Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7610 Folding Treadmill Review

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A home gym setup is incomplete without a treadmill, and the SF-T7610 model is one of the best choices for home use. Let’s take a quick peek into the model’s specifications and functionality.

If you are looking for a low-cost treadmill that is good enough to serve your home gym requirements and fulfill your walking needs, don’t look beyond the SF-T7610 model from Sunny.

A light-capacity model, the unit weighs 70lbs, and the maximum user weight that’s supported is 220lbs.

The unit comes with a 3-year warranty on the frame and a 180-day warranty on parts.

What I Like About

Some of the advantages offered by the machine that attracts customers include:

  • A space-saving model that is foldable
  • Easy movement using transport wheels
  • Achieve the desired pace using the 0.1MPH speed increment
  • Shock absorption feature
  • A backlit console with LCD
  • The 4-inch fixed incline enhances exercise challenges
  • Track different metric details using the console
  • Set goals to achieve workout efficiency
  • Minimum maintenance
  • An easy-to-assemble unit

What I Don’t Like

  • Some features that could do better with improvisations in the machine include:
  • Cannot read pulse
  • No built-in workout programs
  • The console display is hard to view when we place a tablet on the tablet support.

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Frame and Construction

The machine is a lightweight unit (weighing 70 lbs) made using steel tubing and supports multiple ABS covers, including the motor cover and the side rails cover, all of which are grey in the shade.

As the machine is painted using rust-free white paint, the unit is devoid of corrosion.

One of the best highlights of the machine is its small and compact nature as the unit’s length is only 49.6″ and its width is 26.5″.

Still, for safer use, it is always better to leave at least two feet of clearance on either side of the deck and an additional one feet on the rear side.

Being foldable, the unit could be used in any room, using the transport wheels for easy movement.

A word of caution here as the two handgrips and the base bars at the front are not foldable that rules out any option to place it under the bed.

Running Area

Any treadmill’s running area determines the inclusiveness of a variety of people. For instance, the SF-T7610 comes with a high-traction and heavy-duty belt that supports individuals up to 220lbs in weight.

The 39″L by 14″W running area of the unit is good enough to enable individuals as tall as 6 feet in height to use the treadmill comfortably.

The shock-absorption feature of a treadmill determines the extent of protection the unit offers.

Though this model might not be equipped with premium deck cushioning, the manufacturer has provided three pairs of shock-absorption elements, each of which is present in the rear, front, and middle, respectively.


The SF-T7610 might not come with adjustable inclination options, but the deck has a 4-inch fixed incline that’s optimally challenging to your workout needs.

Don’t expect a rear adjustment base or an automatic incline motor like those available in premium models.

Step-up Height

The unit requires an average step-up height. The walking surface is only 7 inches above ground level, even at the highest point, and the rear height required is only 4 inches which nullifies any concerns about low ceiling height.

Hence, even if you want to set the unit in your basement or a low-ceiling room, go ahead and fix the treadmill at peace.

Motor and Speed

The motor of a treadmill determines the unit’s working quality and efficiency. Fitted with a light-capacity motor, the maximum power possible here is 1.25 HP.

There is also the presence of a small flywheel that takes care of our stability and balance while working out.

Such features make it possible for individuals up to 220 lbs to perform long-duration exercises without any problems related to overheating or performance.

The SF-T7610 treadmill offers an average speed range between 0.5 and 5.0 MPH, and gradual adjustments to speed settings can be made using the buttons provided.

Make use of these buttons to make 0.1MPH speed changes to attain the perfect pace while working out. We can either press this button once for a 0.1 MPH adjustment or make a long press for further speed increments.

Working out at home is a boon for us, but the same cannot be a bane for others. The SF-T7610’s motor is not much noisy.

For instance, walking over the treadmill generates minimal noise that can barely be heard, and when you increase the speed, the noise becomes louder but can be easily suppressed when you switch on the television.


Working out brings about definite advantages, but it becomes even better when we witness the related health benefits. For this, the console in any piece of equipment comes of utmost use.

The SF-T7610 comes fitted with a basic console design. We call it basic as there are no preset workout programs nor any online connectivity that could help us monitor our exercise progress.

As compensation for this, there are multiple-goal settings possible concerning time, calories, and distance. All that must be done is press the Mode button and select the desired goal or countdown value for these metrics.

Once these are set, the console takes up the job of counting down from this set value until it reaches zero.

Also, the console display must be appreciated as it features a bright LCD that comes with a backlit-LED that makes it easily readable for anyone using the unit.

There are multiple sub-sections in the console, each of which caters to the needs of different metric values such as time, speed, calories burned, and distance.

But, there is no built-in facility to monitor pulse rate, and for this, you must procure a different device.

One of the biggest advantages of the unit’s console is its lubricant reminder feature that promptly sends out a reminder every 188 miles when it is due.

Also, suppose there is a need to suddenly step out of the machine or abruptly stop using it. In that case, the power saving functionality automatically puts the unit in a power-saver or sleep mode after 10 minutes of dormancy.

Quickly start from where you stopped by pressing any of the buttons on the console.

Combine entertainment with exercise making use of the tablet holder provisioning. Utilize this space to accommodate any tablet you have listening to songs or watching videos while going for a quick workout.

Remember, there is no USB port, and hence, you cannot charge your device.


Besides picking the best exercise equipment that satisfies all our fitness-related requirements, another major concern comes with assembling the unit.

Most individuals are newbies and don’t hold any prior experience in assembling a fitness unit. The SF-T7610 doesn’t leave us concerned in this area as the treadmill is almost fully pre-assembled while arriving.

Unbox the unit, attach the front bars, the handgrips, and make any adjustments to the belt (only if required). All of these take less than 10-15 minutes, after which you are good to use them at any point in time.

The manufacturer has taken ample care to ensure that the package comes with a manual that gives a detailed brief of all required instructions besides an Allen wrench for assembling the unit.


Not many units are spared from maintenance, and this treadmill is no different. The running deck requires lubrication after every 188 miles crossed. Remember to lubricate the unit before starting to use it to ensure a smoother performance from thereon.

The running deck requires average care in terms of cleanliness—keep it free from debris and dirt to accommodate smooth running and walking experiences on the treadmill.

Also, check for any loose bolts and retighten them as and when required. Such small maintenance-related care can go a long way towards keeping the treadmill in complete working condition for a longer period.

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