Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill SF-T7632 Review

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The Sunny Health  & Fitness SF-T7632 is an exercising machine that has almost the same features as the Sunny SF-T7610. However, the SF-T7632 is offered as a model that offers a slightly higher fixed incline. This low-impact running machine comes with an excellent speed range that can get as high as 7 MPH. It is such a basic and light capacity machine that has been designed to be used at home.

The SF-T7632 is fitted with a deluxe 1.25 HP Motor, comes with a supported weight of 220 pounds, and even offers more challenging work routines. The machine comes with a console that can be used to check user’s performance. It is offered at a fixed inclination of 6.8 degrees.

What I Like About

  • The console helps detect distance, fitness goals, calories, time, and speed.
  • It can be packed up neatly for easy storage.
  • Works stealthily without offering much noise.
  • Engineered for performance and challenging work sets.
  • It can be transported easily due to its design.
  • It comes in a compact design
  • Comes with front wheels for easy transportation.
  • The folding design allows for easy storage.
  • It can be assembled by one person.
  • It is a lightweight treadmill.
  • Does not need much maintenance.
  • Its LED console enables tracking of burnt calories, speed, distance, and time.
  • The LCD window has backlit multiple windows
  • Allows you to set and track fitness goals.
  • Supports a weight capacity of up to 110 pounds.

What I Don’t Like

  • Does not have any workout programs.
  • Do not have side handlebars.
  • It lacks a pulse reading feature.
  • It comes in only one color

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Frame and Construction

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7632 comes with a lightweight frame and deck. This world-class treadmill has been built with a steel frame which provides a strong deck. The deck has a weight support capacity of 100kg. It has also been engineered with coated steel tubes to guide against paint corrosion.

The SF-T7632 has been engineered for function and aesthetics. In terms of available models, users will have to resort to a one-color design. The frame of the machine has been well-conceived to accommodate the modern fitness needs of anybody.

While the SF-T7632 has been engineered to deliver unbridled performance, its durability features to set it apart. The machine has been built with several ABS components to deliver durability and performance. The console casing, side rail covers, casing, and the motor cover are made from ABS material. All of these components have been engineered for durability.

The general size of the machine has been produced to deliver a compact shape and outline. This means that it can be packed and stored easily. This is further enhanced by the foldable function of the frame of the treadmill.

Having a weight of just about 35kg, users get a lightweight treadmill that also works to deliver performance. One cool thing about the SF-T7632 is its ease of assembly. It can be put together by just one person. Also, lots of thought about transportation went into the design of the machine as it comes with front transport wheels to support easy mobility.

Running Area

The SF-T7632 is a modern-day treadmill that comes with a minimal running area of about 113 x 36cm.  With a compact size, this is not the option for a taller person. The treadmill is suitable for users as tall as 200 cm for its walking function.

The belt of this machine comes with multiple layers, as the upper layer has been engineered to deliver a non-slip grip. The rollers come with a small diameter to complete this compact machine. The rollers are used to ensure the smooth function of the belt. They have also been crowned to ensure that the belt comes with a longer lifespan.

This machine has been equipped with four dual cushions, making a total of eight. All cushion pairs are ergonomically concealed with the side rail covers. The bigger cushions have been positioned excellently to help absorb a significant amount of the impact that has been generated with every step.

This treadmill comes with an incline system that has been fixed. Users are unable to adjust the inclination of the deck. With an inclined deck, users get a standard jogging platform. It does not cause any concern for ceiling height as it has been adequately sized to cater to height problems.


The deck of this machine has been ergonomically inclined to offer the best workout challenges. However, one thing about this machine is that it features an inclined system that is fixed. This means that all users are subjected to a single workout inclination. The single fixed inclination gets the job done.

The fixed inclination does just enough to provide a jogging or an uphill walking challenge. This means that users are offered a suitable amount of resistance by the machine to get the job done.

Compared to normal treadmills with standard walking platforms, this machine consistently provides a workout function that is more consistent. The deck of the machine does not usually have a high step-up height.

Step-up Height

The deck of the SF-T7632 treadmill does not have a high step-up height. At the highest point of the machine, we have a walking surface that is set at approximately 20cm from the ground level. At the back part of the machine, users get an approximate height of about 10cm. This means that the machine does not cause any issues with height, making it one of the best budget treadmills for low ceilings.

Motor and Speed

The SF-T7632 comes with a regularly used motor as most popular treadmills out there. This machine comes with a modest motor that delivers its highest power at 1.25 HP. The good thing about the motor is that with a maximum weight capacity of 100kg, it is strong enough to deliver long sessions of workouts.

The motor of this treadmill comes with a small flywheel that is used to improve stability and minimizes the general vibration of the machine when being used for workout sessions.

With this motor, users will usually get a speed range which is between 0.5 MPH and 7.0 MPH. This is a machine that comes with bi-functional console speed adjustment controls. You can use a short press to adjust the belt’s speed by multiples of 0.1 MPH. then again, when you press and hold up the key, you will be able to adjust its speed in multiples of 0.5 MPH.

With the SF-T7632, users will get a light motor. Even during workouts, it is difficult to hear any rhythmic sounds from the user. However, while your workout routine might generate some noise, it is still at a low and permissible level.

This machine might not come with a monster motor, and users get minimal power consumption. This means that you have a treadmill that will be gentle on your electricity bills.


The SF-T7632 is equipped with a beautiful user’s console. While the console is rich in aesthetics, users will learn to work the machine without Bluetooth, workout programs, fancy functions, and so on. But you get a bright LCD display that comes with a blue LED backlight. The LED backlight comes divided into four minimal sections that help the user track performance metrics. These smaller LCD screens help display data related to burnt calories, speed, distance, and time.

You will live the user-friendliness of this console. It comes with 5 simple buttons. There are simple button functions like start and stop. The setup mode makes it possible for you to select various workout goals for calories, distance, or time. The Mode and the Scan Mode buttons help a user perform specific functions.

The machine comes with both Up and Down keys that allow for the adjustment of the belt’s speed.


The SF-T7632 can be assembled by just one person. However, these models come in pre-assembled units. This means that trying to assemble the machine comes with little effort.

You have both upright bars attached already to the machine’s base frame. Users only get to attach the console, the transport wheels, and the front base machine frame extensions. Users get a basic assembly manual and simple toolkits.


If you need your SF-T7632 to last for a long time, then you will need to consider its maintenance. You will need to continuously lubricate the deck and belt. Users get an included lubricant bottle.

The console notifies users when there is a need for lubrication. It is also important to keep the belt clean. If this is not done, users could end up having debris or other textile fibers getting caught up in the rollers or the motor.

Apart from this, users only get to inspect the machine for any broken or loose parts.

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