Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7604 Motorized Treadmill Review

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A treadmill has become an invaluable piece of fitness equipment for home gym use. Among the numerous brands that compete against each other, the Sunny Health and Fitness machines are well-known for their quality and value for money. Let’s look at the SF-T7604 treadmill that has quite a lot to offer for the price paid.

The SF-T7604 is a manual treadmill that has numerous benefits to its kitty—the machine comes with numerous workout programs, the provisioning to workout at varying speeds, and above all, a more wide running deck that facilitates taller individuals to workout comfortably.

Though this mode might not be the latest innovation from the manufacturer, the unit comes with secondary features, a decent warranty, and three different levels of manual inclination.

What I Like About

  • Varied speed range up to 11 MPH with 0.1 MPH increment possibility
  • A space-saving model that’s foldable
  • Provisioning of transport wheels
  • Minimal impact on joints due to the comfortable deck cushioning
  • Secondary features such as accessory tray
  • Instantaneous speed adjustment option with quick key
  • Solid frame and quality construction that allows individuals up to 265 lbs to use the machine
  • Ability to read pulse
  • Easy assembly and minimal maintenance
  • Goal setting option available
  • Calculate body fat percentage
  • The console comes with an LED display

What I Don’t Like

  • Absence of a tablet holder
  • Cannot rely 100% on the calorie readings displayed
  • Absence of a USB port

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Frame and Construction

The treadmill comes with a solid steel frame construction where the steel tubes are perfectly free from rusting.

Many parts, including the motor cover, the dashboard console, side rails covers, and other such covers, are made from thermoplastic parts that are durable and easy to use.

The machine is available only in dark gray, and unlike other treadmills from this manufacture, the SF-T7604 model is slightly smaller measuring 66.5″ (169 cm) in length and 29.5″ (75 cm) in width.

Apart from this, it is better to leave a 3 feet clearance at the rear and a 2 feet space on either side for safe use of the machine.

If you are looking for a space-saving model, don’t look beyond this unit as the machine is not only small but can also be folded and stored using the hydraulic cylinder mechanism that folds and unfolds such that there is no damage done to the floor.

The sturdy construction makes the unit quite heavy weighing, around 130 lbs (59 kg), making it extremely stable and reliable. Besides this, the provisioning of 6 rubber pads enhances the overall stability of the treadmill.

Don’t worry about heaviness as the manufacturer has smartly provided transport wheels to easily move the machine anywhere inside the home.

Running Area

The sturdiness of the machine is visible in its maximum supported user weight capacity as the machine can hold up to 120 kg.

Also, the running deck is quite large, measuring 51″ in length and 18″ in width (130 x 46 cm). The grip offered is good and reliable as the company has made use of a multi-layer belt that has a rubber top.

While it is not possible to quote the machine’s running deck to be the best in the town, it is quite optimal for a home use treadmill as the measures are wide and long to accommodate individuals up to 6 feet in height to work out easily on the treadmill.

Every treadmill depends on its running belt and motor for elevating its performance and capturing a perfect score in the customer’s heart.

Sunny Health and Fitness have understood this perfectly, and hence they have come up with a crowned design for the rollers to improve traction. Besides this, the unit also comes fitted with premium-quality ball bearings to offer an optimal motion.

Deck cushioning is yet another important aspect that makes any treadmill a sure lure for the customer. The SF-T7604’s deck is cushioned quite well with several cushioning elements.

Either side of the deck has two big cushions that minimize vibration and another three small-sized cushions that regulate the impact on the joints keeping them to a bare minimum.

Hence, all these and the additional flexing option provided on the deck negates any of your slightest worries of hurting your joints while walking, jogging, or running.

Feel free to work out at any speed and be guaranteed minimal impact on the back and knee.


The SF-T7604 treadmill, just like some other models, comes with a manual incline system for changing inclination levels.

The unit is provided with dual rear stabilizers where each of which has three different adjustment positions. It is using these stabilizers that we can set the treadmill in our desired inclination position.

All that must be done is to lock each of the stabilizers using the pins provided. There are three different inclination levels possible—0, 1, and 2 degrees for helping the individual achieve challenging workout routines.

The only downside with a manual incline system, unlike an automatic inclination system,  is that we cannot adjust the inclination position while using the machine.

If there I any need for adjustment, the treadmill belt has to be stopped, and the individual is required to step off the deck.

Step-up Height

At a zero-degree inclination, the treadmill has a step-up height of 8 inches, and at a two-degree inclination, the deck’s rear is quite low.

Hence, though the ceiling height of a room is not the major concern here, it is always recommended to use the SF-T7604 treadmill in a room where the ceiling height is at least 10 inches (25 cm) higher than the tallest individual making use of the machine.

Motor and speed

Unlike any commercial-grade machine that has super cool motor power, the SF-T7604 comes with a 2.5HP motor power that’s optimal enough to use the machine for two hours continuously.

After this, it is better to switch off the machine for at least 10 minutes as a cool-down period, according to the user manual provided.

One advantage here is that, though the machine doesn’t come fitted with a high-range motor speed, due to this very same aspect, the power consumed by its operation is also minimal.

Hence, make use of the treadmill day in and day out, but don’t be surprised to find that the electricity bill charges haven’t gone up by more than a few dollars.

In terms of noise, the motor generates minimal noise, but the intensity depends on the speed at which you work out. The higher the speed, the louder is the noise generated.

The speed range possible for use in this treadmill is between 0.6 MPH and 11 MPH.

It is possible to make 0.1MPH speed changes which means that we can move from a specific speed range to another smoothly and perfectly, which helps us achieve the right pace.

It is also possible to make gradual or quick speed adjustments making use of the machine’s console.

Press the control button once to make 0.1MPH speed changes or press it longer for continuous speed changes.  Some of the speed selection ranges possible with this treadmill unit include 1, 2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, and 11 MPH.

Besides this, the company has also provided a range of workout programs that alter the speed according to every type of workout.


Though we cannot expect a sleek and elegant console with the SF-T7604, the machine nevertheless provides us with all the required metrics and features.

The console comes with an LCD that has a well-lit LED for easy reading of the values.

The console has many sub-sections to provide the individual with multiple values at the same time. Using the console, get to know the speed (in MPH), time, distance (miles), calories burned, and pulse.

One important thing here is that the values can never be displayed in metric units.  Pulse can be monitored but only using the side grips of the machine because the treadmill is not telemetric.

Another downside is that the console cannot interact with an ANT+ or a Polar pulse strap.

If you love challenges, the machine doesn’t disappoint you as the console helps the individual select from 15 different pre-set workout programs. Make use of any program depending on your fitness goals.

For instance, there are programs designed for weight loss, interval-based training programs, and other programs that increase or decrease speed, etc.

Up to three user profiles (U1 to U3) can be created on this model, and it is even possible to calculate the Body Fat percentage here. Each of the three users can choose their required program and save it for later use.

Make use of the manual mode to adjust the speed manually and run or walk to your heart’s content. Choose the desired time, distance, and calories before you set off on your fitness routine.

Some additional features present in this treadmill include dual water bottle holders and two trays that can help store various essential small things that you might want to use while working out.

Unfortunately, the SF-T7604 doesn’t come equipped with a sound system, a USB charging port, a cooling fan, or an online connection provisioning.


The unit comes pre-assembled in a folded condition. Just unbox the treadmill, unfold and secure the vertical bars bearing the console, fit the side frame covers, and start using it.

The package comes with the essential tools needed for assembling, the instruction manual is straightforward, and the assembly should be done in well under 30 minutes.


Any treadmill requires maintenance, and the SF-T7604 is no different. Ensure to maintain the belts clean and the deck periodically lubricated.

Lubricate the belt every two months if the machine is susceptible to 5+ hours/week or every six months if used for less than 3 hours/week. Check for any loose bolts or parts regularly to keep the treadmill smooth and running.

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