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Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike Review – Read Before Buying

The most-awaited exercise bike, the Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike, is out in the market with a bang!

For all those who have patiently waited for it, I can assure you that it’s proved its mettle beyond doubt.

Exercising is a pain for many, but with the right kind of machines and enthusiastic surroundings, it indeed becomes an eagerly-awaited daily routine that keeps your mind from stress while providing flexibility to the body.

Above all, the equipment must offer ultimate comfort, durability and should eventually be user-friendly to flourish in its market segment.

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It is gratifying to pin down that the AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike delivers substantially above recommended levels in all the features mentioned above.

The success behind this victory could be the simple fact that it has been manufactured by Schwinn, one of the dominant manufacturers of bicycles throughout the 20th century.

Fitness freaks and exercise enthusiasts must be familiar with the ‘Schwinn’ brand that’s plastered all over gyms in many of the equipment. Businesses see peaks and lows, and Schwinn is no exception.

But the exceptional fact here is that the Airdyne exercise bicycle remained a money-spinner even during worse business times.

Besides exercise bikes, the company also produces treadmills, rowers, and ellipticals, establishing its niche in the fitness segment.

Pioneers in-home exercise equipment, the AD7 Airdyne Exercise bike, is another feather to the Schwinn range of indoor exercise bicycle range equipment.

Below are detailed specifications and descriptions that would surely motivate someone to look out for a home-based exercise bicycle.

Pros & Cons

No device is completely error-free or 100% effective in delivering the required goals.

Such accuracy can happen only virtually. In reality, it is always a balance of advantages and disadvantages, and the user finally selects the specific product where the pros outweigh the cons.

The AD7 Airdyne exercise bike has various pros and cons to its kitty.


  • The bike is sturdy due to its excellent frame structure and frame material used for production.
  • Fulfills entire body workout requirement as the moving handlebars help the individual succeed in upper-body workout requirements
  • Infinite resistance is offered due to the huge fan wheel.
  • Water bottle holder
  • Telemetric console
  • Highly adjustable saddle in all directions
  • Footstep pad frame and foot resting pegs are present.
  • An excellent console system that displays all metrics clearly.
  • Target metrics can be set.
  • Excellent quality and warranty promised.
  • Easily movable due to the presence of wheels and rubber padding protects the surface from destruction.
  • The product is simple to assemble and requires no external help.
  • The best choice for fulfilling weight loss, fitness, and health requirements


  • The seat is not extremely comfortable or cushioned. It is also quite small for some people.
  • Relatively simple monitor. The absence of light can ruin your workout experience as the monitor is not self-illuminated and requires external lighting to display numerics.
  • Toe cages and straps are missing features in the pedals.
  • The labor warranty is just 6 months.

Frame & Design

Built from high-quality powder-coated steel resistant to corrosion, this is a definite guarantee for longer life.

The AD7 air bike has a longer frame, which offers two major benefits. One, it prevents the equipment from rocking back and forth when you are seated.

Two, the weight is distributed evenly on the frame preventing any side-to-side rocking that’s seriously irritating, affecting your speed and performance.

Aren’t these two of the most disturbing features present in many of the average cycling exercise equipment manufactured?

You are bound to say a definite ‘yes’ if you have experience working out on air bikes.

If one notices, the AD7 model can withstand weight up to 350 lbs (160 kg) while the previous models supported only up to 250-300 lbs; the equipment weighs 113 lbs (51.3 kg) stronger than the previous models proving its sturdiness beyond doubt.

Isn’t exercise equipment supposed to offer overweight/obese people a comfortable exercising experience when they are on a mission to reduce body weight or promote overall fitness?

The AD7 Airdyne Bike, with its weight specifications, remains unmatched in this domain as there is utmost stability offered.

Both the front and back bases of the cycle are fitted with adjustable stabilizers that have rubberized pads – while the stabilizers help gain extra stability.

The rubberized pads keep the machine steady and stable on uneven surfaces too.

The rubber-based pads also ensure that the machine does not harm the floor as these are equipment that remains in one place for a significantly greater time owing to its weight, nature of use, and purpose.

This doesn’t mean that the cycle can never be shifted to another room or home when the situation demands.

The AD7 Airdyne bike is easy to transport and shift due to two transport wheels that make the shifting simpler.

Seat & Handlebars

When we are on the lookout for buying a sofa, set our first requirement is for comfortable seating and a raised backrest that would make our sitting experience pleasurable.

Likewise, when we look forward to cycling on a stationary bicycle, we are concerned about the seat quality as it offers an insight into the entire exercising experience.

A comfortable seat could enhance the workout’s pace, while an extremely uncomfortable seat could disrupt performance quality.

First and foremost, the seats are adjustable that offer flexibility of use to people of varying heights-right from the teenager to the all-tall papa who often faces trouble due to his height-technically accommodating any person between 153 cm and 201 cm.

Ten adjustment holes help you find the right seating position depending on your height and preference.

The seat also comes with a horizontal slider that could be moved front or back, helping the trainee distance himself/herself from the handlebar according to his/her preferences.

The 4-way adjustability (up, down, backward and forward) that is 11 inches wide and 10.5 inches long provides a comfortable seating experience that is rightly suited for exercising.

The cushioning is optimal and proves to be comfortable for longer workout sessions.

The horizontal sliders and the 4-way adjustability are attractive perks that invite buyers as we have families preferring to invest in equipment that’s beneficial for all given the expenses incurred in purchasing one.

And the seats are sturdy, and the adjustments don’t bring about any unsteadiness or cause tension between the workout by jolting out of place when some height or seating alterations are made.

Coming to the handlebars, this model provides multi-position handgrips that provide the user with numerous workout options.

Hand movement is integral to overall body workout, and the AD7 Airdyne exercise bike comes with moving handlebars made of steel and wrapped with rubber grips made of high-quality foam.

These rubber grips help the trainee have a stronghold onto the equipment even in profuse sweating, preventing the hampering of the workout in any way.


For the first-time buyer, the oversized fan wheel might come as a surprise, but this is the main part of the equipment that works fervently towards providing unmatched resistance.

The greater the resistance offered by the cycle, the greater is your exercise quality.

Do you know that there is no defined limit to the cycle’s resistance levels that uses air resistance technology?

Often gym instructors encourage individuals to add momentum to cycling speed, and here, the AD7 Airdyne exercise bike changes resistance based on your cycling speed-faster your speed. The greater is the resistance offered to promote the excellent calorie-burning capacity for bringing upon top-notch workout outputs.

The bike’s fan is the sole means by which resistance is provided-there is no need for the user to connect it to a power source to generate resistance.

As soon as the user starts pedaling or even moves the handlebar, the fan (a 26-blade fan that combined ABS and metallic elements) starts providing resistance depending on your speed.

The bike is devoid of any knobs that could be changed to increase/decrease resistance as the user is the king here, determining workout levels by pedaling rapidly or slowly.

The only downside is that it is quite noisy due to the fan’s presence, but this is a common feature in air bikes generally.

The noise produced while pedaling at higher speeds can be compared to the noise generated from a large electric fan.

On a positive note, the single-stage belt drive keeps the noise at a minimal level, ensuring that your workout doesn’t disturb others in the house involved in various works, right from preparing for tests to working from home.

One can bet that the resistance offered by this bike is incomparable when it comes to performance and the desired output.


Drive can be of two types-chain or belt system, with the former costing less than the latter due to its increased noise productivity and frequent maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

The AD7 Airdyne exercise bike has a belt drive that excels in two features-assures the user of decreased maintenance and noise production compared to other chain-driven or even other belt-driven bikes.

The bike is fitted with a substantially heavy crankset with two crank links on either side of the crank arms.

These arms and pedals can withstand up to 350 lbs weight and even support cycling while standing on your feet.

This is mainly because the pedals are made of metallic alloys that are tough enough to withstand higher weights, force and are durable.

Unlike some bikes, the pedals don’t support the user with toe cages or straps to enable a tightened grip while cycling. Still, they do have standard threads ensuring that other compatible options are indeed available.


All of us like to track our progress, pray that the exercise duration flies away as quickly as possible, and hope to see that the exercise results in higher calories burnt for which the console comes into the picture.

The AD7 Airdyne bike is proud of a superb console that’s big with a two-screen display.

The upper one is a Tachometer Display displaying calories burnt per minute and watts. In contrast, the lower one is the Program Data Display indicating timer for interval programs, which is of three main types here, with one of them being the custom mode helping the user create his/her own workout interval.

Different standard metrics such as heart rate, distance, speed, time, RPM, and calories are displayed clearly in bold font.

The bicycle allows the user to challenge himself/herself by allowing them to set three targets, including time, distance, and calories.

The advantage here is that, once you set a target for any or all three metrics, the decrement happens from the target value rather than showing elapsed value.

The bicycle boasts of a telemetric heart rate technology that measures heart rate in real-time. The console is powered by two D batteries that are included with the equipment.


Many buyers consider warranty as a key feature before purchasing the product as this helps avoid recurrent expenses within a short period of purchase.

The AD7 bike offers an optimal warranty with the only downside: a concise labor warranty period of 6 months only.

The frame comes with a 5-year warranty period while the mechanical and electrical parts have a 1-year warranty period.

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Assembly & Maintenance

You can have a sigh of relief as the assembly is easy and simple because most parts arrive in the package in a pre-assembled format, including the crankset, flywheel, and belt attached to the mainframe.

This leaves us with the base bars, the moving arms, seat, pedals, and the console, which take not more than an hour to assemble.

You can always refer to the manual, which is clear and self-explanatory, offering solutions to all queries in case of doubt.

In fact, some of the assembling tools are included with the package.

Maintenance is simple and almost negligible because it is belt-driven.

All you must do is dust it and keep it clean, which is 100% possible for any buyer.

The fan should be dusted, and it is encouraged to check occasionally for any loose bolts or parts that might be broken, hanging out, or ruined.


The AD7 Airdyne exercise bike is the best buy for anyone – the naive fitness enthusiast, the health freak, or the gym God who loves to keep fit, stay healthy, and workout efficiently.

The belt-driven system minimizes sound, the telemetric heart rate technology helps in measuring real-time heart rate, the superb console displays all that you can think of related to the workout, the user is provided with target setting options, and the product offers unmatched quality to the price quoted in the market.

The reviews compel any user to buy the product without doubt as this remains the best buy for all types of training-right from HIIT to fitness training.

Above all, the multiple workout programs prevent your workout from becoming mundane as variations are involved in each of the programs.

Fulfill your fitness goals by gifting yourself an air exercise bike that would surely make you proud of your choice over time.

But if you think this bike isn’t suitable for you, there are more other options here.