SF-T7643 Heavy-Duty Walking Treadmill Review

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The Sunny SF-T7643 is specially designed for walking, but you can not use it for running exercises as a basic exercise machine. The machine has a strong construction and weight-bearing capacity comparison to other treadmills in Sunny & Health treadmill’s lineup.

It has a 2.5 HP peak power motor and speed range between 0.5 to 6.0 MPH as a heavy-duty treadmill for home use.  It doesn’t have workout programs in its console, but it can display time, distance, speed, and calories burned information.

One of the best features of this machine is its weight-bearing capacity which is 350 lbs. Light jogging and heavy walking, toning your muscles, recovery training, or weight loss goals can be done with the help of the treadmill.

Because of its durable nature build-up, it costs a bit extra than other models of the Sunny SF, but it’s worth the extra bucks.

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What I Like About SF-T7643 Treadmill

The Sunny SF-T7643 is one of the most robust treadmills with the following reasons to purchase:

  • Space-saving design with a folding deck helps the user store it easily when not in use.
  • Small footprints.
  • Built specially for heavy and intense walking exercise.
  • The stable and robust construction of the treadmill enables it to bear user weight up to 350 lbs.
  • Transport wheels help it in easy shifting.
  • Two shock absorption elements at each side of the deck.
  • Speed range of 0.5 to 6.0 MPH for convenient use.
  • Easy to assemble the unit.
  • Comes with a fantastic warranty period.
  • Zero to little maintenance is required.
  • The quick key for speed settings is available with 1, 3, and 5 MPH.
  • Less power is consumed to be operated.
  • Time, distance, speed, and calories can be counted with the help of the console.
  • An Accessory holder is attached to the unit.
  • A tablet holder is included.
  • LED-backlit display to check details.
  • Soft-drop, hydraulic folding system.

What I Don’t Like About SF-T7643 Treadmill

  • Apart from all the pro points, the Sunny SF-T7643 fails to deliver significant things as an exercise partner that I don’t like.
  • The machine can’t be connected to the internet, and it has no pre-set programs.
  • There is no incline facility and no cooling fan attached. You can’t read your pulse rate as the machine doesn’t include a pulse reading function.
  • There is no sound system attached to the machine to enjoy your favorite track while working for your fitness.

Frame and Construction

The Sunny SF-T7643 has a folding deck design that helps for easy storage. It has a soft-drop hydraulic cylinder, making it smoother to unfold the unit.

When it is folded, the unit becomes half of its size so that you can place it anywhere. The unit is not as large as a mid-range treadmill, but the deck can be fully extended.

You can vacuum or clean the unit under the deck because of its folding design. The construction of the unit makes it less heavy than other models of the Sunny SF.

When assembled completely, the unit weighs 143 lbs which are comparatively less to be transported.

The front base of the frame has rubberized pads that build stability and grip on the floor. There is a transport wheel attached to the machine for easy shifting.

The machine’s frame is made up of durable steel. The cover of the motor and dashboard has a control unit made up of heavy-duty plastic.

The rail covers are of durable PVC and aluminum bands. The steel body is covered with corrosion-resistant paint to safeguard the body.

Running Area

The Sunny SF-T7643 has a durable tread belt that is stretchable. A walking treadmill unit offers a running area of 43.3’’ L x 19.5’’ W (110 x 49.5 cm), fixed on large rollers, including integrated industrial quality ball bearings that provide smooth usage and lifetime durability.

The treadmill can bear user weight up to 350 lbs which makes it one of the best heavy-duty treadmills in the price range. It has shock absorption elements on each side of the deck but lacks the advancement of the system.


The machine doesn’t have an incline facility, so you can’t access the incline adjustment.

Step-up Height

The Sunny SF-T7643 has a step-up height of 10’’ (near about 25 cm), so to be on the safer side while using it, make sure to place the machine at a place where the ceiling is at least 15’’ (35 cm) higher than your height (when you step on the machine).

This may help you avoid any mishap while using the treadmill.

Motor and Speed

The Sunny SF-T7643 is specially made for heavy walking exercises and has a powerful 2.5 HP motor. Although you can use it for heavy and intense running exercises, the machine is suitable for its strong construction and motor capacity.

A small flywheel is attached to the unit that helps the unit reduce vibration to help the user enjoy a smooth workout.

Because of less vibration, the tread belt works smoother. The motor offers a speed that ranges from 0.5 to 6.0 MPH that can be adjusted with an increment of 0.1 MPH.

It helps to keep up with your comfortable pace while doing exercise. The machine has buttons with 1, 3, and 5 MPH for quick selection for speed settings.

The Sunny SF-T7643 needs less power than a motorized treadmill, so you needn’t worry about electricity bills.

The machine has a power cord attached to the body, which helps in the power supply, and a connector is at the front base of the deck.

When talking about noise generation, the machine doesn’t create much sound when you use it. Even the cadence noise is negligible as this is a walking treadmill.


The Sunny SF-T7643 has an LCD with an LED backlight that displays several features in panels with a basic console system.

It enables the user to watch all the features at the same time. There is no need to use a scan function to rotate. The console section shows time, distance, speed, and calories you have burned exercising. Speed and distance are displayed in MPH and miles as no metric unit is available.

The console is not telemetric and can’t be connected to the internet. The team doesn’t have a pulse reading feature as well. So in case you want to read your heartbeat, you have to use a separate machine to do that.

The unit doesn’t have pre-set workout programs, a sound system, or a cooling fan.

But you can check countdown values for calories, time used, and distance covered with the help of the console.

The machine has an included dashboard with a water bottle holder and accessory holder. You can also place your tablet on the tablet holder while working out.


The machine comes fully assembled with the belt, motor, and the bottom of the deck. All you have to do is attach the console mats and the console. The entire assembly takes hardly 30 minutes and can be done by a single person.

The package includes manual instruction on assembling the unit and tools included to fix it.


Like any other treadmill from the Sunny SF, SF-T7643 also requires less maintenance. You have to lubricate the deck to give the unit a long life as it doesn’t come pre-lubricated.

It is recommended to lubricate it before using it for the first time. After that, it should be lubricated regularly after 188 miles each and a manual on included.

Apart from this, the machine should be kept tidy by cleaning its belt in regular intervals. Please make sure to check for parts and bolts of the machine and fix them whenever necessary.

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