built into the unit’s handlebars if you don’t want to buy one.

There are 13 fitness routines accessible on the console.

The Manual and Interval programs have buttons; the remainder is programmed and accessible through the Challenge button.

The Manual program allows you to exercise at your own pace, changing the resistance as needed during your workout.

30/90 is the Interval program’s default setting.

The ‘Rest’ interval is 90 seconds long, while the ‘Sprint’ interval is 30 seconds long.

Its default time is 12 minutes, and it may be adjusted in 12-minute increments.

There are 11 Challenge Programs in all, 10 of which are preset, one of which is for Heart Rate Control.

The ten preset programs are Rolling Hills, Ride in the Park, Easy Tour, Pike’s Peak, Pyramids, Summit Pass, Stream Crossing, and Mount Hood.

You may set goals for time, distance, and calories for each.

The Heart Rate program is intended to assist you in maintaining a consistent heart rate.

The default setting is 125 BPM, although this can be changed. The machine will change the resistance throughout the length of the program to keep your heart rate close to the specified base value.

Bluetooth is included in the console.

Thus, it can interact with a variety of fitness applications. You may also connect it to RunSocial, a mixed-reality software that provides virtual paths based on various geographical locales.

It allows you to run across 19 different locales and 27 different paths. This will undoubtedly improve the quality of your training experience. RunSocial and other applications may require a separate paid membership not included with the elliptical.

Last but not least, a tablet holder is included with the console unit.

This add-on is located beneath the primary display and is large enough to hold any tablet.


The machine’s main vertical body is pre-assembled, and the base structure is also made in one piece.

Assemble the console mast, moving arms, pedals, and console by attaching the adjustable stabilizers to the base frame, connecting the main body to the base frame, and adding the console mast, moving arms, pedals, and console.

This may take more than an hour. The handbook, however, has fairly clear schematics and assembly instructions, so the procedure should be rather simple.

All of the essential assembly tools are also supplied.

Lubricating the rails of the base frame are advised for maintenance to guarantee that the pedal rollers run smoothly and quietly.

Aside from that, maintain the machine clean and regularly check for loose bolts and parts.

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